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The Best Boys’ Sleeping Bags

🕚 Updated December 2021

High-quality sleeping bags for your kids should prove to be an excellent investment in fun for them. If you're looking for a suitable sleeping bag for your boy, we've gathered some solid options.

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  Top Choice With a Flashlight Pocket Best Mummy Bag Funny Option Also Great
Multi-Seasonal Sleeping Bag
Youth Sleeping Bag
Kids Mummy Sleeping Bag
Shark Tails Sleeping Bag
Youth 40-Degree Sleeping Bag
Our SummaryA versatile, high-quality sleeping bag that's great for children.This sleeping bag features a convenient interior pocket and reliable construction.Protect yourself from the elements with this mummy-style sleeping bag.A fun and adorable sleeping bag that young children will enjoy.A printed sleeping bag that's great for camping trips.
ProsGreat for indoor and outdoor use, multi-seasonal and well-insulated, easy to transport.ThermoTech insulation, interior pocket for storing various items.Soft interior lining, great temperature rating, flexible and comfortable, warmer.Works for children of various ages, durable design, breathable fabric.Well-insulated, suitable for various outdoor activities, converts into blanket.
ConsA tad large in size, not suitable for smaller children.No stuff bag for protective storage.Too warm for summer, more expensive.Only available in one color, not suitable for taller children, not as heavy-duty for camping trips.Only available in two colors.
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The Best Boys’ Sleeping Bags

A young boy in a sleeping bag on a lawn.

The joy of sleeping over at a friend’s house is something many of us cherished as a kid, and sleeping bags were often necessary parts of that equation. Sleeping bags are also essential for camping trips, nights spent on the trampoline in the backyard, and even trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Wherever they go, keep your kiddos warm and happy in these sleeping bags.

Buying Guide for Boys’ Sleeping Bags

A young boy laughs inside of a green sleeping bag with a flashlight next to him.
Irina Wilhauk/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a sleeping bag?

It can get frigid at night when you’re out camping in the wilderness. Sleepings bags provide insulated protection, ensuring that your children remain warm, comfortable, and asleep. Don’t let them shiver through the night; get them a cozy sleeping bag.

What should you look for in a sleeping bag?

  • Temperature Ratings: These ratings determine the ideal range of temperature for using a given sleeping bag. Some are suited for warmer nights, while others can handle below-freezing temps. Pick one that will work for when you typically will use it.
  • Fit: Young kids have slimmer and narrower frames than adults, so shopping for a sleeping bag that is specific to children will help them feel more comfortably bundled up.
  • Fill: Sleeping bags use various materials for insulation purposes, including cotton, polyester, and down. Down will be the most expensive but often the most effective. However, cotton and polyester still offer reliable insulation at an affordable price.

Are sleeping bags safe for children?

Yes, sleeping bags are safe for most children. Youth-sized sleeping bags are typically made from breathable materials to prevent suffocation. Children and adolescents are also pretty safe when using adult-sized sleeping bags, but child-sized options limit risk and keep them snugger inside. The safety concerns are obviously more serious for infants and very young children; you shouldn’t allow them to rest in sleeping bags by themselves/without supervision.

Our Picks for the Best Boys’ Sleeping Bags

Best Overall

SWTMERRY Cotton Nylon Sleeping Bag

A versatile, high-quality sleeping bag that's great for children.

Pros: This multi-seasonal sleeping bag can be used during several different times of the year. It’s rated for temperatures between 41 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag is lightweight, waterproof, and available in various colors. The breathable nylon fabric will keep your kids comfortable yet warm.

Cons: This sleeping bag is a tad large, which means that it’s not the most suitable option for smaller children.

Bottom Line: If you want to bring your children along for an outdoor adventure, this sleeping bag is a super reliable and versatile option to keep them comfortable.


With a Flashlight Pocket

Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag features a convenient interior pocket and reliable construction.

Pros: This sleeping bag is plush, well-insulated, and features an interior pocket to store flashlights and other personal items while sleeping. It also has a special zipper that won’t snag when opening and closing the sleeping bag. It can accommodate kids up to 5 feet, 5 inches tall. Furthermore, with added roll control, you can easily store and travel with it.

Cons: This particular model doesn’t have a stuff sack for storing it; it just rolls up, which could leave it vulnerable to dirt and rain.

Bottom Line: This sleeping bag is a suitable option for those who prioritize a soft, warm, and cozy sleeping experience. Even when it’s 45 degrees outside, this sleeping bag will keep kids snoozing throughout the night. It comes from a trusted camping gear brand.


Best Mummy Bag

REDCAMP Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag

Protect yourself from the elements with this mummy-style sleeping bag.

Pros: This mummy-style sleeping bag features plush polyester material filled with cotton, ensuring optimal comfort. It’s the ideal option for camping and sleeping outdoors since it’ll keep you nice and warm. It tapers to your body to keep you feeling snug and cozy. It also includes a drawstring to make the top cover your ears like a hood. And it comes with a storage bag with adjustable carrying straps. It’s rated for 23 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cons: This sleeping bag might be too hot for some nights and for indoor sleeping situations. It’s more suitable for combating cold temperatures. It’s also on the more expensive side.

Bottom Line: In terms of heavy-duty, mummy-style sleeping bags, this is a fantastic choice! When camping and embarking on outdoor excursions with your family, this sleeping bag will serve your child well.


Funny Option

CozyBomB Shark Tails Sleeping Bag

A fun and adorable sleeping bag that young children will enjoy.

Pros: This adorable sleeping bag is for kids under 5 feet tall. Its design imitates a shark, making it appear as if your child is being swallowed whole (it’s all in good fun, of course). It’s a cozy option that kids (and adults) will smile at.

Cons: This sleeping bag is limited to shorter children who can fit inside. It’s not rated for outdoor use; it’s more of a fun wearable blanket for sleepovers than a heavy-duty sleeping bag for camping trips.

Bottom Line: This sleeping bag is an exciting option for sleepovers and campouts in the living room, and it’s sure to produce some giggles.


Also Great

Wenzel Youth Sleeping Bag

A printed sleeping bag that's great for camping trips.

Pros: This sleeping bag is another reliable option for children because it’s warm, cozy, and unzips to convert into a blanket. Size-wise, it’s a little large, but the polyester material is silky smooth and keeps your kid insulated from the cold. You can easily use it for camping in temperatures that drop down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Cons: This sleeping bag is only available in two colors. Many people find it difficult to store the sleeping bag inside the accompanying bag.

Bottom Line: This sleeping bag is among the most suitable options for young families. It keeps kids warm in cool temperatures, feels cozy and comfortable, and has space to move around for kids who like to sprawl out when they sleep.

Final Thoughts

If you like to take your kids camping or do backyard sleepovers with them often, you’ll need quality sleeping bags. The options we’ve chosen should be great for many adventurous boys who need to stay warm while they have fun.

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