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The Best Birdhouses

🕚 Updated September 2022

Not all bird species have it easy in urban areas. Putting one of these birdhouses out in your garden can be a productive way to support your local bird population and bring the beauty of nature to your yard.

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  Best for Hummingbirds Best for Pet Birds Best DIY Kit Best Nesting Box Best Design Options
Hummingbird House
Coconut Bird Nest Hut
Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow
Parakeet Nest Box
Hanging Birdhouse
Our SummaryA handmade, teardrop-shaped grass nest, a cozy shelter for hummingbirds.A coconut nest hut for birds and other creatures that can fit in the 2.2-inch entrance.An opportunity for your kiddo to build and paint their own birdhouse.This wooden bird box offers safe shelter for mating and nesting birds.An artistically styled birdhouse to add color to your garden and invite feathered friends.
ProsMade of 100% hand-woven dried hibiscus grass, teardrop design, durable and breathable, nice accent for garden.Coconut shell with an apple stick ladder, provides stimulating environment, great for birds, hamsters, and gerbils.All-inclusive kit, ages 5+, FSC certified wood products, includes chain for hanging.Safe, natural wood box, built-in baffle for egg protection, hinged lid for easy cleaning, perch for resting.Distressed artistic style, 3D decorative tree and bird, functional and ornamental, backside hole and door for easy cleaning.
ConsMay not attract hummingbirds since they can be picky.Some pet birds ignored it.May not be as durable as others.Some birds might chew on it.Not the most durable or functional.
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The Best Birdhouses

Birdhouse on tree at springtime.

Buying Guide for Birdhouses

Woodpecker looking at how a home is built.
Ameya Gupte/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a birdhouse?

For one thing, birdhouses provide safety for wild and domesticated avian creatures. Some species prefer to make their own nests, like orioles, goldfinches, and cardinals. But many others appreciate a premade shelter, especially in bad weather. Buying a birdhouse allows you and your family to watch birds make their home there, raise their young, and go about their day. Birdhouses can offer beauty to your garden or even indoors as decoration. 

What should you look for in a birdhouse?

  • Material: Do you want to bolster healthy bird populations by building a protective bird nest? Look for products made of wood or natural fibers. Avoid plastics or materials that may cause harm to the environment. An indoor bird might not desire an enclosed nest, so a bowl-shaped nest is a great option. Bird owners can also provide nesting materials for their birds to allow them to build their own.
  • Size: It’s always a good idea to consider size when buying just about anything, but birds come in all different sizes and have nest size preferences. The overall size should allow the bird to stand comfortably inside. If you own a bird, research the species’ preferences to find the ideal home for its lifestyle.
  • Design: Consider the bird species for which you hope to provide comfort. Many nests are made of all-natural materials and are hand-crafted, making them more environmentally friendly and attractive to wild birds. Additionally, there are nests designed for decorative effect rather than practicality.

What should you expect to spend on a birdhouse?

The birdhouses we’ve reviewed fall between $12 to $20, so not that much. It’s true they have simple designs for basic bird needs. If you want to attract a specific species, say blue martins, the best birdhouses will be more expensive, closer to $200. Other more costly features are complex structures like birdhouses with 24 rooms, like a hotel or apartment building. More expensive birdhouses often feature superior materials, decoys, and predator guards. 

Our Picks for the Best Birdhouses

Best for Hummingbirds

AQUEENLY Hummingbird House

A handmade, teardrop-shaped grass nest, a cozy shelter for hummingbirds.

Pros: These three Aqueenly hummingbird houses are 100% hand-woven from dried hibiscus grass. This natural material and teardrop design make an ideal home for hummingbirds, who resort to wooden birdhouses only for temporary shelter in extreme weather. Hibiscus grass remains durable, breathable, and free of mildew throughout heat and rain. The Aqueenly measures about 4.5 x 4.5 x 8.7 inches with a 1.6 x 1.8-inch entrance hole. Its raw and intricate design adds an artistic touch to gardens. Hang the nest with the hemp loop in bushes or under eaves—hummingbirds’ favorite habitats.

Cons: Unfortunately, hummingbirds can be pretty picky about where they choose to nest. If these nests don’t work, you may want to find a new use for them.

Bottom Line: While designed for a safe, comfortable home for hummingbirds, the AQUEENLY product doubles as a home interior decoration. Get creative with natural materials, or bring the beauty of nature into your home.


Best for Pet Birds

andwe Coconut Bird Nest Hut

A coconut nest hut for birds and other creatures that can fit in the 2.2-inch entrance.

Pros: This luxury coconut nest should come in a human size because it’s that cool. The apple stick ladder leads to an activity platform for exercise and play. With the top rope and metal hook for hanging, the coconut nest makes a fun swing that’s irresistible if filled with food. This birdhouse is for birds, hamsters, and gerbils—small animals with claws that need regular maintenance—the ladder works great for that.

Cons: User feedback is mixed. Some say their pet birds ignored it; others say their small pets love it.

Bottom Line: The materials are high-quality, and the design sensible, as it considers small birds’ needs and preferences.


Best DIY Kit

Toysmith Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow

An opportunity for your kiddo to make and paint their own birdhouse.

Pros: This all-inclusive birdhouse building kit includes quality materials and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products. What’s inside the box? You get pre-cut wood pieces, nails, glue, and four plastic containers of paint, paintbrushes, and the ever-important instructions. The goal is to assemble the 6-inch tall birdhouse and attach the included chain to hang it up outside. Don’t forget to paint it! The kit is perfect for kids aged 5 and up.

Cons: While fun to assemble and decorate, the birdhouse may not be as durable as others.

Bottom Line: The Toysmith Build a Bird Bungalow is a fun project to do with your kid or a gift for birthdays and holidays.


Best Nesting Box

PINVNBY Parakeet Nest Box

This wooden bird box offers shelter for mating and nesting birds.

Pros: It’s not the type of nest a wild budgie, parrotlet, or parakeet would make, but the PINVNBY nesting box is a prime spot for breeding and nesting. The non-toxic 100% Chinese parasol wood construction features a built-in baffle for egg protection, a hinged lid for easy cleaning, and a perch for your love birds to relax. The hinge and lock are electroplated metal parts to stave off other pets.

Cons: Your birds may enjoy chewing the box, perhaps ruining it. To avoid this, consider getting some chew toys for your birds.

Bottom Line: The mating nest comes preassembled, ready for your birds to get comfy. It’s a great size for two small birds. Don’t forget to buy nesting material to put inside, like natural coconut fiber, wood shavings, or straw.


Best Design Options

Glitzhome Hanging Birdhouse

An artistically styled birdhouse to add color to your garden and invite feathered friends.

Pros: At first glance, this functional birdhouse looks like a piece of art. It features distressed yellow, green, and blue paint that, at the same time, remains vibrant. Even the metal parts have been treated to look distressed. The yellow facade features a 3D tree with green leaves, a bluebird, and an entrance hole that measures 1.19 inches. Even the back of the birdhouse has a thoughtful design featuring a swinging door for easy cleaning.

Cons: This birdhouse seems to value fashion over function, as it looks great but isn’t durably constructed.

Bottom Line: This Glitzhome birdhouse will catch the attention of your neighbors and, hopefully, a friendly bird or two. This model comes in blue and white, too.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into attracting birds to a new birdhouse. Don’t give up, though! Remember to consider materials, design, and size as you shop. You want a birdhouse that will satisfy you and your avian friends.

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