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The Best Bottle Openers

🕚 Updated February 2023

It's easy for some folks to open a beer bottle with a table's edge, a lighter, or even a rubber band---but it's not for everyone. Try one of our bottle openers designed for an ergonomic, simple cap pop.

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  Best Overall Best Set Best Pop-Up Opener Arthritis-Friendly Best Wall-Mounted Choice
Stainless-Steel Bottle and Can Opener
Retractable Flat Beer Bottle Opener
Pop-the-Top Beer Bottle Opener
Latest Jar and Bottle Opener for Weak Hands
Wall-Mounted Bottle Openers
Our SummaryThis stainless-steel dual-sided bottle and can opener is equipped with an ergonomic, grippy inset.This colorful, fun six-pack of retractable bottle openers makes a great gift for the bartender you love most.This unique gadget for opening bottles may take your cap-collecting hobby to the elite level.This set of ergonomically designed jar and can-opening tools comes with multiple functions.These bottle openers add a touch of cool and convenient design to your bar or kitchen.
Pros✓ Reliable brand
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Dual-sided design
✓ Bottle and can opener
✓ Nonslip, cushy middle inset
✓ Has belt clip and tether
✓ Retractable function
✓ For bartenders and servers
✓ 15-gauge stainless-steel church key
✓ Colorful variety
✓ For bottle cap collectors
✓ Simple operation
✓ Ergonomic
✓ Design for arthritic hands
✓ Four-piece set
✓ Silicone jar gripper pad
✓ Dual-purpose corkscrew and bottle opener
✓ Wall-mounted
✓ Open with one hand
✓ Cool look
✓ Convenient design
Cons✗ Plain look
✗ Hook is too thick for some cans
✗ Too short and narrow
✗ Cheap materials
✗ Inconvenient to carry
✗ Only for standard size caps
✗ Doesn't work for all jars and cans✗ Installation is required
✗ For classic bottle caps only
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The Best Bottle Openers

Person opening beer bottle at the bar.

Buying Guide for Bottle Openers

Close-up of beer bottle being opened.

Why buy a bottle opener?

Buy a bottle opener for its convenience: no sweat, blood, or tears involved if you enjoy entertaining and need a durable opener that everyone can use—both arthritic and healthy hands. If you struggle to open jarscans, or bottles due to an issue with your fingers, hands, or wrists, a bottle opener may help solve your dilemma.

What should you consider when shopping for a bottle opener?

  • Material: A bottle opener should be durable since its purpose is to open well-sealed bottles and cans. Look for one made of stainless steel or quality silicone for a safe grip. Even among stainless-steel options, you’ll find some with silicone parts to provide an anti-slip grip.
  • Style: Most commonly thought of as a quick way to “pop a top,” bottle openers are used for various containers and come in multiple styles. Choose the opener that will work best for the type of bottles you plan on opening. The popular church-key design has a small metal device with a triangular point at one end for punching holes in cans and a rounded edge at the other for removing bottle caps.
  • Size: If you’re opening bottles, you need a quality tool that gives you ample leverage. The standard church key or crown cork opener is about seven inches long and one inch wide. Sizes differ according to the type of bottle opener. It might be to decide first what kind of bottle opener you want, then look for the correct size.

What are the pros and cons of an automatic vs. a manual bottle opener?

An automatic bottle opener will be easier to use since you don’t have to exert as much pressure as you would with a manual one. Another advantage of an automatic bottle opener is that it is less likely to break a cork since it is programmed to apply the perfect amount of pressure. However, you may need a power source to use automatic ones, and if they use a pressure system, you’ll need to purchase other components. As for manual ones, the most obvious con is that you must use your strength and pressure behind them. However, most manual bottle openers are flexible and can be used on different-sized bottlenecks and styles. They may also have built-in features like foil cutters, too.

Our Picks for the Best Bottle Openers

Pros: OXO strikes again with yet another reliable, sensible kitchen tool. This stainless-steel bottle opener has a dual-sided design; one end opens bottle caps, and the other pierces cans. The non-slip, cushy middle inset gives you an excellent grip to puncture tinned fruit and pop open a fruity ale. If you find it needs a deep clean, throw it in the dishwasher.

