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The Best Bracelet Holders

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🕚 Updated April 2022

If you're tired of your bracelets getting tangled up with each other, make it a thing of the past with one of these bracelet holders. Here are some we recommend for your closet.

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  Top Choice Best Display Case Best Multi-Tier Stand Best Vertical Roll Best Enclosed Box
  Super Z
Black Velvet Hovering T-Bar Bracelet Display Stand
Jewelry Accessories Organizer
Deluxe Clear Acrylic Round Bracelet Display Holder
Velvet Vertical Tower Bracelet Holder
Glenor Co
Bracelet Jewelry Box
Our SummaryA simple bracelet holder for a small jewelry collection.A flat storage solution for slim bracelets.A multifunctional storage solution that can be used for bracelets or necklaces.A simple space-saving design to keep your bracelets organized.A 360-degree protective solution to keep your bracelets and other jewelry safe from environmental elements.
ProsClassic t-bar design, velvet exterior, wood base.Travel-friendly design, great for drawer storage or stacking, velvet flocked compartments.Two-tiered design can accommodate necklaces, modern acrylic design.Vertical design, velvet exterior to protect jewelry, available in multiple colors.Complete protection for your bracelets, two removable rolls, magnetic clasp closure.
ConsOne bar may not be enough for larger bracelet collections.Only 12 compartments mean larger collections will require stacking bracelets.Assembly required.May not be enough storage for larger bracelet collections.May have difficulty closing box depending on bracelet sizes.
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The Best Bracelet Holders

Designer Bangle Bracelets with Green Metallic bangles.
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Buying Guide for Bracelet Holders

Decorative stand with jewelry and bijouterie on table in room.
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Why buy a bracelet holder?

Most jewelry boxes don’t have enough space for bracelets. While they’re great for rings or simple post earrings, anything larger either has to be shoved into a smaller compartment or left in a jumble elsewhere. A good bracelet holder can keep your jewelry properly organized and make it easier to get ready in the morning.

What should you look for when buying a bracelet holder?

  • Type: There are several different types of bracelets holder. The most common is a tiered holder with two or more horizontal rods that house your bracelets. The rods are usually removable to accommodate bracelets without clasps. Some models may even have bases with an extra slot to store other accessories. Also consider single-tiered options that look like an uppercase T with one singular horizontal rod attached to a base. There are vertical options as well that look like a small column you can slide your bracelets and bangles down over.
  • Material: Bracelet holders are usually made of wood, acrylic, metal, or velvet. Velvet is the most popular choice because of its protective material that prevents scratches or damage when removing bracelets from the stand. Ideally, you can look for a velvet holder with a wood or metal base for extra sturdiness. Meanwhile, wood and metal are more durable but may accidentally scratch your bracelets if you’re not careful. Acrylic holders provide an attractive see-through aesthetic, but they require more cleaning than other materials.
  • Capacity: Depending on how many bracelets you own or plan to buy, your new bracelet holder’s capacity will vary. Most single-tiered models can hold 10 to 30 bracelets, so a triple-tiered model will hold 30 to 90, depending on sizes and designs. Always check a bracelet holder’s listed capacity before you buy one to ensure that it offers sufficient room.

How much should you expect to spend on a bracelet holder?

You can find bracelet holders that range from as low as $8 to a more costly price of $40. This depends on the material, the style, if it is travel-friendly, or if it includes a carrying case or box.

Our Picks for the Best Bracelet Holders

Top Choice

Super Z Black Velvet Hovering T-Bar Bracelet Display Stand

A simple bracelet holder for a small jewelry collection.

Pros: If you don’t have a massive bracelet collection, this single t-bar velvet roll design from Super Z is a great option. It’s designed with a non-skid weighted wood base to prevent tipping but offers a velvet roll to prevent scratching or damaging your bracelets. This bracelet holder measures nine inches wide and is 5.75 inches tall.

