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The Best Braided Rugs

🕚 Updated January 2023

A good area rug can help to anchor your design scheme. These are the braided rugs you need to elevate your home style with texture and keep your feet warm.

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  Top Choice Best Runner Best Round Option Best Multicolored Best Oval
Tammara Bohemian Hand Braided Area Rug
Braided Collection Country Cottage Reversible Runner
Fernish Decor
Handwoven Jute Area Rug
Chindi Home Collection handwoven Area Rug
Cape Cod Collection Handmade Boho Braided Jute & Cotton Area Rug
Our SummaryA braided rug in a variety of sizes and shapes that's perfect for creating visual interest.The perfect braided rug for entryways, kitchens, or hallways.An eco-friendly braided rug that looks fantastic under a round dining table.An eclectic rug that's perfect for offbeat or rustic decor schemes.A muted selection of colors designed to subtly blend into your room's design scheme.
Pros✓ Wide variety of sizes
✓ Multiple color ways
✓ Handmade weaving
✓ Reversible construction
✓ Wide size ranges
✓ Dark brown shade hides dirt.
✓ Handcrafted
✓ Supports independent artisans
✓ Large 5-foot diameter
✓ Colorful design
✓ Handwoven
✓ Available in multiple sizes and colors
✓ Handwoven design
✓ Wide selection of sizes and shapes
✓ 0.5-inch pile
Cons✗ Spot clean only✗ Limited maintenance options
✗ Expensive
✗ Only available in two shades
✗ Can only be vacuumed
✗ Indoor only
✗ Needs liner or rug pad to prevent slipping
✗ Yarn dye may transfer to other surfaces
✗ Loose fibers may compromise durability
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The Best Braided Rugs

Colorful braided area rug on a living room floor next to a big chair and baskets.

Buying Guide for Braided Rugs

A neutral living room with a khaki-colored braided rug, a beige couch, and other light-colored decor.

Why buy a braided rug?

Because of how the fabric is bundled together when braided, these rugs are also known for their sturdiness. Braided rugs are often machine washable and may be waterproof and/or mildew resistant. All that translates to a rug that’s easier to maintain—even if your pup has an accident on it. They can be used as indoor or outdoor rugs and are a great way to protect your floors while providing a homey, colorful charm to your living space. Plus, they have a slightly raised surface on both sides that provide a nice texture and a little cushion for your feet. And they come in a wide array of styles and sizes, so you can easily find one to fit any space.

What should you consider when buying a braided rug?

  • Size: How big do you want your braided rug to be? There are plenty of models (large and small) from which to choose. You can find braided rugs as small as 3 by 2 feet or large as 12 feet long. Whether you’re looking for a runner for a small hallway or a living room rug, you can find a braided rug in just about any size you might want. Some are even sold in sets of two or three different sizes if you’re looking for the same rug in more than one size.
  • Shape: You can find a braided rug in just about any size that standard rugs come in. Round, octagonal, runner, L-shaped, square, oval, and rectangular braided rugs are all options. Choose according to your personal preferences or whatever best suits the spot you plan to place the rug.
  • Strength: While braided rugs are all durable to some degree, some will have extra characteristics that make them even more so. They may be made of fabric like polypropylene or treated to be resistant to stains and/or mildew. Some are waterproof or absorb water quickly, while others are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Some will also have nonslip rug pads. If you plan to keep your braided rug outside or in a spot that sees a lot of foot traffic, keep an eye out for models with these sorts of features.
  • Maintenance: Most braided rugs are designed to be fairly durable. But you still need to check that it’s machine washable. More importantly, can it be placed in a dryer, or do you need to line dry it once wet? Also consider how easily you can vacuum the rug. Depending on the texture, you may need a more specialized vacuum that won’t get stuck on the braided fibers.

How large should a braided rug be?

This is going to depend on where you plan on placing your rug. If you want an accent rug that simply sits under an accent chair in a reading nook, a smaller circular or square rug might be sufficient. But if you want a larger rug to cover the space under your couch or even your bed, you’ll need to look for larger dimensions that are compatible with that furniture. It’s generally better to have a rug that’s a little oversized than one that’s a little too small.