Cons: The simple design and plain look aren’t for everyone. Also, some say the hook is too thick to grab the edge of all cans.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with this affordable, smartly designed bottle opener. The double-sided opener not only saves space; it saves you from having to buy another bottle opener.


Best Set

Retractable Flat Beer Bottle Opener with Belt Clip for Bartenders,Waiter (Multi Colors 6-Pack)

This colorful, fun six-pack of retractable bottle openers makes a great gift for the bartender you love most.

Pros: What pizazz the OXO bottle opener lacks, these BARsics retractable flat beer opener more than makes up for. BARsics created this bottle opener with you, busy bartenders‘ and servers’, needs in mind. It features a belt clip and a 24-inch-long tether; at the end is a 15-gauge stainless steel church-key blade. But where’s the fun in that, you may wonder. Each bottle opener has its colorful metal clip base and church key rubber hand grip.

Cons: These bottle openers may fall short in size and strength. They may lack the sturdy leverage needed to open bottles through a shift.

Bottom Line: If nothing else, the BARsics makes a good backup opener for professional bartenders. It could come in handy at parties if you want to help your bottle opener-less friends out. 


Best Automatic

TaZa Pop-the-Top Beer Bottle Opener

This unique gadget for opening bottles may take your cap-collecting hobby to the elite level.

Pros: For some people, preserving the cap is just as important as opening the bottle. This sleek aluminum and stainless-steel bottle opener will work if you want to keep it for DIY projects or as a souvenir. Place the opener over the cap, push down, then pop up, and your bottle is open. No twisting-wrist action is needed, so most people can use it comfortably.

Cons: This may not be as convenient to carry with you as the traditional design. This will only work on a bottle cap that is the standard size for beer, glass bottled juice, or soda.

Bottom Line: This fun way to open bottle caps might become a fun conversation piece. The easy push-and-pop-up opener adds that extra bit of curiosity to your evening.



Otstar Latest Jar and Bottle Opener for Weak Hands

This set of ergonomically designed jar and can-opening tools comes with multiple functions.

Pros: Self-described as the “latest” bottle opener for weak-handed people, the Otstar certainly puts on a show with its six-functions-in-one jar opener, five-in-one jar and bottle opener, silicone jar gripper pad, dual-purpose corkscrew, beer bottle opener tool. It’s hard to describe the jar opener and jar and bottle opener, so we’re grateful for the product images that depict their multisize and multipurpose functionality. The silicone jar gripping pad does just about everything, too: It gives a superior grip and works as a hot pad, trivet, or potholder. After this, there’s no need to explain the dual corkscrew-bottle opener.

Cons: While all four pieces of this ergonomic can and bottle opener seem to cover all can and jar opening tool requirements, it just can’t. Customers say that even with eight different jar openings, the tool can’t open all jars, which they find frustrating.

Bottom Line: The Otstar makes a helpful kitchen tool for some people with arthritic hands or other joint conditions that make strong hands weak. Each of the four tools has multi-functionality, which makes this set versatile and practical.


Best Wall-Mounted

Pros: Make opening bottles easier with this wall-mounted option that requires only one hand. Because it’s made of stainless steel, you can use this bottle opener daily without rusting or corroding. Since it’s mounted to the wall, you won’t be able to misplace it or lose it. This bottle opener option comes in a pack of two and has five color options to suit your decor best.

Cons: Assembly is required to mount this bottle opener on the wall. This is made specifically for the classic bottle cap only.

Bottom Line: While you’ll have to break out tools to install this wall-mounted bottle opener properly, it’s not a difficult task. Plus, once you’re done, you’ll be able to keep one hand free while popping caps off, and you’ll never have to search for a bottle opener again.

Final Thoughts

A bottle opener may be something you wouldn’t consider buying for yourself. However, it is a kitchen utensil that is quite handy and essential. Whether you get one for yourself or buy one as a gift, these options can help you fit the bottle-opening needs of just about anyone.

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