Cons: If you have a larger bracelet collection or wear oversized bangles, this may not be sufficient to store all of your jewelry.

Bottom Line: This simple T-bar bracelet holder is an affordable solution for someone with a smaller bracelet collection who doesn’t need a tiered holder.


Best Display Case

Hivory Jewelry Accessories Organizer

A flat storage solution for slim bracelets.

Pros: Not everyone likes an oversized, tiered jewelry storage solution. This flat display case with a clear lid from Hivory is a great alternative. It features 12 compartments and a lid with a clasp. This makes it ideal for storing in drawers or even taking on the road.

Cons: With just 12 slots, you might not have enough space for all your jewelry.

Bottom Line: A flat tray storage solution with a clasp-based lid makes this a great option for someone who’s okay with storing their jewelry in a drawer. Likewise, the flat design makes this a travel-friendly solution.


Best Multi-Tier Stand

Mooca Deluxe Clear Acrylic Round Bracelet Display Holder

A multifunctional storage solution that can be used for bracelets or necklaces.

Pros: Whether you have a large bracelet collection or prefer the idea of storing all of your jewelry together, this multi-tiered acrylic bracelet display from Mooca is a great investment. You’ll get two clear t-bars that are set in a single base. The taller bar measures 9.75 inches tall, making it ideal for storing bracelets.

Cons: This pick requires some light assembly.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for an all-in-one jewelry storage solution, this variated height, two-tiered acrylic bracelet holder is a smart option.


Best Vertical Roll

Bocar Velvet Vertical Tower Bracelet Holder

A simple space-saving design to keep your bracelets organized.

Pros: if you don’t have a lot of counter space, traditional horizontal bracelet holders might not be the best choice. This Bocar selection is a vertical bracelet roll that saves space and is affordable. Available in a variety of colors as well as multi-packs, this is a smart solution for someone with a simple bracelet collection. You’ll get a flocked velvet design that measures 12 inches tall.

Cons: Although great for people with small collections, if you own a large number of bracelets, this solution may not be practical—especially if you only purchase the single roll options.

Bottom Line: Those with limited counter space, or a small selection of bracelets will appreciate this compact storage solution.


Best Enclosed Box

Glenor Co Bracelet Jewelry Box

A 360-degree protective solution to keep your bracelets and other jewelry safe from environmental elements.

Pros: Even though velvet or acrylic rolls are nice for keeping your bracelets organized, they’re still exposed to the elements. If you own fine jewelry made from precious metals, you know that oxidation can cause your bracelets to tarnish. To avoid this, you’ll need a complete solution like this jewelry box with removable bracelet rolls from Glenor Co. You’ll get two velvet rolls, along with a box featuring a magnetic clasp closure.

Cons: While the rolls are compact, you may find that the box is too bulky. It may also be difficult to close the box properly once you add bracelets to the rolls.

Bottom Line: If you want a complete protective solution for your bracelets, this dual-roll jewelry box is a great option.


Best for Travel

Mooca Black Velvet Travel Pouch Bracelet Roll

A compact travel solution for your jewelry.

Pros: More than likely you’re not bringing every bracelet you own when you travel, but you still want to keep your items secure. This Mooca travel pouch velvet bracelet roll is the perfect solution. While it has a roll to keep your bracelets organized, it also comes with a zip-up pouch to protect them from getting tangled with other items.

Cons: The loose fit of the pouch means that more delicate chains might get twisted with each other. The roll may be too large for some bracelets, making it an impractical item to have.

Bottom Line: If you own bracelets that are more structured, this can be a great way to keep them organized and protected when you travel.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re traveling or simply want to avoid having to fight a tangle of bracelets in your bedroom, a good bracelet holder is essential. Available in a wide array of materials, you can find one that suits your jewelry the best. damaging your jewelry. Don’t forget to consider how many bracelets you own to ensure that you buy the right size to accommodate all of your items.

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