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The Best Blush Curtains to Add a Pop of Color to Your Room

Sun Zero/Intelligent Design/No. 918
🕚 Updated August 2021

Curtains should not only enhance your room's style but also, ensure that your space is separated from the light, noise, and peering eyes of the outside world. If you want to step up your window treatment game, take a look at these curtains.

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  Best Blackout Best Sheer Best Design Best Layered Best Short
  Sun Zero
Blackout Energy Efficient Curtain
No. 918
Genevieve Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel Pair
Intelligent Design
Raina Metallic Print Curtain
Exclusive Home Curtains
Catarina Layered Sheer Curtain Pair
Insulated Blush Pink Curtains
Our SummaryThis blush curtain uses blackout technology to ensure that your sleep remains uninterrupted.These sheer blush curtains add a soft ambiance to every room by filtering the harsh glare of natural sunlight.These trendy blackout curtains feature a metallic design layered on top of blush pink fabric to give you a stylish yet functional way to block out extra light.These high-quality curtains feature two different fabric layers, ensuring an elegant yet stylish feel for your room.A pair of insulated, blackout blush curtains designed for shorter or half windows.
ProsBlocks light, reduces noise, thermal properties, machine washable.Good size options, filters some light, machine washable, fits standard rods.Stylish, machine washable, blackout and noise cancelling capabilities.Versatile, decent size selection, interior curtains offer blackout functions.Good value, blocks light and noise, triple weave, low maintenance care.
ConsCurtains sold individually instead of in pairs, one width only.Don't provide much privacy by themselves, can't be ironed.Very limited size options, not sold in pairs.A bit pricey, spot clean only, won't fit rods with a diameter above 1 5/8 inches.Might be too heavy for some tastes, not great for tension rods.
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The Best Blush Curtains to Add a Pop of Color to Your Room

Three different blush-colored curtains hanging on windows in separate living rooms.
Sun Zero/Intelligent Design/No. 918

Picking out the right pair of curtains can be a tricky task. Choose a heavy, dark curtain, and you risk making your space feel drab. Choose a too-thin curtain, and you might be left without enough protection or privacy. Adding blush-pink curtains to your room is a fun way to modernize and soften your space while still providing a comfortable level of privacy and protection. Here are some blush-pink window treatments that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Blush Curtains

A bedroom decorated with blush curtains, plants, and a chandelier above the bed.
Anna Dobrovolskaya/Shutterstock.com

Why buy blush curtains?

Blush curtains are a great stylistic choice for several reasons. If you want to create a soft, delicate, or airy look in your bedroom or living room, blush curtains will help to capture that essence. This is especially true if they’re sheer curtains. They can also help make a statement in an understated way since lighter pink curtains aren’t as common of a choice as many other shades. And of course, they’re just plain pretty, especially if you buy them with a pattern or embroidery, or even an ombré.

Don’t think that these curtains are all style and no substance, either. Even with their lighter coloring, there are plenty of blush curtains that offer practical functions like light blocking and noise reduction.

What should you look for in blush curtains?

  • Type: If you’re interested in blackout curtains, look for an option with a thick, multilayered lining to ensure that your curtains will block out as much light as possible. If softening a room’s look is more important, or if you already have light-blocking drapes, you might want something softer and breezier. You can also find insulated curtains that help to keep drafts out.
  • Material: There are lots of fabric options for blush curtains. Microfiber and polyester aren’t the fanciest of fabrics, but they’re good options if you want something that’s low-fuss and easy to clean. Sheer and silky fabrics are nice, soft, and breezy, but they’re harder to care for since they tend to be more delicate and thus, not machine washable or iron-friendly. They also won’t provide as much privacy. Linen is strong, hangs well, and looks both timeless and attractive, but it also crinkles more easily.
  • Quantity: When purchasing curtains, you should check how many panels come in the package that you’re buying. Some packages contain just one panel of curtains, while others contain multiple, so you’ll want to make sure that the package you’re buying actually fits the number of curtains that you need. Some blush curtains come layered, which essentially doubles the number of curtains per package.

Should you buy noise-reducing or thermal-insulated blush curtains?

If you live in a city or a busy area with a lot of traffic, honking horns, or outside noises, you’ll likely find noise-reducing curtains worth your investment. They’re not 100% soundproof, but they do reduce noise to some degree and prevent it from echoing in your room.

Thermal curtains are a worthwhile investment, too, especially in very hot and very cold temperatures and climates. They help to block cold puffs of air or drafts that sometimes sneak in around the corners of windows. They prevent the loss of heat or air conditioning out your windows, too. Like noise-canceling curtains, they aren’t 100% effective at these tasks, but they do make a noticeable difference.

These types of curtains, especially if they have both of these capabilities and/or blackout functions, will likely cost a bit more money. But if you live in a noisy area or a drafty home, you’ll probably find them worth the higher price tag.

Our Picks for the Best Blush Curtains

Best Blackout

Sun Zero Blackout Energy-Efficient Curtain

This blush curtain uses blackout technology to ensure that your sleep remains uninterrupted.

Pros: These blush curtains were made for privacy even with their light coloring. They will block most outside light and reduce outside noises. Their thermal properties also reduce the amount of heat and cold air that escapes out the window (depending on the season), which can help keep your energy bills lower. They’re machine washable as long as you use non-chlorine bleach.

