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The Best Birdbaths for Your Backyard

Birds bathing together at a bird bath.
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The majesty of mother nature won’t feel far away when you have a birdbath. The shallow water bowl attracts flying visitors of all kinds as they enjoy the refreshing water that helps remove dirt and debris and realign the bird’s feathers for a better flight. Whether the birds are drinking or taking a bath, you can enjoy their beautiful looks and sounds while providing them with an important resource. No matter how big or small your backyard space is, there is a birdbath that will fit your home and support your local bird population so they can thrive. Here are some fantastic birdbaths that we recommend.

Purchasing a Birdbath

Keep these factors in mind when finding the ideal rest area for flying visitors:

  • Size: Those with limited space or no backyard should opt for a deck birdbath that uses a clamp to attach to a railing or table. These types of birdbaths are sturdy and typically easier to clean as they are not difficult to remove from their base. If you can screw a hook into your patio cover, a hanging birdbath might also work without taking up too much room. Freestanding birdbaths are great for gardens and open backyards as they typically stand 3 feet tall. Ground nails can support this style to make sure windy weather doesn’t knock over the bowl.
  • Features: A wide, shallow bowl is the best shape to create enough room for multiple birds to enjoy the water. To provide birds with the best grip possible, look for a bowl with a rounded, textured, or perforated edge to give their feet something to hook onto for stability. Having a mechanism that moves the water helps attract birds’ attention and discourages mosquitoes from laying eggs. Water- and rust-resistant materials are a must-have for any birdbath that will be affected by the weather.
  • Location: Place your birdbath in a shaded area like beneath a tree or patio to attract the most birds. Keeping the water out of the sun maintains a cooler temperature, and the decreased evaporation will reduce the trips you have to take to replenish the water. Elevate your birdbath to reduce bugs and other animals from entering the water and making it unclean. If you have predatory pets, keep the birdbath out of reach so that the birds can relax and enjoy the water.

Best Freestanding: VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Antique Birdbath

A couple admiring a bronze, freestanding birdbath.

The classic look of this birdbath uses copper coloring and swirling to create an antique look that will attract the eye of birds and people. The lightweight construction is ideal for moving this birdbath around your yard to find the perfect spot. The three ground nails that come with the product can help keep the 4.4-pound birdbath stable during windy weather and keep your pets from knocking it down. The birdbath is made from high-quality polypropylene material and features a resin topcoat to make it resistant to rough weather and damage. Birds can rest comfortably on the edge of the bowl as the holes allow their feet to grip with ease. When birds are washing their bodies in the water, these holes also serve as drainage to ensure there is no stagnant water.

Best Freestanding

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Gray

Assemble this birdbath in seconds through the simple rotation system that locks all four pieces into place.

Best Mounted: Hanizi 12 Inch Deck Mounted Birdbath Bowl Spa

A brown birdbath filled with water is mounted to a black railing.

If you are looking for a birdbath on a smaller scale, this bowl can adhere to a railing or table to create a small rest area that is easy to clean. The mount is designed with an adjustable clamp that will fit your railing’s exact measurements and make a sturdy base for the bowl to rest. The bath consists of a plastic bowl with a 12-inch diameter that detaches from the steel base. This allows you to clean the bowl easily and often so that your local bird population stays healthy. If bad weather hits your home, the steel base will remain unscathed as it is rust-resistant to allow you to keep this birdbath for years to come.

Best Mounted

Hanizi Bird Bath Deck Mounted Bowl 12 Inches, Balcony Railing Birdbaths Unheated, Bird Bath Fence Clamp Detachable

The versatile clamp attachment system makes this great for backyards and patios with railings up to 2 inches thick.

Best Hanging: HONGLAND Hanging Bird Feeder Double Layer Glass Bowl

A hanging birdbath shaped like a flower.

This birdbath blends into the natural beauty of nature with its flower shape and vivid hues that are sure to attract your local birds. The glass base is designed with two layers: the bottom layer for water and the top for birdseed. The colorful glass bowl may look difficult to handle, but there is no assembly required. The metal chain and hook come attached, so you can add this hand-painted piece to your backyard right out of the box. The 13-inch diameter of this flower birdbath gives your feathered friends plenty of room to drink, eat, and bathe.

Best Hanging

HONGLAND Hanging Bird Bath Double Glass Bowl Bird Feeder Flower Wild Bird Feeder for Hummingbird,Garden Yard 14 inch

Attract birds of all kinds with the vivid colors of this hand-painted glass birdbath.

Best with Fountain: Alpine Corporation Tiered Classic Pedestal Fountain

A garden walkway with a green birdbath that features a water fountain.

Add an extra touch of elegance to your backyard with this antique design that features three tiers for water to trickle down. You can enjoy the relaxing noise of the water while the birds appreciate the added space. The weathered green color is the ideal accent for your garden or backyard as it compliments the hues of nature while also feeling vintage. Despite its traditional look, this birdbath is made from resin plastic rather than metal. This material is resistant to sun and rain damage. While providing ample water for your birds, this relaxing fountain can wash your worries away with its soothing sounds.

Best with Fountain

Alpine Corporation 35" Tall Outdoor 3-Tiered Pedestal Water Fountain and Birdbath, Green

Make your garden a natural paradise with the three-tiered fountain that provides plenty of room for birds to bathe.

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