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The Best Bottle Stoppers for Your Kitchen


Have you ever experienced the after-party moment when your friends or family are driving back home, you start to put the food away, and you notice that there are still a few wine bottles open on the kitchen counter? It’s well-known that leaving a bottle of wine open for extended periods of time will result in spoiled wine. Oxidation is the kryptonite to your favorite bottle, so most people like to protect it by pushing the used cork back inside. Although a quick fix, using the old cork isn’t the best solution. And what happens if you lose track of the cork? A high-quality, reusable bottle stopper will prevent oxidation and keep your wine fresh for days! Here are some we recommend.

What to Consider in Bottle Stoppers

The right bottle stopper is an investment for any kitchen and will make your life easier while prolonging the taste of your favorite wine or champagne, so make sure to consider these two things before purchasing one:

  • Multipurpose: In terms of functionality, a bottle stopper that can cork numerous types of bottles is best suited for those who are in their kitchens a lot. The more common bottle stoppers are associated with wine and champagne, but look for stoppers that can also be used for bottles of spirits, sodas, vinegars, and other things.
  • Effective: The effectiveness of a great wine bottle stopper is assured when the wine is preserved, and the air is removed to keep the flavor around for a few days, if not a week.

Check out some of the best bottle stoppers to help you enjoy every drop!

Best Overall: ERHIRY Wine Bottle Stopper

The best wine bottle stopper is from ERHIRY and is made from stainless steel material, making it high-end, elegant, and effective. It’s easy to use: just insert the stopper and press the lever to seal the bottle airtight. You can get it in a two-pack, which is great for those who are constantly having multiple bottles open. It’s also suitable for both red and white wine bottles but is not suitable for sparkling wine bottles and champagne bottles.

Best Overall

Best Multipurpose: Haley’s Original Corker

Famously dressed in tuxedo black, the original corker from Haley’s is one of the best multipurpose bottle stoppers on the market. It’s literally advertised as a five-in-one since it’s an aerator, pourer, wine filter, stopper, and leakproof bottle stopper all in one product. It’s made from durable plastic, so it’s machine washable, and it creates a liquid-tight seal making it a perfect bottle stopper for liquors, spirits, wines, coffee syrups, sodas, sparkling waters, cooking oils, and more. It’s available in tuxedo black, red, or green, and it comes in a combo pack.

Best Multipurpose

Haley's Corker Corker, Single

This bottle stopper is reusable and is a great tool to have in your kitchen for any bottle.

Best Value: OHMAXHO Wine Stoppers

The OHMAXHO wine stoppers are a great purchase if you’re on a budget. Not only is it the best value, but it comes in a set of five, so you’ll have plenty for all of your different bottles. Its material is soft and made from silicone and is suitable for all bottle types like wine, beer bottles, soy bottles, and vinegar bottles. The core of the stopper is made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust or crack. It’s also dishwasher safe and reusable.

Best Value

OHMAXHO Wine Stoppers (Set of 5), Silicone Wine Bottle stopper and Beverage Bottle Stoppers, Red

These red bottle stoppers are constructed of silicone and stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Best for Champagne: Kloveo Champagne Bottle Stopper

For those champagne drinkers looking for the best bottle stopper, look no further than the wonderfully designed stopper from Kloveo. The stainless steel power clip seal expands and tightens as pressure builds inside the bottle with its WAF patented seal system, making it the only stopper with a self-tightening seal and an easy-release clip. It can be used for any bottle type like a Prosecco or Cava and is available in chrome or gold.

Best for Champagne

Best Vacuum: EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

One of several cool things about the vacuum pump from EZBASICS is that it’s not only durable and stylish, but it can record the time you last opened the bottle. It’s available with two or four stoppers, but the centerpiece is the vvacuum which pumps the oxygen out of an open wine bottle and then reseals it with a wine stopper. It’s advertised that a 15-to-20-second time period of steady pumping is necessary for full effect. This pump and bottle stopper set is suitable for red and white wines.

Best Vacuum

Wine Stoppers EZBASICS Wine Saver Pump with Wine Bottle Stoppers, Stainless Steel Pump + 4 Wine Stoppers¡­

The best vacuum bottle stopper looks great in any kitchen and will work with red or white wines.

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