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The Best Bra Clips and Extenders

🕚 Updated April 2023

Slipping and exposed straps, poor support, and digging wires are bra hassles most women are unfortunately familiar with. Bra clips and extenders help that near-perfect bra reach the mark. Our recommendations below can help you get a better fit.

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  Razor Clips
Bra Strap Clips
Women's Bra Extenders
Bra Strap Clips, Bra Clips, and Bra Strap Holder
Women's Converter Low-Back Bra Extender
Women's One-Pack Bra Extender
Our SummaryThese clips keep your bra straps out of the spotlight so you can look flawless in your racerback tops and dresses.Add inches and flexible comfort to your favorite bras with this six-piece bra extender set.Get everything you need for a great fit with this set that includes bra clips, strap holders, and extenders.Transform your bras for any outfit with ease---this backless bra converter has a fully adjustable waist slider.Convert your standard bras to racerback-style with these adjustable elastic straps.
Pros✓ Keeps bra straps out of sight when wearing racerback tops
✓ Set of three durable bra clips in white, black, and beige
✓ Clip on without removing bra
✓ Adjustable, cleavage-enhancing
✓ Bra extenders featuring a hook-and-eye clasp design
✓ Made of soft nylon
✓ Available with two to five hooks
✓ Black, white, and beige included
✓ Fifteen tools that include nine racerback-creating bra clips
✓ Three bra extenders and three bra strap holders
✓ Comes in white, black, and beige
✓ Durable construction
✓ Works with slim or wider bra straps
✓ Fully adjustable
✓ Converts regular bras for backless shirts
✓ Easy to use
✓ Hook-and-eye closure
✓ Softer
✓ More adjustable than plastic models
✓ Can work with thin or wider straps
✓ Several size and color options
✓ Adds additional inches to a bra
Cons✗ Can be difficult to put on without help✗ Hooks may not line up perfectly with all bras✗ Racerback clips may feel bulky for some✗ Hand wash only
✗ Won't fit all body types
✗ May ride up or pull down
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The Best Bra Clips and Extenders

Three different women with bra extenders or clips on.

Buying Guide for Bra Clips and Extenders

Bra with extension cord for larger size close-up.

Why buy bra clips and extenders?

Bra clips can be of different shapes, sizes, and colors and are usually attached to the back of the bra, bringing both straps together in the middle. This offers a solution to a couple of inconvenient and frustrating bra-wearing issues. First, clipping the straps together prevents them from slipping off the shoulder, saving you the irritation of constantly pulling up too-loose bra straps. Additionally, a bra clip can keep your straps out of sight when wearing sleeveless or racerback tops or dresses.

A bra extender is an extra piece of fabric that is attached to your bra at the clasp to make the band longer. If your cup size has stayed the same, but the band has become tight due to weight fluctuation or pregnancy, using bra extenders would be much more sensible and cost-effective than buying a new bra.

What should you look for in bra clips and extenders?

  • Durability: Whether you’re purchasing bra clips or extenders, you want to ensure you’re getting a durable product. For bra extenders, choose ones made with soft, flexible cotton and stainless steel fasteners. You’ll want a set that features durable plastic discs or strong elastic bands with bra clips.
  • Colors: Bra clips and extenders come in several colors to blend in with your bras as seamlessly as possible. You’ll easily find extenders in black, white, and beige since those are common bra colors, but some sets feature a rainbow of colors to match anything you may have in your underwear drawer. Bra clips and elastic straps come in various colors and clear options.
  • Matching Extenders: Make sure the size and number of hooks of the bra extender you’re considering match those on the bra you want to use it with. If you have several bras you want to adjust, getting various extender types may be a good idea to ensure you always have the right match available when you need it.

How do bra clips and extenders work?

To use a bra clip, simply attach the clip to the back straps of your bra, bringing them together in a V-shape. Some bra clips also have adjustable sliders that allow you to adjust the amount of tension on the straps, so you can customize the fit for your comfort. Once the clip is attached, you can adjust the straps of your bra as needed to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

When using a bra extender, it’s important to make sure that the extender is attached securely to your bra. You should align the hooks on one side of the extender with the hooks on your bra and then fasten the eyes on the other side of the extender to the eyes on your bra. Ensure that the extender is centered and straight and that the hooks and eyes are properly aligned and fastened. If the extender feels loose or the hooks and eyes are not aligned properly, it can cause discomfort or make your bra fit poorly.

Our Picks for the Best Bra Clips and Extenders

Best Clips

Razor Clips Bra Strap Clips

These clips keep your bra straps out of the spotlight so you can look flawless in your racerback tops and dresses.

Pros: Whether for sports or fashion, when you’re ready to show off your arms, shoulders, and back, you know that the T-shaped contour of racerback-style tops can do the job flatteringly. But before you can rock your racerback, it’s necessary to introduce your bra straps to their new, out-of-sight home in the center of your back between the shoulder blades. With Razor Clips, you get a set of three bra clips that convert your standard bra into a racerback-friendly version quickly and easily without having to take off your bra. The durable, thick plastic clips come in white, black, and beige. You’re free to slide the clip up or down your back to get the desired fit. You can even boost your cleavage depending on how you adjust the clip.

