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The Best Blackout Curtains

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Curtains are a common piece of home decor, and blackout curtains are among the most popular types because of their practicality. If you want to keep disruptive light and sound out of your home, check out these blackout curtains.

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  Best Overall Best Value Best Insulated Best Patterned Best Short
Blackout Curtains for Bedroom
Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains
Blackout Window Curtain Panels with Black Liner
Blackout Curtains for Bedroom
Blackout Curtains for Living Room
Our SummaryHeavy-duty blackout curtains with a size and color to fit almost any room and window in your home.Highly practical and functional blackout curtains that provide great value for a lower price.Double-layered blackout curtains that will keep your room temperature regulated year-round to help keep heating and cooling costs down.Practicality and aesthetics come together flawlessly in this pair of triple-weave blackout curtains.Block light and noise on even your smallest windows with these shorter but still effective blackout curtains.
ProsMultiple colors and sizes, washer-, dryer-, and iron- friendly, affordable.Good color and size variety, washer and dryer compatible, secure yet easy to shift.Well-insulated, black liner for extra sun blocking, good sizing options, heavy and sturdy.Elegant and shimmery, wrinkle free, back tab and rod pocket hanging option, decent size and color variety.Multiple sizes and colors available, three hanging styles, velcro ties included, machine washable.
ConsLighter colors less effective.Only fits standard curtain rods, limited thermal properties.Wrinkles easily, black liner visible from the outside.Expensive, more high maintenance.Not dryer-friendly, darker colors more effective.
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The Best Blackout Curtains

Dark bedroom with light from the window.
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Blackout Curtains

Dark bedroom with light from the window.
Rachata Teyparsit/Shutterstock.com

Why buy blackout curtains?

Just about every home has a set of curtains for their windows, either as the primary means for blocking out exterior light or to aid window shades in that task. As the name suggests, blackout curtains block light entirely from entering a room, which makes them a useful addition to those sensitive to light. People who work night shifts and sleep during the day or young children with a daily nap routine can especially benefit from a set of blackout curtains in their bedroom or nursery. Some even help to block outside noise as well as light.

The light-blocking features also make these curtains an ideal choice for TV rooms and home theaters. Blackout curtains can also work towards saving energy in your home. They can help contain the heat in your rooms during the cold months and reflect heat out during the hot ones, which may help to lower your energy bills year-round.

What should you look for in blackout curtains?

  • Size: Blackout curtains can range in length from short to extra-long, so you’ll want to make sure to find a set that fits whichever window or windows you plan to hang them on. You don’t want your curtains to drag on the ground or be so short that light comes creeping in from underneath. You also want to make sure they’re wide enough to fit your windows properly so that sunlight doesn’t leak in from the sides.
  • Features: While most blackout curtains are energy-efficient to some degree, some brands are specifically designed to provide insulation to reduce your thermal energy loss. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for curtains that are machine washable; some are, but others will need to be dry-cleaned instead, depending on their make and fabric. There are also UV-resistant blackout curtains that provide your furniture with extra protection against fading due to sunlight exposure. Some are more resistant to shrinking and wrinkling, too.
  • Color and Design: Curtains are decorative as well as functional, and blackout curtains are no exception. You don’t have to settle for a pair of stark, dark, severe blackout curtains if you don’t like that look or if it doesn’t suit your home’s style. There are plenty of sets that come in lighter colors or patterns. You should have no trouble finding blackout curtains that fit your home decor.

What are the best fabrics for blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains made from fabrics that are solid and heavy-duty tend to be the better choice, as they allow less light to penetrate the room. While there are some exceptions, a good general rule of thumb is that the denser and heavier the fabric, the more light protection it will offer. You can’t go wrong with blackout curtains made from polyester, poly-cotton, and other microfibers. If they’re made with triple-weave technology, all the better. Heavy microfibers also come with the benefit of being durable and low maintenance; they have a long service life and are very easy to care for.

Our Picks for the Most Effective Blackout Curtains

Best Overall

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Heavy-duty blackout curtains with a size and color to fit almost any room and window in your home

Pros: When it comes to these blackout curtains, you shouldn’t have an issue finding an option that perfectly suits your windows. They’re available in 14 different sizes and 24 colors in many different hues and shades. The triple-weave polyester fabric blocks most light, helps with insulation, and helps protect your furniture and other belongings from fading over time. The price tag is low, and they can be washed in the washing machine, dried in the dryer, and ironed if need be.

Cons: While the darker colors are very effective at blocking out light, the lighter colors might not be quite as effective. If you want lighter-colored blackout curtains, consider looking for a set that comes with a double lining. These blackout curtains lack that particular feature.

Bottom Line: Made of a high-quality and wrinkle-free polyester blend, these blackout curtains will be a great fit for almost any room in the house, be it a nursery, bedroom, living room, office, or TV room. The triple-weave blackout fabric not only blocks most sunlight and street lights but also offers some soundproofing and insulating qualities. With multiple colors and different lengths available, there’s bound to be a set that suits your home.


