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The Best Body Cameras

a body camera clipped onto a suit coat pocket next to a pen
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Looking for the best body camera for everyday use? Whether you’re on the job as a law enforcement officer, a civilian protecting your rights, or simply looking to record your next bicycle ride, we’ve got you covered.

Below are some of the best options for all your moment-capturing needs.

Best Hidden Body Cam: Ehomful Body Camera HD

narrow rectangular black body camera attached to four different surfaces

If you’re pining for a discreet camera with high-functioning capabilities, this camera from Ehomful is a perfect choice. It is subtle, convenient, and simple to use. The black color and small size of the camera make it easy to conceal, and it can be clipped to clothing or worn on a lanyard. The camera doubles as a flash drive, so wires aren’t required when charging the device or transferring data to a computer. The battery lasts up to 180 minutes, and the gadget is capable of storing up to 8 hours of HD video with the purchase of the SD card. These amenities make this camera a top choice when opting for a hidden body cam.

Best for Cyclists: BOBLOV C18 1296P

narrow rectangular black body camera

Modern times have changed the way we enjoy our hobbies—we’re now able to capture pictures and videos during our favorite activities like never before. The BOBLOV C18 1296P is a great camera option for cyclists. It’s compact enough to record your adventure without adding bulkiness to your ride, and it can be controlled by your smartphone as an added convenience. Recording time reaches 4 hours, so the camera is perfect for hours of biking.

Best for Cyclists

BOBLOV C18 WiFi Small Body Camera, 32GB Body Camera, 1296P Mini Camera Body Worn Camera with OLED Screen 3.5 Hours 1080P Recording Support WiFi One Big Button for Recording

This cam is a great option to bring along on your next bike ride due to its convenience and sustainable recording time.

Best for Night Shift: BOBLOV PD70 WiFi

bulky gray body camera with a clip

BOBLOV offers a body camera perfect for nighttime recorders such as security personnel. Not only does this camera function at a high level during daylight hours, but it also has a “night vision” setting that makes it great for recording at night or in areas with limited lighting. The night vision feature paired with the camera’s built-in WiFi makes this device a chief option for recording any time, day or night.

Best for Law Enforcement: Transcend TS32GDPB20A

rectangular dark gray body camera

This camera from Transcend is designed for capturing incidents, making it a great option for law enforcement officers. The device includes a snapshot button that allows users to take pictures while recording is in session. The camera can easily clip to any uniform or other article of clothing, and it is made out of durable materials meant to withstand varying weather conditions.

Best for Law Enforcement

Transcend TS32GDPB20A Body Security Camera, Black

This body camera from Transcend is ideal for law enforcement due to its durability and snapshot capabilities.

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