Cons: Unfortunately, these curtains are only sold as individuals and not in pairs. If you want a blush curtain for both sides of your window, you’re going to have to spend more money by ordering two. And although these blush curtains come in several different lengths, they’re only available in one width.

Bottom Line: These are quite effective blackout curtains, especially considering their light color. Thus, they’re an optimal choice for bedrooms and nurseries. If you’re after room-darkening curtains that won’t make your room feel moody or oppressive, you’ll love these blush curtains. Since they’re quite heavy and plain, they’re not a great choice for someone who wants something softer, lighter, or more decorative.


Best Sheer

No. 918 Genevieve Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel Pair

These sheer blush curtains add a soft ambiance to every room by filtering the harsh glare of natural sunlight.

Pros: This lovely pair of sheer blush curtains comes in six possible size options, and they’re designed to fit standard curtain rods. As long as you don’t have a custom-made one at home, this should fit right on your current rod. Even though these blush curtains are sheer, they do filter some light. Despite their delicate appearance, they’re machine washable for your convenience.

Cons: Although they do filter some light, these blush curtains alone don’t function as blackout curtains, nor do they provide much in the way of privacy by themselves. They also can’t be ironed, so you’ll want to be careful to ensure that they don’t get wrinkled.

Bottom Line: If you want curtains that are more decorative to layer over your current ones or a set that filters only a certain amount of light, these are the blush curtains for you. You’ll want to look elsewhere if you want true blackout or thermal or noise-canceling curtains to provide more in-depth privacy.


Best Design

Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Print Curtain

These trendy blackout curtains feature a metallic design layered on top of blush-pink fabric to give you a stylish yet functional way to block out extra light.

Pros: These blush curtains are incredibly stylish and provide eye-catching flair to your home without overwhelming your decor. They’re practical as well as stylish since their inside lining offers blackout properties and noise reduction. As a bonus, these curtains are machine washable since they’re made out of microfiber.

Cons: These blush curtains are unfortunately sold as individual panels. So if you need or want a pair of curtains for your window, you’ll have to purchase two separately, which does run a bit pricey. Their sizing is also limited, with only two lengths available. And even though these blush curtains are machine washable, they have to be washed separately from any other items or fabrics, which some users might find inconvenient.

Bottom Line: As long as you don’t mind spending a little extra money, these curtains offer you the perfect blend of stylish and practical. They’re perfect for anyone who loves a little glitz, wants to bring some flair into their home, or only needs one curtain. If you’re not a fan of metallic prints or you’re keeping an eye on your budget, you’re better off looking for blush curtains sold in pairs for better cost-efficiency.


Best Layered

Exclusive Home Curtains Catarina Layered Sheer Curtain Pair

These high-quality curtains feature two distinct fabric layers, ensuring an elegant yet stylish feel for your room.

Pros: You essentially receive four curtains in this set: two solid blush curtains and two white sheer ones. This allows greater versatility in their look and style compared to most models. The interior curtains also double as blackout curtains, so they will keep light out of the room and provide good privacy when drawn. And these blush curtains offer a decent size selection, with 45 options to choose from.

Cons: These blush curtains are a bit pricey (since you essentially get four curtains in one). They’re not outrageously overpriced, but they will cost more than some other curtain sets. Be sure to measure your rod before you buy since they won’t fit over any rod with a diameter larger than 1 5/8 inches. Also, cleaning them is a bit more challenging than with some other blush curtains, as this set can’t be washed in a machine, only spot cleaned.

Bottom Line: If you don’t mind a bit of extra hands-on maintenance, you’ll love these blush curtains. You essentially get four curtains in one set, which provides you with more versatility and the chance to change up your look without buying new curtains or going to the fuss of switching them out. However, they’re not a good choice for anyone who wants easy-to-care-for curtains, or for anyone who doesn’t like a soft or sheer look.


Best Short

KOUFALL Insulated Blush Pink Curtains

A pair of insulated blackout blush curtains designed for shorter or half windows.

Pros: You receive two curtain panels for the same price that a single curtain sometimes costs. These blush curtains provide value in other areas, too. Their triple weave gives them excellent light reduction capabilities, and they reduce outside noise and offer thermal insulation as well. They’re very easy to care for since they’re machine washable, and they can be ironed, unlike many other blush curtains.

Cons: As great as the triple weave is for blocking out light, it also makes these blush curtains heavier than most. So if you want a more delicate and less solid look, these won’t be the curtains for you. They’re also not a great choice to hang on tension rods or smaller rods (under 1 inch in diameter) due to their heaviness.

Bottom Line: If you don’t want your curtains to graze the floor, if you have a shorter window, or if you’re looking for half curtains for your window, these short-length blush curtains will suit your needs perfectly. They provide room darkening, noise reduction, and thermal insulation despite their small size, making them great for sleeping and providing good value. They’re heavy, though, so if you have a smaller rod or a tension rod, they could end up pulling your rod down.

Final Thoughts

Blush curtains offer the ideal balance of softness and privacy. They make your room of choice feel lighter and airier, yet they work to block outside noise, light, and curious eyes when the need arises. And with plenty of different lengths, designs, and shades available, there’s sure to be a set of blush curtains that would suit any home.

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