The Best Seats for Your Boat

man fishing while sitting in a boat seat on a speedboat
Millennium Marine

High-quality boat seats are an absolute must for anyone who values the time they spend out on the water. Boating and fishing enthusiasts alike will benefit greatly from the comfort, durability, and overall functionality that an excellent boat seat will provide. However, finding the perfect product for you and your boat is not always simple. So, if you’re in the market for new boat seats, here are a few products we recommend.

Fishing for Great Boat Seats

When picking out your new boat seat, keep these things in mind:

  • Comfort: While your boat seats will never match the comfort of your relaxin’ chair, your butt and back will thank you for making comfort a primary consideration. Thick, high-quality padding will go a long way in this regard, as will plenty of lumbar support. For those needing extra support, choosing a high-back seat style may allow you to stay comfortable for longer when out on the water.
  • Size: It’s a good idea to take some measurements in your boat before buying seats to go in them. Additionally, based on your body type, closely consider the dimensions of your new seat to be sure that you can sit in it comfortably in the available space.
  • Weather Resistance: Boat seats with poor weather resistance tend to get decimated by the elements. Thus, even though they may come cheap, they are never a good investment. For that reason, seek out seats that are moisture/mildew-proof and resist UV rays well to ensure they can be enjoyed for years and years of rugged use.

Best Overall: Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat

foldable tan boat seat
Millennium Marine

For those seeking the best all-weather boat seat out there, the Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat is the complete package. Featuring durable aluminum construction suitable for a wide variety of boat pedestals, this boat seat is designed to stay dry and cool even in hot, humid conditions. This UV-resistant boat seat is also very quick to dry after it rains and makes it easy to clean ice off during harsh conditions. Also, this seat’s 400-pound weight capacity and comfortable, supportive design make it hard to pass up despite it being pricier than the other products that we’ll showcase below.

Best Overall

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat, Green

This boat seat holds up to wet (and even icy) conditions incredibly well and also stays dry in hot, humid weather.

Best Value: Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat

plush light gray and blue boat seat

Finding a great high-back boat seat on a budget is not easy, as any budget-savvy boat owner will tell you. Luckily, the Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat provides plenty of comfort and usability for a price that is well below others. This boat seat features marine-grade compression foam padding that is not only comfortable but moisture- and mildew-resistant to ensure long-term durability. The high-back design provides plenty of support for those who have issues staying comfortable after hours on the water. This product also comes in a variety of colors and comes with four mounting screws for a pedestal or seat swivel application.

Best Value

Wise 8WD588PLS-664 Standard High Back Fishing Boat Seat, Grey/Charcoal

This boat seat features marine-grade vinyl that is UV- and mildew-resistant. Its high-compression foam padding is also extremely comfortable.

Most Comfortable: Leader Accessories Folding Boat Seat

plush white and red boat seat
Leader Accessories

Anyone seeking a low-back boat seat with great lumbar support will love the Leader Accessories padded boat seat. Featuring comfortable compression foam cushions and an injection-molded plastic frame, this is one of the plushest and comfiest boat seats you can buy. This lightweight and portable unit can be easily flipped down and snapped into place when not in use for added visibility. The aluminum alloy hinges increase the seat’s durability without weighing it down. Available in five different colors, if you are concerned with your back holding up than your boat seat, this product is a no-brainer.

Most Comfortable

Leader Accessories Low Back Folding Fishing Boat Seat (White/Red(1 seat))

This boat seat provides excellent lumbar support and is a great pick for those who put a premium on comfort. Its thick padding is also comfortable for long-term use.

Best Pair: NORTHCAPTAIN Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat

two padded blue and white boat seats

For those seeking a high-quality pair of boat seats rather than a single one, these Northcaptain folding seats are your best bet. Featuring UV-treated, marine-grade vinyl cushions with plenty of thickness to them and quality stitching, these boat seats are resistant to water, mildew, and sun alike. While they are slightly more narrow than our other featured seats, their 16-inch width should still be a comfortable fit for most. These seats are also quite easy on the back, making them a great choice for those who value comfort as much as ruggedness. They’re available in 11 different colors and come included with the stainless steel screws necessary for installation.

Best Pair

NORTHCAPTAIN S1 Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat(2 Seats),White/Blue,Stainless Steel Screws Included

These cushioned boat seats are treated to resist UV rays and have a 250-pound weight capacity.

Best Back-to-Back: DeckMate Boat Seats Premium Back to Back Boat Seats

back-to-back blue and white padded boat seats
DeckMate Boat Seats

If you own a boat that’s on the narrower or more compact side, this pair of boat seats from DeckMate Boat Seats is an optimal choice. The two seats are placed back-to-back to each other rather than side-by-side, which ensures they’ll take up less horizontal space on your boat while still seating two people. You can tuck them right up against the side of your vessel if need be, leaving more free deck space for you and your passengers to move about. Both seats can extend into a fully reclining position, secured and supported by the aluminum framework. As a space-saving bonus, there’s room to store life jackets and other gear beneath the seat cushions. Choose from four different color schemes to best match your boat.

Best Back-to-Back

Premium Back to Back Boat Seats (Gray and Red)

A pair of boat seats positioned back-to-back in order to take up less deck space on your vessel.

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