Best Value

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Highly practical and functional blackout curtains that provide great value for a lower price.

Pros: Whatever colors or style your home is decorated in, the odds are good that you’ll be able to find these blackout curtains in a color that matches perfectly, thanks to the impressive 34 color selection. They come in 10 sizes, including four different widths (some of which can be tricky to find elsewhere). Since they’re made from 100% polyester, these curtains are very convenient to clean as they’re both washer- and dryer-friendly. Both curtains come with durable built-in metal grommets that keep them firmly in place yet easily slide along your curtain rod when you need to open or close your curtains.

Cons: These grommets are meant for standard-sized curtain rods, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue for most, but if you have an extra-thick curtain rod, you’ll need to look elsewhere. And while these blackout curtains may have some thermal properties, it’s pretty limited; they don’t insulate as well as some other models.

Bottom Line: If you’re trying to be more budget-conscious, these durable, sturdy blackout curtains are an excellent choice. They’re great for blocking out most light and protecting your furniture and furnishings from fading against the sun, all for a low price. And since they come with built-in metal grommets, you don’t have to spend extra money on curtain rings for them.



Best Insulated

NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain Panels with Black Liner

Double-layered blackout curtains that will keep your room temperature regulated year-round to help keep heating and cooling costs down.

Pros: Blackout curtains can also provide insulation, and these blackout curtains are among the best at this particular task. They keep heat in and cold drafts out. The fabric is nice and heavy, so they won’t be disturbed or moved by breezes and gusts. They excel at their main task, too, thanks to the black liner that comes along with the curtains themselves, which provides an extra-dark layer to block exterior light. This black liner also helps ensure that even if you still buy these curtains in a lighter color, they’ll still be just as effective. And they come in 23 different colors and an impressive 19 different sizes, including extra-long and extra-wide options.

Cons: Keep in mind that the black liner, useful as it is for blocking light, will be visible from outside the house. People inside the house will see the curtains in whichever color you picked—teal, white, beige, etc.—but those walking by will only see the black liner instead. And the curtain fabric is a bit prone to wrinkling.

Bottom Line: This is a set of blackout curtains designed to save you energy and help keep your home’s temperature regulated. The curtains are insulated to keep your room temperature comfortable year-round. This, in turn, can help reduce your energy costs. In addition, the curtains also offer some noise reduction qualities, which is handy if you live on a busy street.

Best Patterned

Deconovo Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Practicality and aesthetics come together flawlessly in this pair of triple-weave blackout curtains.

Pros: Blackout curtains don’t have to be plain or austere in order to work properly, as this lovely pair of curtains proves. No matter which of the 19 colors you pick, each high-density curtain is decorated with a subtle silver pattern. The fabric is highly wrinkle-resistant, and with 19 sizes to choose from, there’s a curtain for almost every window. The built-in grommets are metal for greater durability, but they can be hung via rod pocket as well if you prefer.

Cons: The additional aesthetics and quality of these blackout curtains come at a higher price. While the fabric is nice and wrinkle-resistant, it’s a bit high maintenance to care for in other ways. Hand washing, rather than machine washing, is recommended for these curtains. They can’t be washed with fabric softener or bleached, nor are they dryer-friendly.

Bottom Line: These blackout curtains are the perfect blend of stylish and functional. The lighter colors will lend your room a soft elegance, while the darker shades provide a bolder, contrasting look. Either way, the attractive metallic pattern will look great in almost any room in your home while still performing its designated task admirably. Bring a little shine to your home while protecting your eyes and furniture.


Best Short

Deconovo Blackout Curtains for Living Room

Block light and noise on even your smallest windows with these shorter but still effective blackout curtains.

Pros: Even with their shorter length, these blackout curtains should fulfill your needs quite admirably. They’re available in 24 different colors and shades, from dark to pastel to jewel-toned and more. There are also 13 sizes to choose from, should you want to buy them for other rooms in your house that require longer curtains. As a bonus, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to hang curtains from a curtain rod via clip rings, rod pockets, or back loops; these curtains are compatible with all three methods. They also come with Velcro ties to hold the curtains in place when you want to let some light in. And the material is machine washable for easier cleaning.

Cons: While the fabric is machine washable, it’s not dryer safe; you’ll either have to let them air-dry or get them dry cleaned. Also keep in mind that while all 24 colors offer light-blocking properties, the darker shades will be more effective at this particular task.

Bottom Line: Long or floor-length curtains aren’t the right choice for every window, stylistically or size-wise. If you have a smaller window that you want or need to buy blackout curtains for, this pair deserves a good long look. They have all the classic qualities and functions of blackout curtains in a shorter package.

Final Thoughts

Curtains are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to provide your living space with greater privacy and regulate the amount of light that comes in, and blackout curtains excel at both tasks. Combined with the other benefits that they provide, you may find yourself wanting blackout curtains for every room in your home, not just your bedroom.

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