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The Best Black Leather Jackets for Women

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🕚 Updated July 2022

Ready to upgrade your style with a classic black leather jacket? Check out these top picks that we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Wide Collar Premium Choice Best Cropped Jacket Also Great
  Lock and Love
Women's Removable Hooded Faux Leather Jacket
Women's Slim Classic Leather Jacket
Women's Faux Leather Jacket with Fur Collar
Women's Faux Leather Casual Jacket
Ly Varey Lin
Women's Faux Leather Slim Biker Jacket
Our SummaryA sleek, supple, moto jacket that's perfect for jeans or flirty dresses.A classic option that offers vintage vibes.A hip-length jacket with a luxe fur collar.Fun fringe sleeves and a cropped design make this an on-trend style.A sleek moto jacket with detailed sleeves that offer a modern twist on a classic style.
ProsRemovable hood, fitted design, wide color selection, zippered pockets.Asymmetrical zippered front, zip closure pockets, wide collar design, machine washable.Removable fur collar, hip length hem, belted design, versatile.Fringe design on sleeves and body, cropped style, reasonable price.Ribbed design on shoulders and sleeves, asymmetrical front zipper, zippers on wrist.
ConsMay need to order up a size for comfort.Will need to order up a size.May not be long enough for taller people.May be too trendy for some shoppers, cropped length might not work for all heights.Order up a size for comfort.
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The Best Black Leather Jackets for Women

Portrait of beautiful young blonde woman wearing stylish black outfit.
Claudia K/Shutterstock.com

There’s something about the classic black leather jacket that’s a must-have for practically any wardrobe. These jackets can be dressed up or down and are equal parts functional and fashionable. Plus, black is a classic choice that pairs well with so many outfits. Whether you want a fun moto style or something like a trench, there’s no shortage of options.

Buying Guide for Black Leather Jackets

A woman walks in the street wearing a black leather jacket and white lace dress.
Maria Markevich/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a black leather jacket?

There are two great reasons to buy a black leather jacket. First, leather jackets are timeless. Whether you opt for vegan leather or the real deal, this is a staple piece for your wardrobe that falls into the form and function categories. Plus, black is a neutral color that goes with virtually anything—ensuring that you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

What to consider when shopping for a black leather jacket?

  • Material: These days, “leather” can mean many things. If you prefer the real thing, look for options made from genuine leather. In most cases, this is usually from cow or goat/lamb skins. These hides tend to be the most common and affordable. However, if money is no object, you can find more exotic (but legal) skins if you prefer. However, if you’re not a fan of wearing real leather, vegan leather has come a long way from the days of cheap, shiny plastic look-alikes. These days, you can find some gorgeous faux leather alternatives with a nice hand-feel that would make you assume they’re real leather.
  • Design: Leather jackets simply mean that a jacket was made from some type of leather (or faux) material. However, designs can range widely from full-length trench coats, pea coats, and more traditional motorcycle jackets. Consider how you plan on wearing this jacket and plan accordingly. If you’re simply using it as a traditional piece of outerwear, then any style will work for you. However, suppose you want a jacket that can also be paired with softer looks like floral dresses or sleek jumpsuits. In that case, modern motorcycle jacket styles are often your best option as they provide the most versatility.
  • Fit: While the fit might seem the same as the design, they’re technically different. Design refers to how the jacket looks, while fit determines how close to the body it sits. Think about the types of clothing that you plan on wearing with your jacket. If you want to wear bulkier sweaters or multiple layers, then a more relaxed fit or opting to go up a size or two makes sense so that the jacket not only can be worn over the clothing but that you can also comfortably move your arms.

Is black the only option for leather jackets?

Of course not. While black is a classic option, you can always choose to buy a colorful leather jacket if you prefer. However, black is a good starting point if you’re purchasing your first leather jacket, as black tends to be the most versatile. Not only can it pair well with a wider range of outfit options, but the dark color allows it to easily transition between seasons and settings.

Our Picks for the Best Black Leather Jackets for Women

Top Choice

Lock & Love Women's Removable Hooded Faux Leather Moto Jacket

A sleek, supple, moto jacket that's perfect for jeans or flirty dresses.

