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The Best Bridal Hair Accessories

🕚 Updated June 2023

If there's any day in a woman's life that she wants to have her hair just right, it's her wedding day. These gorgeous hair accessories can be the perfect finishing touch to complement a bride's dress, theme, and makeup.

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  Best Hair Vine Best Variety Pack Best Flower Crown Best Hair Comb Best Crystal Hairpins
Extra Long Pearl and Crystal Beads Bridal Hair Vine
44 Pieces Wedding Hair Accessories
Bridal Floral Crown
Wedding Hair Comb with Opal Rhinestones
Wedding Crystal Hair Pins, Set of 3
Our SummaryThis hair accessory adds elegance to your wedding look. It's especially great for loose updos.Choose whatever accessory or accessories you like best for your wedding day ensemble!Add a beautiful floral look to your wedding day ensemble with this flower crown.This eye-catching hair comb is unique and will likely be something you’ll want to keep forever.Add just the right amount of simple elegance to your bridal hairstyle with these crystal pins.
Pros✓ Versatile
✓ 40 inches long
✓ Wire treated to last
✓ Crystals and imitation pearls
✓ Three matching hairpins
✓ Several colors
✓ Perfect if you're unsure what you want
✓ 44 different shapes, embellishments, and sizes
✓ Four different style themes
✓ Great bang for your buck
✓ Affordable alternative to real flowers
✓ Very wide range of color and flower options
✓ Leaf-only choices
✓ Adjustable ribbons for a more a secure and personalized fit
✓ Beautiful artificial flowers
✓ Alloy metal comb
✓ Easily place in any hairstyle
✓ Bendable wire
✓ Contains a multitude of beautiful rhinestones and beads
✓ Three unique but coordinating pins
✓ Crystals
✓ Available in three different colors
✓ Great for updos
Cons✗ Takes testing and creativity to get placement right✗ Likely won't use most of the pieces✗ Some flowers may fall off over time
✗ Potential differences in color compared to product photos
✗ May be wider than expected
✗ Needs additional pins to stay put
✗ Only comes in silver
✗ Takes testing and creativity to get placement just right
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The Best Bridal Hair Accessories

The back of a bride's head showing her hairdo and a decorative comb and veil on her bun.

Buying Guide to Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories on a wooden table.

Why buy bridal hair accessories?

After finding the perfect dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry and deciding on your hairdo and makeup, a bridal hair accessory is the finishing touch to your look. While some might be a small accessory, beautifully tucked away in your hairstyle, others can be a show-stopper. Whichever one you’re looking for, they complete your bridal look and enhance the hairstyle you choose for the day, whether you’re wearing your hair loose and flowing or in an elaborate updo.

What should you consider when shopping for a bridal hair accessory?

  • Style and Design: Choose hair accessories that align with your gown, jewelry, and overall bridal style. Consider the design elements, such as the shape, size, and embellishments, and ensure they complement your gown and personal style. Whether you prefer delicate floral designs, sparkling crystals, vintage-inspired pieces, or modern and minimalist accents, select accessories that reflect your taste and enhance your overall look.
  • Comfort and Secure Fit: It’s important to prioritize comfort when choosing bridal hair accessories. Look for accessories that are lightweight and won’t cause discomfort or headaches when worn for extended periods. Consider the size and weight of the accessory, especially if you’ll be wearing it throughout the day. Additionally, ensure that the accessory has a secure fastening or attachment mechanism to keep it in place even with movement or dancing. Some attach like hair combs or hairpins or clips, while others, like hair vines, entwine into your hair. A flower crown or bridal tiara is always an option too, which will fit around your head. A flower crown or wreath can be pinned in place for extra security too.
  • Quality and Durability: Opt for high-quality hair accessories that are well-made and durable. Wedding ceremonies, receptions, and photography usually last for most of the day, and you want your accessories to withstand the entire day without falling apart or losing their luster. Check the materials used, from metals to crystals to pearls to fabrics, to ensure they are of good quality and will maintain their appearance over time. Look for well-known and reputable brands or designers known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Are all bridal hair accessories expensive?

A common misconception about a bridal hair accessory is that the embellishments or gold, silver, and/or jewels have to be real, and, therefore, expensive. In reality, these are very affordable accessories made with beautiful materials that look just as good as real jewels,  flowers, or precious metals but at a fraction of the price. Many bridal hair accessories, especially hairpins and clips, are sold in packs, ensuring you get better bang for your buck.

Our Picks for the Best Bridal Hair Accessories

Best Hair Vine

Denifery Extra Long Pearl and Crystal Beads Bridal Hair Vine

This hair accessory adds elegance to your wedding look. It's especially great for loose updos.

