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The Best Bird Swings for Your Pet

two parakeets, one bright yellow and one blue and black with a white head, snuggling on a brightly colored wooden swing hanging from four metal chains

Pet birds of all species and sizes require toys to play with throughout the day to keep them happy, entertained, and mentally and physically stimulated so that they don’t become destructive. Bird swings are among the many types of toys that you should consider buying for your pet bird, whether you own a parrot or parakeet or any species in between. Bird swings are fun toys for birds and give them a place to perch and get some exercise. Birds of all species will enjoy the swaying movement and airflow provided by a swing. Some swings have extra attachments like bells or hanging toys and/or bright colors that will attract and intrigue birds. And using and perching on a swing will help birds build stronger leg, chest, and wing muscles. This is especially handy for species like parrots that are susceptible to developing arthritis as they age. Birds also love to chew to keep their beaks and bills in good shape, and swings, especially those made of wood, provide them a place to do so. If you’re looking to buy your pet bird a new swing to play with, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in a Bird Swing

Here are a few things to think about before buying a bird swing:

  • Size: Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that your bird swing is large enough for your pet, or it’s not going to do them much good. A parrot isn’t going to be able to fit onto a parakeet or finch-sized swing, after all. Most swings are sized for small or large-sized birds, so be sure to check the listing before you buy. If you own several birds and keep them in the same cage, even if they’re small species, you may want to opt for a larger swing anyway so that they can all fit on it at once.
  • Type: There are a couple of different types of bird swings you can buy for your pet. There are simple, basic swings that are just a perch suspended from one or two (two is ideal for better stability, balance, and control) hangers that attach to the top of the cage. These work great as perches, and the single hanger models allow for movement in many different directions while two hangers move back and forth. Some have detachable parts that allow you to rotate some different toys in and out for more stimulation. There are spiral rope swings, reinforced with a metal wire running through, that require a bit more effort to perch on, so they’re great for promoting balance, coordination, and exercise, as some bird species (like parrots) will love climbing up and down them. There are also trapeze swings, which are a better choice of single-hanger swings. They rotate in many different directions and are also an ideal way to improve your pet’s coordination and balance. There are also cave bird swings, which give your bird a place to rest, nest, and sleep as well as swing. Some bird swings are sold as part of a larger set of toys, which can be a great cost-efficient option for you, and may even include more than one type of swing in the same set.
  • Material: You’ll want to ensure that any swing you buy is made out of safe, nontoxic material for your pet’s safety and comfort. PVC and mineral materials tend to be a good choice as these help keep your bird’s nails and beak clean and in better condition. Woods like birch, pine, and elm are all ideal choices for wooden swings; just ensure the wood is even and that they haven’t been exposed to any kind of chemical treatment. Rope swings should be made out of a strong fabric like cotton with a steel or iron wire running through to reinforce it. If it’s colorful, make sure that the pigments or dyes are nontoxic, too. If the swing itself is made of metal, make sure it’s something safe and strong, like stainless steel, and free of lead and zinc. Though less common, there are also some woven grass or wicker swings. Birds will love chewing on these, though they may require more regular replacing than other materials. Regardless of the material, be sure to look for swings that are colorful and have bells, wooden blocks, and/or other small toys attached to provide your pet with great entertainment and stimulation.

Best Value: BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Hammock Swing Toys

a string of brightly colored bells, a large hollowed-out ball on a chain, wicker balls and beads with a bell on the end, and two vibrantly colored swings, each with a small bird perched on them

Domesticated birds fare better, are happier, and are better entertained when they have a greater variety of accessories to play with. This five-piece set offers you great value for one low price, two different types of swings, plus three bonus toys. There is one standard perch swing and one trapeze swing. The perch swing’s handle is made of a loop of wooden beads your bird will enjoy chewing on and two bells hanging from the bottom. The trapeze swing hangs from two chains for extra stability, and your bird will love swinging in wide arcs back and forth on it. The swings and toys alike are great for numerous species and sizes of birds and will fit most bird cages, thanks to the steel hooks on the ends. All five pieces are brightly colored to attract and hold your bird’s attention. They’re also nontoxic, completely pet safe, and tough enough to hold up to regular chewing without harming your pet.

