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The Best Boomerangs for Kids

a boy throwing a boomerang in an empty parking lot
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Boomerangs are an ageless toy for kids of all ages. One of the oldest known human inventions, boomerangs have been traced back 20,000 years. Since they’re perfect to throw in the yard, park, or beach, boomerangs help kids get exercise. While boomerangs spin, one wing is moving faster than the other while the whole boomerang moves forward. The “lift force” on the wing gradually helps the boomerang return to the thrower. Playing with a toy that really comes back will be a thrilling treat.

What to Look for in Boomerangs

With so many boomerang options for kids, there are many aspects to picking out the perfect boomerang. One of the first decisions is their throwing hands, right or left. Picking out a boomerang made with high-quality materials may also give you the option to bend and flex for different throws.

Also, for beginners, consider if the boomerang comes with instructions.

Top Pick: Aerobie 30C12 Orbiter Boomerang

The Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang flies up to 90 feet in the air before it comes back to you. Available in assorted neon colors, this boomerang is made with soft edges for easy gripping to throw and catch. The Aerobie Orbiter can be adjusted for higher flights by bending the soft rubber wingtips or bending down the wingtips for lower flights. The open center of this boomerang allows the user to easily experiment with their throwing method.

Top Pick

Aerobie 30C12 Orbiter Boomerang

This boomerang has flexible edges for easy gripping and throwing.

Best for Beginners: Blue Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerang

This boomerang is a great beginner toy for ages 10 to 70. Right-handed throwers will find this toy optimized for quick catching, and it spins with a helicopter hover. Instructions for “how to throw boomerangs” are included with purchase, as well as access to video tutorials. Throw up to 45 degrees off the wind for great spinning results.

Best for Beginners

Blue Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerang - Returning Boomerangs for Boomerang Athletes. Beginning Boomerangs for Young Throwers.

Great for boomerang beginners, this boomerang is optimized for great spinning and quick catching.

Best at Night: Glow in The Dark Lightning Boomerang

Manufactured by Colorado Boomerangs, this boomerang has an eye-catching design that glows in the dark. The lightning boomerang comes with a comprehensive training booklet for different throwing techniques, teaching users to throw up to 30 degrees off the wind direction. But overall, it is still easy to throw, especially for kids, and it comes back as it should. This product is durable and provides hours of fun.

Best at Night

Glow in The Dark Lightning Boomerangs with Boomerang Booklet!

The lightning boomerang has a unique design and glows in the dark.

Best for Experts: Yanaki Boomerang

Manufactured by Colorado Boomerangs, this product is handcrafted using the finest materials for making boomerangs, used by experts across the world. The Yanaki Boomerang has a four-color paint job and is made in the U.S. It is meant for right-handed throwers. The boomerang comes with a free 22-page instruction booklet and access to online videos for more throwing tips.

Best for Experts

Yanaki Boomerang

This boomerang is created with fine materials and is meant for advanced boomerang users.

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