Pros: One of the best things about this bridal hair vine is that it can be worn with nearly any hairstyle. The vine is 40 inches long and can be trimmed to the perfect length for your hairstyle. It’s made of copper wire that is treated to last and is adorned with delicate crystals and imitation pearls. It comes in three different colors to match your wedding look perfectly. It comes with three matching pins as well.

Cons: Since there is a lot of room for creativity with this hair vine, it’s best to play with it before you need to use it for your event.

Bottom Line: This hair vine has a bohemian vibe and can be worn in many different ways with almost any hair length. Its versatility makes it a perfect accessory for nearly any bridal look. Whether you plan to do your own hair or have a stylist, it’s a good idea to take some time to play around with the vine so that you know exactly what you want on your wedding day.


Best Variety Pack

Maity's 44 Pieces Wedding Hair Accessories

Choose whatever accessory or accessories you like best for your wedding day ensemble!

Pros: Not sure what type of hair comb or accessory you’d like for your bridal hairstyle? This is the perfect way to figure it out. With 44 unique pieces to choose from, you’ll be able to find the one that completes your wedding ensemble. This set includes everything from a hair vine to large ornate combs to small decorated hairpins for just a touch of glamour. Some accessories have crystals, while others have faux pearls, and some include both. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect look to go with your dress, theme, and makeup.

Cons: Since you get way more than you’ll use for one day, you’re spending money on things you might not ever use unless you share them with your bridal party or wear them to other fancy events.

Bottom Line: This set of 44 hair accessories can help you find the perfect one(s) to complement your bridal look. Another fun way to use the set is to share it with your bridesmaids and flower girl so that they can choose one they love as well.


Best Flower Crown

Vividsun Bridal Floral Crown

Add a beautiful floral look to your wedding day ensemble with this flower crown.

Pros: If you want to wear flowers or a floral crown in your hair for your wedding but don’t want to pay the high price tag for the real thing, this artificial—but still very beautiful—floral crown is an excellent, more affordable alternative. Its most notable feature is the wide range of color and flower options available; there are more than 50 options to choose from, including some without artificial blossoms if you’d prefer an all-leaf option. Colors range from classic whites, blush pinks, and vibrant pastels to more unusual shades like teal or black, making it easy to find a floral crown that matches your wedding theme perfectly. You may even be able to match it perfectly to your bridal bouquet. The adjustable ribbons provide a more secure, personalized fit throughout the day, eliminating any worries about it shifting or coming loose or needing extra hairpins to keep it in place.

Cons: A few of the flowers may fall off over time, suggesting that the attachment of the flowers to the headband may not be as secure as desired. There may be some differences in color between the product photos and the actual crown, and the occasional presence of darker speckles or streaks on the flowers. And it may be a bit wider than expected, which might affect or throw off your look or hairstyle.

Bottom Line: This crown of artificial flowers adds a soft and beautiful touch to your bridal look. It’s easy to adjust to make it work for your hairstyle and is so lightweight that you won’t even feel it when dancing or walking down the aisle.


Best Hair Comb

Yean Wedding Hair Comb with Opal Rhinestones

This eye-catching hair comb is unique and will likely be something you'll want to keep forever.

Pros: Your wedding is an extra-special day, and this hair accessory is extra-special to match. It’s beautifully and tastefully bedazzled with glass beads, crystals, rhinestones, and opal rhinestones, meant to stand out and shine. All this gorgeous detail sits on a silver alloy hair comb that is easy to place and will stay put all day. It’s lightweight without being too delicate, so after it’s perfectly placed, you won’t need to fuss with it.

Cons: This particular hair comb only comes in silver. The wire comb sits in hair comfortably but might benefit from extra help from a few bobby pins to stay in place all day.

Bottom Line: This bridal hair comb is decorated with four embellishments to make it a unique show-stopper. While the comb will be sturdy, the decorative pieces are easy to bend and adjust to complement your hairstyle perfectly.


Best Crystal Hairpins

Unicra Wedding Crystal Hair Pins

Add just the right amount of simple elegance to your bridal hairstyle with these crystal pins.

Pros: This set includes three crystal hairpins of slightly varying sizes and shapes. You can choose to use one, two, or all three of them to dress up your ‘do, depending on how much sparkle you want. The pins are pliable to fit nicely hidden in your hair, but they’re also sturdy enough to stay in place all day. Each set comes in three color options.

Cons: With three separate pieces, it takes some creativity to decide how to arrange one or all of the hairpins in the perfect way.

Bottom Line: If you like the idea of being able to have plenty of options for your bridal hair accessories, this set is a great option. Beautiful crystals add sparkle to each hairpin, and since they vary in size and shape, they can be used together or separately. The familiar and effective hairpin design makes them easy to use and proven to stay in place.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are all about the details. If you want to add a lovely touch to your hair on the big day, check out these highly-rated bridal hair accessories. They can elevate and embellish your wedding day look while being practical and affordable.

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