Best Value

Most Size Options: Sweet Feet and Beak Roll Swing and Perch for Birds

a blue macaw parrot sitting on fabric-covered perch swing hanging from two metal chains

This swing has size options for any and all species. There are seven total length options, from two extra smalls for tiny birds like finches and parakeets to an extra-large for big parrots and macaws. The roll swing base is durable and lightweight, with two dangling chains that attach to a central point. The metal chains are zinc-free for your bird’s safety. The glues, dyes, and safe-shred yarn rope are all nontoxic and safe for your bird to perch and chew on. The plastic end rings, available in blue, orange, or yellow, are beak-resistant so that your bird can gnaw and chew on them for hours without damaging them. The swing is textured to resemble a real live tree branch as much as possible. The grip is comfortable on your bird’s feet while gently grinding against their nails, helping to keep them trimmed. It’ll work on beaks, too, when they chew on it. The contoured shape is designed to stimulate the muscles of birds’ feet and leg muscles to keep them fit and healthy. All necessary, top-notch plastic mounting hardware comes included with the swing.

Best Wooden Model: Prevue Pet Products Natural Wood Birch/Wire Swing

a simply wooden perch swing hanging from a loop of metal wire

If you’re looking for a classic, simple bird swing or a model made of wood, this swing is the perfect choice for your bird’s cage. At 5 inches wide by 7 inches long, it’s perfect for birds of several different sizes, even smaller parrot breeds. Despite its simple design and easy installation, your pet bird will have a fun time rocking back and forth on this little swing. The perch design is perfect as a place to sit as well as exercise. The wood is all-natural birch, sturdy and strong enough to hold up to constant chewing, strung on a wire hanger with a strong clamp at the top to keep it firmly and securely attached to your pet’s cage. If you have a good spot to hang it, this swing also serves as a great outdoor option alongside or near your bird feeder. Birds like wrens, bluebirds, doves, and even hummingbirds will appreciate having a spot to rest and survey the area for predators when they come to dine.

Best Wooden Model

Prevue Pet Products BPV389 Natural Wood Birdie Basics Birch/Wire Swing, 5 by 7-Inch

A simple yet effective and fun wood and wire perch swing that is great for pet and wild birds alike.

Best for Large Birds: Aigou Bird Spiral Rope Perch

a large colorful parrot perching atop a spiraling rope swing with a bell on the end

Larger birds need bigger, sturdier swings and perches than any other type. While available in small, medium, and large sizes, this spiral rope perch is especially great for bigger species like macaws and cockatoos. The cotton cloth is durable, and the swing is even stronger, thanks to the iron wire it’s strung on. The entire swing is lightweight and thus highly portable and easy to reposition in the cage. The rope is dyed pink, green, black, and white to draw birds’ attention, and the dyes are food grade with no harmful components, so your bird can nibble, chew, and perch on it without you worrying about their safety. The bungee aspect of the rope swing helps your bird develop and enhance their coordination and balance while giving them something to chew and exercise on. They’ll love playing with and ringing the bell at the bottom of the rope as well.

Best for Large Birds

Aigou® Bird Spiral Rope Perch, Cotton Parrot Swing Climbing Standing Toys with Bell (Large - 94.4 inch)

A cotton rope swing on iron wire that is strong and sturdy enough to support even large bird species.

Best for Small Birds: Superbird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy

a woven grass trapeze swing hanging from four multicolored plastic chains that attach at a central point

If you own a small bird or birds like parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, or parrotlets, this miniature trapeze swing is the perfect choice for their cage. It’s designed to serve not just as a swing. Your bird will love chewing on the replaceable seagrass mat, swinging in every direction, playing with the numerous toys dangling from the top fixture or chains, examining the bright colors of the four plastic hanging chains, or simply resting on the swing when they’re tired. The combination of materials, textures, shapes, and hues will stimulate and entertain your bird, mentally and physically, for a long, long time. And they’ll get exercise, develop their coordination, and improve their balance while doing so. The design and all components of this swing are completely safe for your pet to play with, rest on, and chew. If you own more than one small bird, it is possible for at least two of them to sit comfortably on this swing together. They may even enjoy rocking it and playing on it together.

Best for Small Birds

Super Bird Creations SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy, Small Bird Size, 6” x 7” x 9”

A trapeze swing for small bird species that combines different colors, textures, and shapes to provide greater enrichment and stimulation for your pet.

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