Our Picks for the Best Braided Rugs

Top Choice

nuLOOM Tammara Bohemian Hand Braided Area Rug

A braided rug in a variety of sizes and shapes that's perfect for creating visual interest.

Pros: With 12 different colors and 46 different combinations of sizes and shapes, there’s literally something for everyone here. You can opt for a solid braided rug or a multicolored variety. These are 100% cotton rugs that are 0.35 inches thick.

Cons: You can only spot treat this rug.

Bottom Line: When you’re ready to customize your rugs to fit your decor scheme, this braided rug comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.


Best Runner

Safavieh Braided Collection Reversible Runner

The perfect braided rug for entryways, kitchens, or hallways.

Pros: If you’re concerned about people dragging dirt and debris through your house from outside, you need a good entryway runner. This braided rug from Safavieh is available in 15 different dimensions and is made in classic brown hues, meaning that it won’t show dirt as quickly.

Cons: Safavieh is a fan favorite for home decor, but its product offerings can come at a steep price. However, this isn’t an indoor/outdoor rug. Additionally, some shoppers noted that the rug arrived with the brand label sewn on both the top and bottom. So, you may struggle to remove the top label if you don’t have a seam ripper handy.

Bottom Line: Those looking for a durable, well-made rug will appreciate this Safavieh offering. While more expensive than some brands, the wide range of size configurations and the darker color that work to hide dirt make this an attractive option.


Best Round Option

Fernish Decor Handwoven Jute Area Rug

An eco-friendly braided rug that looks fantastic under a round dining table.

Pros: Eco-friendly and stylish can coexist, and this jute rug from Fernish Decor proves it’s possible. This handwoven braided rug measures 5 feet in diameter and is also reversible. It’s available in beige or off-white and is perfect for placing under a side table or a smaller dining table.

Cons: As beautiful as this natural braided rug is, you’re limited to a light vacuum with suction only (no brush or beater bar) or blotting stains with a cloth. So, this might not be a good fit for high-traffic areas or homes with young children or wayward pets.

Bottom Line: Those seeking a decor scheme that won’t harm the environment or communities will appreciate that this rug is handwoven by Indian artisans. However, the limited maintenance options might make this a difficult choice for those with kids and pets.


Best Multicolored

DII Chindi Home Collection Handwoven Multicolor Area Rug

An eclectic rug that's perfect for offbeat or rustic decor schemes.

Pros: With 20 patterns and eight different size configurations, the options are truly endless with this braided rug from DII. Each rug is handmade and may have slight variations in real life from the picture shown, but they’re designed to be durable and are perfect to place in high-traffic areas.

Cons: There’s an explicit warning by the manufacturer that color transfer from the yarn dye is possible. As a result, if you use this rug without a rug liner, you might see some staining. Additionally, this rug has a smoother texture, so you’ll want to use a rug pad to prevent slipping.

Bottom Line: Those who like the idea of eclectic, natural touches will love the unique effect that these handmade rugs will create. With a wide range of colors and sizes, you can find the right rug for your needs. Just remember to pick up a rug pad to place beneath it.


Best Oval

SAFAVIEH Cape Cod Collection Rug

A muted selection of colors designed to subtly blend into your room's design scheme.

Pros: Safavieh is a great go-to for handmade creations that can elevate the look of your home. This jute oval rug is a great option and comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and six color variations. The pile height measures a half inch and is designed to be durable. You’ll also like that it lays flat and that the corners don’t roll.

Cons: Some people noted that the rug has a few fibers sticking up, which can be an issue as loose fabric can reduce durability.

Bottom Line: Safavieh is a trusted option for home design and home goods — you can’t go wrong with their hand-braided jute woven rugs.

Final Thoughts

Area rugs are more than just aesthetically pleasing accent pieces in your home. They can serve as a functional solution for high-traffic areas. And since so many braided rugs are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s a great way to make your outdoor spaces like patios and pergolas more inviting.

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