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The Best Bounce Houses

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Few activities garner as many memories of childhood joy as the bounce house. As a child, it was simply a blast, but there's even more to appreciate as a parent. These bounce houses will keep your kids overjoyed, active, and social through countless hours of play.

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  Top Choice Incredible Deal Best with Ball Pit Most Features Best with a Pool
  Action Air
Bounce House Castle with Slide
Jump-O-Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer
Blast Zone
Magic Castle
Inflatable Bounce House
Kids Bounce House
Our SummaryThis bounce house is full of activities and features to keep kids safe and entertained.This bounce house can help you bring the thrill to the little ones.Combine two childhood favorites in this awesome inflatable experience.Almost any child can find an activity they will enjoy in this bounce house.The perfect way to have fun and cool off on a hot day.
ProsMade of tarpaulin, double slide feature, target for ball toss, LED light, includes blower, indoor/outdoor, easy setup.Designed for little kids, stays inflated for long period, easy setup, everyday use.Features slide and ball pit balls, all sides enclosed with netting, 300-pound weight limit, includes blower, durable vinyl, easy setup.Features basketball hoop, target, soccer goal, ball pit, slide, 300-pound weight limit, includes blower and sports accessories, easy setup.Features long slide, short slide, splash pad or ball pit, includes blower, indoor/outdoor, easy setup.
Cons250-pound weight limit.120-pound weight limit, each section is inflated separately.More expensive, balls require more cleanup.Outdoor use only.Needs to be completely dry before packing away, no balls included.
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The Best Bounce Houses

A toddler boy laughs inside a bounce house.
Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Bounce Houses

A colorful castle-shaped bounce house on grass.
Paul Velgos/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy a bounce house?

If you’re looking for more activities to do with your family outside (or even inside on a rainy day), a bounce house could be just what you need. They’re a great way to get children to exert their energy into a fun and productive activity rather than racing around the house or asking for a favorite TV show.

Bounce houses are also ideal main attractions at large get-togethers or birthday parties. Instead of having to plan several different activities to keep a group of young children entertained, a bounce house can take care of it, so you can worry about one less thing as a party host.

What should you consider when buying a bounce house?

  • Extra Activities: If you think you can only get a bounce house that is an enclosed square or rectangle, think again. Instead, you can find ones that have slides, ball pits, sports accessories, climbing walls, or even splashing pools. Whatever type of event you’re having, or if you’re looking to use this regularly on the weekends for your children, there’s a bounce house that will fit your wish list.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Many bounce houses can fit indoors, as they come below the standard ceiling height. If you’re at all curious about using a bounce house indoors, be sure to make sure the dimensions will fit in the room, as well as if it is designed to be used indoors, without stakes holding it in the ground. All blowers will be at least a little noisy, but if a blower is particularly loud, it may not be the best option for using indoors.

Why does a bounce house leak air?

Some people do not understand that every bounce house needs to leak a little air to avoid irreparable popping. Since a bounce house runs on a blower that continuously blows air inside it, the air needs someplace to go; otherwise, it would explode! If you see some reviews that say a product is leaking air, don’t freak out; that may be by design.

Our Picks for the Best Bounce Houses

Top Choice

Action Air Bounce House Castle with Slide

This bounce house is full of activities and features to keep kids safe and entertained.

Pros: Your kids won’t just jump and wrestle in this bounce house castle. It’s full of extra fun! The target is perfect for ball toss challenges, and the double slide invites races. Let the kids play into the evening with the light that can keep everyone safe. The jumping and sliding area of the bounce house is made of tarpaulin, which resists signs of aging, is easy to clean, and holds up to frequent long-term use. You’ll have everything you need to set up this awesome bounce house because it comes with a blower and has a GFCI plug to protect against shortages. Setup and take-down are easy, so the group of kids waiting won’t be too impatient.

Cons: The maximum weight limit is 250 pounds, coming in a bit lighter than other options.

Bottom Line: This bounce house is large enough to fit a lot of kids but small enough to fit indoors as it is just 6 feet tall. This makes it an amazing energy-buster when the weather is bad and you’re tired of them running laps around the kitchen island.


Incredible Deal

Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

This bounce house can help you bring the thrill to the little ones.

Pros: This bounce house is best suited for 3- to 6-year-olds. It has a small footprint, meant to be used in any room indoors, and it can be used outside as well, as long as there’s nothing sharp to poke it. Since it doesn’t require a blower for inflation, you don’t have to take this down after each use, which is especially convenient if it’s a regular request for your little ones.

