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The Best Bookends

🕚 Updated December 2021

Books make their way into most people's homes and hearts, whether they're avid bibliophiles or casual readers. To keep your personal library upright and on display, here are some sweet bookends.

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Bookend Supports
Decorative Bookends
Wood Bookends
CY craft
Polished Geode Agate Bookends
Our SummaryKeep your bookshelf in order with this multi-pack of basic black bookends that can blend into almost any space.These small polished steel people will hold up your stuff for you and give your bookshelf a fun, fresh look.These wooden bookends bring character to your office space or library with a simple, sleek design.If you want minimalist bookends, these are a great option.Zhuzh up a bookcase or shelf with a little bit of natural shine from these geode bookends.
ProsSmall but stable, remain relatively hidden, seven pairs in a set, good bang for your buck, multifunctional.Weigh nearly 2 pounds each, handle heavy loads, great conversation starter, nonslip.Come in a variety of wood finishes, fun and minimalist, good for paperbacks.Crystal clear, minimalist, tall and weighty, stay in place, good value.Sold in four different weight categories, thick rubber bumpers keep your surfaces safe, measured to fit.
ConsNot the best for heavy books, may scratch sensitive surfaces, edges may be a little sharp.Take up more space, fingerprints show, only come in one finish.Very lightweight, inscription on the product, anti-skid stickers don't work for every surface.Need additional support for heavy loads, can break.Don't lie flush to the wall, can chip or become damaged.
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The Best Bookends

Vintage books enclosed by old fashioned bookends with a moody dark background

Bookends don’t have to be boring, nor do they have to be fancy. Bookends can be whatever style you want them to be. If you work from home and need to keep work books organized, a simple, flush solution might be more your style. If you love collecting classic literature, you might want a vintage set of bookends to adorn your bookshelf. Check out these different options to see what’s right for you.

Buying Guide for Bookends

Silver bookends shaped as people hold up several books.

Why buy bookends?

Bookends are functional and fashionable items. They don’t just keep your books upright and tucked in, but they also make a great decoration in many cases. They’re a staple accessory in an office, a kids’ room, a library or den, or wherever else you like to put your books. They can keep journals, photo albums, or artwork organized, too.

What should you consider in bookends?

  • Size: If you need to support large volumes, you may want to consider a taller bookend to keep your books or papers upright. Smaller bookends are great for children’s books, paperback novels, or knickknacks.
  • Weight Capacity: Consider how much weight your bookends will need to support, and be sure to read the product description of your bookends carefully. Make sure they’re heavy enough to support heftier books or binders.
  • Style: Are you organizing a year’s worth of business documents or trying to spruce up your curio cabinet? When it comes to bookends, you can go from simple to stylish, dependent upon your needs. If you’re giving bookends as a gift, consider something fun that matches the recipient’s personality.

How do you keep bookends from sliding?

One of the most frustrating things is when your bookends slide over and make your books tip over and fall off the bookcase. This often happens if the bookends are too light to support the weight of the books. So, first off, if you have heavy books, make sure you get heavy bookends. Some bookends will come with grips on the bottom, too. However, you can try a few strategies to keep bookends in place. Try using friction tape or grippy shelf or drawer liner on the bottom of the bookends.

Our Picks for the Best Bookends

Top Choice

HappyHapi Bookend Supports

Keep your bookshelf in order and your documents organized with this multi-pack of basic black bookends that can blend into almost any space.

Pros: These are small but stable bookends, so they won’t take up too much precious book storage space. You get seven pairs in a set, so you get a lot of bang for your buck and can use them in larger libraries or spread them out between your home and your office. They also work well for record collections, office files, and kids’ shelves.

Cons: These aren’t ideal for heavy, thick books since they don’t have much weight to them. They also don’t have the best anti-skid buffers and may scratch sensitive surfaces. The edges can be a little sharp for homes with small children.

Bottom Line: For paperbacks, textbooks, or office files, these discreet bookends may be a good choice for you. They can hold taller items with ease. Plus, the coating on them protects them from damage and rust.


Unique Design

MROCO Decorative Bookends

These small polished steel people will hold up your stuff for you and give your bookshelf a fun, fresh look.

Pros: These decorative bookends weigh nearly 2 pounds apiece, so they can handle heavier loads. Because they’re also pretty tall, they can keep taller books, magazines, or photo books upright, and they don’t slip. Their fun yet sleek design makes them an appropriate addition to modern spaces and a nice conversation starter.

Cons: Since these stick out about 4 inches, they’re not a great choice if your shelves are tight on space. They’re prone to fingerprint marks, so you may have to clean them when you move them around or touch them.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to jazz up your bookshelf, these adorable figurine bookends are a fantastic choice. They’re very highly rated and well enjoyed. The shiny finish adds some pop and dimension to your home, office, or classroom.


Best Wooden Option

Pandapark Wood Bookends

These wooden bookends bring character to your bookcase with a simple, sleek design.

Pros: These bookends come in a variety of wood finishes to match your space. The style is minimalist yet classy, perfect for a bookshelf. They’re a great way to hold your paperback collection in place.

Cons: These bookends weigh about half a pound each, so they can’t hold much weight. Some buyers didn’t like the inscription on the product. The anti-skid stickers don’t work for every surface.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for basic wood bookends to brighten up your space, these may be a great choice for you. They’re beautifully made and can be used in a variety of ways. Just note that these are not the best choice for textbooks or heavy volumes.


Best Clear Option

CY craft 4 Pieces Bookends

If you want minimalist bookends, these are a great option.

Pros: These are crystal clear bookends, perfect for a minimalist look. They’re tall and weigh a little over a pound. Though they don’t come with nonslip pads, they stay in place quite well on their own. Plus, you get four in a pack, so they’re a good value.

Cons: These aren’t made to keep numerous heavy books upright without some additional support. Because they’re plastic, they can break if they fall off a shelf.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for bookends that silently serve, these may be a good choice for you. As far as plastic bookends go, these don’t cloud or scratch easily, and they remain crystal clear.


Best Geode Option

JIC Gem Polished Geode Agate Bookends

Zhuzh up a bookcase or shelf with a little bit of natural shine from these geode bookends.

Pros: These gorgeous geode bookends are sold in four different weight categories, so you should be able to support most of your books or items. They also come in different colors to fit your space. The rubber bumpers which keep your surfaces safe from damage are dyed to match the stones. Each weight category comes with approximate height and width measurements, so you can be sure they’ll fit.

Cons: Because of the natural shape, you can’t lie them flush to the wall. Because these are natural stones, they can chip or become damaged.

Bottom Line: If you’re really looking for some wow factor in your room, these bookends are it. The natural agate is beautifully cut to preserve and enhance the look of the stone. Plus, the manufacturer kept your furnishings in mind by including a rubber bottom and additional nonslip pads.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for bookends, things to keep in mind are height, weight, and nonslip features. After that, find something that fits your aesthetic. Our selections for bookends are solid options to keep your personal library upright.

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