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The Best Body Measuring Tapes for You

young woman measuring her waist in the fitness studio

Measuring yourself accurately during a fitness journey or before buying or sewing clothing can be achieved easily with a flexible measuring tape. If you want to keep one on hand for quick and accurate measurements, here are some we recommend.

What to Consider in a Body Measuring Tape

Here’s what to know before you buy:

  • Type: There are standard soft tape measures as well as retractable or even smart tape measures. Consider which is best for your needs.
  • Material: Most body tape measures will be soft and flexible to comfortably and accurately measure around your waist, arms, or whatever else you need to measure.
  • Design Features: Some tape measures feature convenient design measures for greater ease of use, such as a retract button or locking pins to stay put at your measurement.

Top Pick: FITINDEX Smart Body Tape Measure

a Digital measuring tape with a phone app recording measurements

This smart body tape measure connects with the Fitindex app via Bluetooth. The monitor has a bright and clear LED display, which is easy to read and collect measurements. This tape measure is easy to operate and use with one hand and has a retracting button and pin lock to help you get accurate body part measurements. This tape measure is great for fitness and weight loss but will also work for sewing and crafts.

Top Pick

FITINDEX Smart Body Tape Measure

A smart body tape with an LED display that connects to an app.

Best Set: iBayam 2-Pack Tape Measure

a soft pink measuring tape and black retractable measuring tape

This set of tape measures are double-sided with both inches and centimeters. The pocket-sized measuring tapes are portable, durable, and easy to read with accurate measurements and a broad application of use. The black tape measure is retractable, while the pink one is soft and rollable.

Best Set

iBayam 2-Pack Tape Measure

A set with a soft and a retractable tape measures.

Best for the Body: LYTOWN Tape Measure

a measuring tape around a body in a weight lifting room

This flexible and accurate tape measure is retractable and can measure up to 60 inches. The tool has a push-button retraction and pin lock to get the most accurate and snug readings. It is made with durable and soft advanced fiberglass tape to avoid any injury or cuts. The double-sided waist tape measure has clear marks in both inches and centimeters.

Best for the Body

LYTOWN Tape Measure

A double-sided tape measure with a pin lock.

Best Soft Tapes: GDMINLO 4-Pack Soft Tape

a four pack of soft measuring tapes in white, pink, yellow and blue

The four packs of measuring tapes contain a measuring range of 60 inches (150 centimeters). The tailor vinyl tape measure won’t stretch or deform and provides flexible, portable, and accurate measurements. The black markings on the tape are easy to read, and the tape has metal tabs on each end to measure directly against the item.

Best Soft Tapes

GDMINLO 4-Pack Soft Tape

A four-pack of soft vinyl tapes.

Also Great: Airisoer 3-Pack Tape Measure

a soft white measuring tape and black retractable measuring tape

This set of measuring tapes is flexible, durable, and lightweight enough to carry and use at any time. The tapes measure 60 inches in length and have significant/clear markings for easy reading. The black tape measure is retractable, and the white soft tape measure is flexible and meant for various uses.

Also Great

Airisoer 3-Pack Tape Measure

A set of easily marked measuring tapes meant for various uses.

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