Cons: This bounce house provides fun for the shortest duration, and that can be attributed to its size. The inflation comes from a pump rather than a blower and needs to be inflated according to the order stated in the directions. The maximum weight limit is only 120 pounds, and it’s more susceptible to popping.

Bottom Line: Rather than the main attraction for energetic kids at a birthday party, this bouncer is designed for everyday use by smaller children. The castle design invites their imaginations to run wild. If you’re looking for some extra fun for your young kiddos but don’t want a huge bounce house, this is a wonderful addition to your children’s playtime. Since it’s designed for younger kids, the recommended weight limit is just 120 pounds. It is more sensitive to punctures, so be mindful of anything that could damage the bouncer.


Best Bounce Ball Pit

Blast Zone Magic Castle

Combine two childhood favorites in this awesome inflatable experience.

Pros: If you’re torn between a ball pit and a bounce house for your kids, go with this pick and get both! It inflates with the included blower in seconds and only takes a few minutes to secure it so that your kids can get bouncing right away. They’ll love the slide, and you can add in the balls for extra fun! All sides are enclosed with netting, so the balls won’t constantly be popping out. This bounce house castle has reinforced seams for durability and a vinyl floor to withstand long-term jumping. The height of this bounce house reaches 8 feet, so it can be used in some indoor spaces. One thing that was very impressive to users is how many years it lasts with regular use. The maximum weight capacity in this bounce house is 300 pounds.

Cons: The balls provide a lot of extra fun, but they are also more items to keep track of and clean up. It is one of the more expensive bounce house options.

Bottom Line: This bounce house castle will be something your kids and their friends can enjoy until they outgrow it! The quality materials can withstand hours of wild play inside your home on a cold or rainy day and outside in the sunshine. While the ball pit balls are an exciting feature, they could become a bit of a nuisance for some. If that’s the case, it can be easy to pack away the balls and let the kids enjoy the amazing bounce house and slide.


Most Features

Wellfuntime Inflatable Bounce House

Almost any child can find an activity they will enjoy in this bounce house.

Pros: What’s even more fun than a bounce house? Try one that has multiple activities! This bounce house includes a target game, a ball pit, a main jumping area, a slide, a basketball hoop, and a soccer goal. All of these activities can inspire children to get active in a variety of ways. The whole package of this inflatable bounce house includes a football, three dart balls, a basketball, 50 ball pit balls, and setup and repair supplies. Even with so many activities, the setup is quick with the included blower and has a GFCI plug to protect against shortages. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Cons: As opposed to other bounce houses, this one is only designed to be used outdoors.

Bottom Line: Your biggest concern with this bounce house may be having to convince your kids and their friends that it’s time to take it down for the weekend. Kids can choose between six different activities just in the bounce house itself. Setup and take-down are quick, so even after a long day of outdoor fun, be sure to take it down to keep it dry, resist mold, and preserve the material. Since this bounce house has a larger footprint than others, it’s intended to be secured into the ground with stakes, only for outdoor use.


Best with a Pool

DREAMVAN Kids Bounce House

The perfect way to have fun and cool off on a hot day.

Pros: Let your kids have a fantastic time in this bounce house castle on a sunny day! They’ll work out all their energy on the bounce house jumping pad, on the short or long slide, and the climbing wall that’s the perfect height for young kids. The kiddie pool at the base of the long slide provides the perfect amount to keep your kids cool and safely splash around. Standing up under 7 feet tall, the bounce house can be used indoors, and you can fill the pool with balls instead of water. Whether you use the bounce house indoors or outside, it’s a durable center for activities and can be expected to bring joy to your kids for a few years! The blower, a repair kit, and stakes are included for a secure outdoor setup. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Cons: If you use the kiddie pool, let it thoroughly dry before packing it up to avoid mold and mildew. You’ll have to buy ball pit balls separately if you want to fill the pool with balls.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a way to combine water fun with the joys of a bounce house, this is the option for you. Keep the kiddos cool with the kiddie pool that’s just the right size for a few kids to splash around safely. There’s a bounce house floor, two slides, and a kids’ climbing wall to provide extra inflatable fun.

Final Thoughts

Bring the childhood joys of a bounce house to your home without having to rent an oversized unit. These options provide all the excitement of a bounce house, plus some extra activities and attractions for a price that will quickly prove its worth.

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