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The Best 20-Inch BMX Bikes

🕚 Updated October 2021

BMX, or bicycle motocross, is a sport with worldwide popularity. Whether you're a beginner or skilled rider, you'll need a BMX bike that can provide precision and stability while you're pushing yourself to the limit.

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  Top Choice Best Budget Most Comfortable Seat Best Design Also Consider
Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Kids
Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Gemsbok 20 Inch Kids Bike Freestyle BMX Style for Youth
Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle
Diamondback Bicycles
Youth Nitrus BMX Bike, Gloss Black
Our SummaryA freestyle BMX bike for young riders who have taken well to the sport.A unique Tony Hawk BMX bike that features custom graphics and paint.A simple BMX bike that's easy to ride and provides a smooth experience.With a sleek and cool design, this BMX bike will have you riding in style.A reliable BMX bike that comes with the essential features for an optimal experience.
ProsDurable steel frame, removable breaks, precision speed controls.Custom breaks, front/rear caliber breaks, sturdy and durable frame.Brakes efficiently, features unique colors and designs, has stable pneumatic tires.Comes in several different colors, offers multiple different size options.High tensile strength, easy handling, lightweight and comfortable handlebars.
ConsNot for inexperienced youngsters.Not the best BMX bike for experienced riders.Advanced BMXers will benefit from a different bike.Requires some assembly upon purchase.Limited speed options, has a simple design.
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The Best 20-Inch BMX Bikes

A boy with a helmet riding a BMX bike in a skate park.

BMXing takes time and patience to become good at, which is why you’ll need to invest in a bike that’s built for performance and durability and that makes the most of the time you spend on it. Choosing the right bike isn’t easy, so here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for BMX Bikes

A boy sits on a skating ramp with his BMX bike and skateboard leaning against the back of it.
Fabio Principe/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a BMX bike?

BMXing is a fun activity that brings people together from various parts of the world. It gives young children a passion for adventure early on. They can learn new tricks and maneuvers at their own pace while they get comfortable with the feel of a BMX bike. If your kid loves riding a bike, they might enjoy learning tricks on a BMX bike on ramps in the backyard or at the skate park. Just don’t forget to remind them to put a helmet on. BMX is a great way to get your kids outside.

What should you look for in a BMX bike?

  • High Tensile Strength: BMX bikes should feature a durable frame to ensure hundreds of hours of use without experiencing damage. The material can endure plenty of punishment without showing damage or deterioration. This also makes the frame of your bike much lighter in weight.
  • Design: One distinguishing feature of BMX bikes is that they have smaller and lighter frames to pick up speed. The geometry of the frame should promote efficiency while navigating obstacles. Look for ones that get the speed and leverage you need while riding.
  • BMX-Style Pedals and Handlebars: These components play a huge role in how you operate and maneuver your BMX bike. They help enhance your performance by providing you with more control and flexibility while riding. The pedals and handlebars are incredibly important because they’ll determine how comfortable and natural it feels to ride a BMX bike.

What are the assembly requirements?

Most BMX bikes usually come assembled. Some might require you to install a few of the parts, such as the seat or front tire. However, the process is often very simple and easy to perform, and you will be riding your new BMX bike in no time. Some basic tools you might need to finish assembling your BMX bike include Allen keys, a socket wrench, a puncture kit, an air pump, and a chain tool.

Our Picks for the Best BMX Bikes

Best Overall

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

A freestyle BMX bike for young riders who have taken well to the sport.

Pros: This freestyle bike from Mongoose has everything you need in terms of easing younger riders into BMXing. This includes a bike frame with high-tensile strength, durable aluminum rims, and precision handlebars for controlling your speed. This BMX bike will ultimately make it much easier to learn new tricks.

Cons: This freestyle bike is certainly more suitable for young BMXers with a little more experience. If your child is an up-and-comer in the BMX world, then this particular bike should help prepare them for the next level. Think about the skill level of your child before purchasing this bike. Mongoose manufactures bikes that favor a competitive and high-level style of BMXing.

