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The Best Box Cutter Knives

a hand using a box cutter with a curved handle to open a taped box

Opening packages is always a tedious task, and more often than not we find ourselves reaching for a dull pair of scissors to help with the job. Looking for the perfect box cutter knife to help you avoid the box-cutting blues? We’ve got you covered with a list of the best ones to choose from.

Best Value: Sophia+Sam Retractable Razor Knife Set

two box cutters with grippy handles and an extra replacement blade

The purchase of this knife set comes with two knives and a refill pouch containing five extra blades. These knives offer quality, as they are designed with several features. The handle of each knife is made from rubber and has a built-in hand grip for comfort and secure cutting. The blades have an adjustable feature that comes with three different lengths, allowing for precise cuts. The retractable feature easily retracts the blade into the metal frame when the user is finished using the knife. Give one knife to a friend, or keep both to have a back-up.

Best Value

Internet's Best Premium Utility Knife - Set of 2 - Retractable Razor Knife Set - Box Cutter - Rubber Handle

This knife set comes with two high-quality knives and an additional five blades stored in a refill pouch.

Best Premium: Slice 10400 Box Cutter with Ceramic Blade

a box cutter with a small blade and a curved handle

This box cutter from Slice has a 3-position manual slider feature that allows the blade to stay locked and secure in three different positions, which makes way for versatile cutting. The zirconium oxide ceramic blade is stronger than steel and won’t rust. The style of the knife is very unique and innovative, making way for a stylish knife that will get the job done.

Best Premium

Slice - 10400 Box Cutter, 3 Position Manual Button with Ceramic Blade, Locking blade

The Slice 10400 Box Cutter has a 3-position manual slider button for secure cutting, and the knife has a stylish, innovative design.

Most Ergonomic: Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife

a blue and gray box cutter with finger grooves on the handle
Home Planet

This box cutter knife comes complete with five heavy-duty, reversible, high-carbon blades with a storage bin built right into the handle. Changing the blade is easy—extend the blade, press the button, and switch. The grip handle is made of rubber for added comfort and stability while working. The knife is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket, making this knife a portable, useful tool you’ll want to carry everywhere.

Most Ergonomic/Best Non-Slip/Also Consider

Box Cutter Retractable Utility Knife - Heavy Duty Box Cutter Knife Cardboard Cutter - Box Opener Razor Blades Utility Knife - Box Knife Carpet Cutter with 5 Sharp Blades

The Home Planet Gear Box Cutter Utility Knife has interchangeable high-carbon blades and a rubber handle for added comfort.

Most Compact: Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter

a mini box cutter with an slider to move the blade out

This conveniently-sized box cutter by Slice will fit perfectly in your hand to allow better control while breaking down boxes. It has a unique design that accommodates left or right-handed users. Use it as a magnet for your fridge or an addition to your keychain for easy access. The blade is made of ceramic, which means it won’t rust and is capable of tackling many different projects.

Most Compact
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