Cons: You should not buy this product if you have a larger bust, as they may not provide the necessary support and may break easily. Some customers also found it difficult to use and not effective in keeping their bra straps up. The product may also not work well for those who need to convert regular bras to racerback style bras, as it may require assistance from another person to put on.

Bottom Line: These bra strap clips can be a game-changer if you have a bra that you like but needs adjusting for racerback wear. To make the clip easier to put on, lengthen your straps first and enlist the help of a friend or partner if you can.


Best Extenders

SAMGU Women's Bra Extenders

Add inches and flexible comfort to your favorite bras with this six-piece bra extender set.

Pros: Perhaps you’re newly pregnant but not ready to invest in maternity bras. Or, you find that your go-to bras still fit well in the cups but feel tight around the band. Bra extenders, such as our pick from SAMGU, might be what you need to keep your favorite bras in the rotation. These extenders feature the familiar hook-and-eye clasp design and are made of soft nylon. Depending on your set, they are available with two to five hooks and come in black, white, and beige.

Cons: The hooks on the extenders may not line up perfectly with all bras. You may want to carefully look at the specs for the different options and compare what you find with your existing bras to get the best results. In addition, this can be difficult to put on and may require assistance.

Bottom Line: With these extenders, you don’t have to mourn the loss of your best bra just because the band gets a bit tight. The stretchy sets come in over three dozen variations, so with a bit of homework, you should be able to find the one that works for you.


Best Multiset

W-Plus Bra Strap Clips, Bra Clips, and Bra Strap Holder

Get everything you need for a great fit with this set that includes bra clips, strap holders, and extenders.

Pros: This set includes 15 multipurpose tools that can help you prevent bra strap slippage, convert your bra for wear with sleeveless tops, extend bra band size, and even give your cleavage a bit more lift. There are nine racerback-creating bra clips, three bra extenders, and three bra adjustable strap holders, all in a mix of white, black, and beige colors. The extenders are 3.8 x 1.5 inches and have two eye hooks. Each piece features durable construction and is made to work with slim or wider bra straps.

Cons: The racerback clip included in this package is durable but thick. You may find it to be bulky and maybe a bit uncomfortable. In addition, some users had difficulty attaching them by themselves. The straps may not work well with thicker bra straps and may be too long for smaller sizes.

Bottom Line: Do you have several bras that need different modifications? If so, you may want to keep this bra accessory set from W-Plus in mind. You’ll have a convenient, cost-effective way to have the tools you need on hand to make the necessary adjustments and be on your way. These strap clips and extenders can be a helpful solution for those struggling with bra straps falling down or needing to convert a regular bra into a halter-style bra. However, some customers have reported discomfort and difficulty with the application, and they may not work well for those with larger chests or thicker bra straps.


Best for Low Backs

Maidenform Women's Converter Low-Back Bra Extender

Transform your bras for any outfit with ease---this backless bra converter has a fully adjustable waist slider.

Pros: If you love your favorite bras but want to wear them under low-back, backless, or keyhole-backed shirts and dresses, this bra converter is for you. Made with nylon and elastane, it easily hooks into your regular bra hook and eye closure for a seamless transformation. It works with your regular three or four-hooked bras and is fully adjustable thanks to the slide adjustment around the waist. Available in nude or black colors, this bra converter allows you to conceal your favorite bra in just three easy steps. Simply attach the hooks and eyes on either side of your bra to the converter, cross over in the back, bring the straps from each side around your waist, and close in the front. The adjustable slider ensures it’ll perfectly fit around your waist.

Cons: You may find that this extender doesn’t always stay in place and may ride up or pull down, causing discomfort and unsightly bulges. In addition, it may be uncomfortable for those with smaller waists or larger cup sizes. The hooks and eyes may not match those on your bra, and it’s hand wash only.

Bottom Line: Overall, this bra extender is a useful solution for anyone who wants to convert a regular bra to a low-back or backless dress. It’s an extremely effective and easy way to conceal your bra band that’s much more cost-effective than purchasing a brand-new low-backed bra.


Best Individual Option

Dritz Women's One-Pack Bra Extender

This bra extender is comfortable and customizable with 16 total eyes.

Pros: This bra extender is a well-made and durable solution for those in need of a little extra room but doesn’t want or need to buy a whole package of bra clips or extenders. This individual bra extender is for its ability to provide comfort and eliminate irritation. You’ll appreciate the soft texture in particular, as it won’t itch or irritate you while you’re wearing it. The extender contains four rows and four eyes per row, providing a total of 16 eyes. This allows it to add an extra one to three inches to a bra band, making it a perfect solution for those in-between sizes. It’s available in several sizes and colors, able to match white, beige, and black bras.

Cons: This extender will not work for everyone. A few reported that the hooks on the extender did not match up with the hooks on their bras, making it difficult to use. Others noted that the edges needed to be cut before use.

Bottom Line: This single bra extender is a high-quality option that does the job it claims to do, providing a comfortable and easy-to-use solution to an everyday problem. However, the fit is not universal, so it is important to take measurements before buying to ensure that this product is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the simpler the solution, the better. The bra clips and extenders we’ve recommended can serve as simple, economical solutions to the irritating bra-wearing hassles most women can relate to. You may be able to save yourself from the headaches caused by falling straps or the constricting discomfort of a too-tight band by having these products on hand when you need them.

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