Bottom Line: This freestyle bike is great for avid riders. You can use it on many different types of terrain. You can go biking on dirt ramps, down grindable rails, and many other obstacles. In terms of performance and efficiency, this is a BMX bike you can trust.


Best Budget

Tony Hawk 20 Freestyle BMX Bike

A unique Tony Hawk BMX bike that features custom graphics and paint.

Pros: This Tony Hawk BMX bike comes with the essential features: a sturdy frame (with custom graphics), front/rear caliper brakes, and front/rear pegs for grinding ledges. Also, you won’t find a better deal on a BMX bike in terms of affordability and value. And with the Tony Hawk name associated with it, you know it’s gonna be a good bike.

Cons: If you or your child are an experienced BMXer, then you’re better off buying a different bike. This model will only truly benefit beginners who are still learning the fundamentals of BMXing. Spending more money on an upgraded bike will make a huge difference for someone who has already built up a repertoire of BMX tricks.

Bottom Line: Although this particular BMX bike is super affordable, it’ll accommodate your needs in terms of the basics of BMXing. It offers incredible comfort and versatility for young BMXers, and you can take to the streets on it. Spending less money doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to having fun.


Most Comfortable Seat

JOYSTAR Kids Freestyle BMX Bike

A freestyle BMX bike for kids that allows them to develop their skills and learn higher-level tricks.

Pros: This safe and child-friendly BMX bike comes with an incredibly comfortable seat. This ensures your child will have the best possible experience while learning how to BMX. The handlebars and drivetrain are also incredibly easy to control, which will help your child adjust to the bike and get a better feel for things.

Cons: This BMX bike comes in different bright colors, which look cool in appearance, but many young riders often opt for something more simple. It’s better for beginners rather than skilled riders.

Bottom Line: This BMX bike features an ergonomic seat that allows you to keep going for hours on end without experiencing discomfort. It has a special design that promotes a safe, fun, and hassle-free biking experience. If you’re searching for a bike that provides you with the simple joys of BMXing, this is a great option.


Best Design

Royalbaby Kids Freestyle Bike

With a sleek and cool design, this BMX bike will have you riding in style.

Pros: This BMX bike is not only incredibly sharp-looking, but it also helps push young riders to test and improve their abilities. The attractive and sleek design of the bike makes it stand out from most of the other models available on the market. In terms of establishing a smooth and hassle-free riding experience, it has each feature you need with its wide pneumatic tires and nonslip pedals.

Cons: This BMX bike does require some assembly. However, it comes with instructions that are easy to follow and will have your child riding their new BMX bike in no time.

Bottom Line: This sleek and stylish BMX bike features a geometric and aerodynamic frame that will provide your children with better speed control. They can hit jump ramps and grinds at the right angle and trajectory, which will help improve their confidence in pulling off risky maneuvers. This is a great option if your child is trying to step up their game and improve as a BMXer.


Also Consider

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike, Gloss Black

A durable BMX bike that's simple in design and easy to maneuver.

Pros: With a tensile-strength bike frame and lightweight handlebars, this BMX bike has plenty of good qualities. It features a durable and long-lasting design, and it breaks with incredible efficiency. Kids love this bike because it allows them to have fun immediately while learning the basics.

Cons: This bike has limited speed options and a simple design, so it won’t do everything you might want it to.

Bottom Line: This particular bike from Diamondback is also a viable option for various BMXing styles. It offers incredible consistency thanks to a lightweight and durable aluminum frame that has impressive strength. You are easily going to improve your craft and take things to the next level with this BMX bike.

Final Thoughts

You always want to encourage your kids to pursue the things that they love to do. BMXing is a fun and healthy activity that will bring you and your family closer together. You should take this opportunity to purchase a BMX bike that allows your children to have the full experience! BMXing is becoming more and more popular by the second.

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