Pros: Whether you’re adding to your leather jacket collection or just getting started, you can’t go wrong with a modern moto style. The fitted design, low luster finish, and stylized design make this a solid option that can be dressed up or down. Along with zippered pockets, you also get a removable hood.

Cons: You’ll most likely want to go up a size or two. If you want to pair this with thicker clothing, opting to go up two sizes is smart. However, just for general ease and comfort, go up one size so you can comfortably bend your arms.

Bottom Line: For the fashion-forward, this trendy moto jacket is a must-have. It comes with a removable hood and has a sleek finish that looks great with jeans or with a cute flowing midi dress. However, for comfort, be sure to go up at least one size.


Best Wide Collar

Tanning Women's Slim Classic

A classic option that offers vintage vibes.

Pros: For those seeking a leather jacket that is truly timeless, this traditional, fitted style is a smart option. While it’s made from faux leather, it’s still machine washable. The slim cut lends itself well to being paired with fun outfits. And you’ll love the asymmetrical zipper and wider collar.

Cons: As is common with fitted leather jacket styles, you most likely won’t be able to order your true size if you want to pair this with anything more than a thin t-shirt. Be prepared to go up a size.

Bottom Line: A classic style like this asymmetrical zipper motorcycle jacket with a nipped waist is a solid option for anyone looking to start or expand their leather jacket collection. But as is common with more fitted jacket styles, you’ll need to size up to wear this comfortably.


Premium Choice

Bellivera Women's Faux Leather Jacket

A hip-length jacket with a luxe fur collar.

Pros: If you want a jacket that looks a little more elevated, this fun faux leather jacket with a fur collar is a great alternative to the standard moto. Along with a longer hem and a fun belted design, you’ll get zippered sleeves. Better still, you can even rock this jacket in warmer temperatures thanks to the removable collar.

Cons: Unsurprisingly, a common note on this style was that the jacket could run small. But we also saw that taller shoppers mentioned how the jacket didn’t hit at the hips as intended. Instead, for some people that were 6 feet or taller, the jacket ended up at a cropped length.

Bottom Line: If you want something different than the usual, this faux fur collar leather jacket is a great upgrade. The fact that you can remove the fur collar also adds to its versatility.


Best Cropped Jacket

Bellivera Women's Leather Casual Jacket

Fun fringe sleeves and a cropped design make this an on-trend style.

Pros: If you don’t mind a cropped jacket or want to channel your inner country diva star, then this fun jacket with fringed sleeves is a solid choice. While it still features a classic moto design, you’ll get a bit more relaxed fit through the body and a hem that sits just above your natural waist.

Cons: This is a jacket that’s targeted toward a very specific customer. Not everyone loves fringe. Plus, the cropped design might make this feel like an unwearable option for some people.

Bottom Line: Thanks to the relatively wallet-friendly price, this super trendy jacket is an excellent add-on for some people’s wardrobes. However, the fringe design paired with the cropped length might not be your cup of tea.


Also Great

Ly Varey Lin Women's Faux Leather Slim Moto Jacket

A sleek moto jacket with detailed sleeves that offer a modern twist on a classic style.

Pros: If you’re looking for a good faux leather jacket that has a modern twist to it, this fun, fitted moto is a great option. You’ll get ribbed detailing on the sleeves, an asymmetrical front zipper, and buckles at the sides of the waist. Also note that there are zippers on the wrists to give you added comfort.

Cons: Unsurprisingly, you’ll want to order a size or two larger than your true size to give yourself plenty of room. A common concern people noted with this jacket was that the sleeves could be a bit tight, especially in the upper arm.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for a modern look that still passes as timeless, the ribbed design on the shoulders and sleeves pairs well with the classic asymmetrical moto front. But as is common for these fitted styles, you’ll want to go up a size or two so that you can wear this comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Leather jackets are staples that need to be in your wardrobe. Even if you’re not a fan of wearing real leather, there are plenty of faux leather jacket styles that will still keep you looking fashion forward without compromising on your ethical principles.

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