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The Best Boning Knives for Your Kitchen

woman cuts large pieces of meat on cutting board in kitchen

While a boning knife may look small and unassuming, this tool has a unique purpose that will help you reduce food waste and expedite the meal prepping process. A boning knife features a thin blade that allows you to cut close to the bone of any type of firm meat. As a compact tool, this knife is an easy addition to your kitchen toolkit while you build up your culinary skills. Here are some fantastic boning knives we recommend.

Purchasing a Boning Knife

With the right boning knife, you can create delicious meat dishes with ease. Here are some key factors to keep in mind while shopping:

  • Blade: Boning knives can sometimes have specialized blades for certain types of meat. Flexible blades are ideal for cutting thinner meats. Semi-stiff blades should be used on thicker meats that require more pressure. For beginners, opt for the semi-stiff blades as they are easier to handle. Long blades create deeper cuts, making them great for large pieces of meat. However, shorter blades can be easier to handle because they are less likely to bend accidentally.
  • Handle: For the most stability while cutting a piece of meat, consider a full tang knife. This type of knife has a continuous piece of metal that reaches from the point of the blade to the tip of the handle. You will find various tang lengths on the market, but full tang offers the most control. Outside of the tang, you should consider a handle with an ergonomic shape so that your hand is comfortable during the cutting process.
  • Material: Stainless steel is a common material for boning knives as they are durable and rust-resistant. Carbon stainless steel is an elevated version of this material, allowing for the same durability and strength while remaining lightweight.

Best for Meat: imarku Boning Knife

A steel knife with a dark-colored wooden handle.

Create the perfect cut with the German steel and pakka wood boning knife. The handle is ergonomically designed and features a finger protection space to keep your hands safe and comfortable. This carbon stainless steel blade gives you 6.8 inches of room to easily slice meat from the bone. The blade is only 2.3 millimeters thick and is sharpened to a 14- to 16-degree angle on each side for the sharpest cut. The balance between the smooth wood and precise blade makes this blade ideal for chefs of all skill levels.

Best for Meat

Best with Sheath: Dream Reach Hand Forged Boning Knives

A person using a steel knife with a dimple design and large finger hole to cute meat.

This knife’s beautiful design is only outshone by its quality materials and construction. The brown leather sheath is soft to the touch and ideal for protecting the blade when traveling. The curved blade is made from high carbon steel that has been sharpened and polished to a 16-degree edge. You will have ultimate control over this blade with its full tang handle and large finger hole. The 4.4-millimeter blade is corrosion and wear-resistant so that you can use this blade for many meals to come.

Best with Sheath

Best Premium: Global 6.25″ Boning Knife

A silver knife with a textured grip sitting in black packaging.

The non-traditional construction and high-quality materials of this boning knife from Global make it worth every penny. It’s made from hard molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel that has increased strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. The dimpled handle maintains a sturdy grip, while the built-in finger notch located between the blade and handle keeps your fingers safe. The blade uses a long taper from the edge to the spine rather than beveled edges to create a knife that has long-lasting sharpness.

Best Premium

Global 6.25" Boning Knife

Debone your meat like a professional chef with this specially molded knife blade.

Best Budget: Mercer Culinary White Ultimate, 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife

A steel knife with a curved blade and white handle.

Do you want to cut meat like a pro without the hefty price tag? This knife from Mercer Culinary will give you the precision you need without breaking the bank. The high carbon steel blade is paired with a polypropylene handle to create a balanced knife. You can easily follow the natural curve of bone with the slightly curved blade. The ergonomic white handle is designed with textured finger points and is slip-resistant for added safety.

Best Budget

Mercer Culinary Ultimate White, 6 inch Curved Boning Knife

Simplify the meat prep process with the help of this curved boning knife.

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