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The Best Bridal Tiaras

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🕚 Updated July 2023

What better way to feel like a princess on your wedding day than to wear a tiara? Even if you're not going for the princess look, simpler tiaras can add a finishing touch to your ensemble on your special day.

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  Top Choice Best Headband Most Colorful Best Gold Toned Best Set
Silver Crystal Tiara Crowns for Women
2 Pieces Rhinestone Bridal Headband
Silver Tiara and Crown for Women
Crystal Wedding Tiara
Set of 5 Crystal Headband
Our SummaryThis tiara is everything you want a tiara to be.Add one or two pieces of simple elegance to your bridal look.Colorful gems add even more glamour to your bridal tiara.This tiara has a vintage look that is all about royalty and glamour.This tiara adds extra sparkle and shine to your bridal look.
Pros✓ Made of alloy
✓ Has rhinestones
✓ Has combs on both sides for stability
✓ 19 colors available
✓ Two inches high
✓ Two different designs included
✓ Made of alloy
✓ Has rhinestones and pearls
✓ Understated elegance
✓ Has covers at ends for comfort
✓ Made of alloy
✓ Has rhinestones and crystals
✓ Available in 15 colors
✓ 2.8 inches high
✓ Beautiful colors
✓ Made of alloy
✓ Has rhinestones and crystals
✓ 5.5-inch diameter
✓ Vintage look
✓ Choice of three designs
✓ Set of 5
✓ Non-slip
✓ Made of alloy and rhinestones
✓ Silver-plated metal settings
Cons✗ Can feel heavy over a long period of time✗ Can cause discomfort behind the ears✗ Difficulty staying in place✗ Not easy to adjust for a better fit✗ Rhinestones can fall off
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The Best Bridal Tiaras

Luxury wedding crown diadem on bride's head hairstyle.
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Buying Guide for Bridal Tiaras

A bride with a tiara in hand.

Why buy a bridal tiara?

If you want to add a hair accessory to your bridal look, a tiara may be what you need. Some tiaras are statement pieces, while others add a softer touch. From vintage looks to colorful gems to understated elegance, there are plenty of style options. Some still look fabulous with a veil, too, so you don’t have to have one or the other.

What should you consider when shopping for a bridal tiara?

  • Height: Tiaras come in several heights. While some are slim headbands that only add a touch of embellishments, others add three inches of crystalized height. You can find what you’re looking for at any height, but having an idea of how high you want your sparkle to shine will help you narrow your choices.
  • Glam Level: Consider how much glamour you want. Some brides want as much sparkle and shine packed into a tiara as possible. Others want to add just a little touch of it to their hair accessory. As you browse, it’s important to consider how much glamour you want to add to your bridal look.
  • Duration of Wear: Quality tiaras will be made of metal, which provides durability and stability during use. However, it can also add quite a bit of weight to your head, which may get noticeable and slightly uncomfortable the longer you wear it. If you only plan to wear a bridal tiara for a short amount of time, you will be able to wear one that’s heavier. If you plan to wear it all day and into the night, maybe one that is lighter is best. To maximize comfort without sacrificing your bridal look, you could even consider two different tiaras (some brides have two dresses).

Are bridal tiaras adjustable?

Bridal tiaras are not very adjustable. Ones that are circular and enclosed are not, but headbands and open tiaras can be played with to fit more comfortably. No matter what style you get, you should be able to tilt and secure the tiara just right to fit with your bridal hairstyle.

Our Picks for the Best Bridal Tiaras

Top Choice

Didder Silver Crystal Tiara Crowns for Women

This is everything you want a tiara to be.

Pros: This is no flimsy tiara. It’s made from durable alloy material ensuring that the tiara will hold up well throughout your event, allowing you to focus on enjoying the moment rather than worrying about its integrity. The tiara is thoughtfully designed with hair combs on either side, preventing it from slipping or shifting while you move and dance. It features clear rhinestones that catch the light beautifully, and the combination of the durable alloy material and the sparkling rhinestones makes this tiara a stunning accessory that will make you feel like a princess on your special day. Additionally, if you prefer a tiara in a color other than silver, there are 19 other color options available.

Cons: The weight of the tiara adds to its overall quality and provides a sense of substance and elegance when worn. However, it’s important to consider personal preferences and comfort levels when choosing a tiara. If you prefer a lighter accessory or have specific comfort requirements, you may want to consider trying on the tiara beforehand to ensure that the weight is suitable for you.

Bottom Line: When you think of a tiara, this is the image that probably comes to mind. The height, sparkle, and shine are what a typical princess would wear. If elegant glamour is what you’re going for on your wedding day, this tiara will be the perfect touch.


Best Headband

Pangda 2 Pieces Rhinestone Bridal Headband

Add one or two pieces of simple elegance to your bridal look.

Pros: Headbands are a popular choice for adding a touch of glamour to a bridal look. They offer a refined and subtle way to enhance your hairstyle. With this set of headbands, you have the option to wear both or choose one that perfectly matches your desired aesthetic. Both headbands in this set are made of durable alloy material, ensuring their longevity and resistance to breakage. One headband features dazzling rhinestones that catch the light and create a stunning sparkle effect. The other headband in the set combines pearls and rhinestones, offering a delicate and textured look. These headbands enhance your bridal look without overwhelming it, allowing other elements of your ensemble to shine too. They are a versatile choice that can be worn with various hairstyles and are sure to elevate your overall aesthetic on your special day.

Cons: Headbands can be difficult for some people to wear for long periods. Discomfort behind the ears is common, and these headbands are no exception.

Bottom Line: If you want to add an extra touch of glamour to your bridal look, these embellished alloy headbands are an elegant option. You can layer with both looks or choose one for understated but eye-catching beauty.


Most Colorful

COCIDE Silver Tiara and Crown for Women

Colorful gems add even more glamour to your bridal tiara.

Pros: Looking for a unique tiara? This one has 15 options to choose from to match your style and color scheme and is crafted from high-quality crystal, rhinestones, and alloy. The use of these materials ensures durability and longevity. The crystals and rhinestones are carefully chosen to provide maximum sparkle and brilliance, adding a touch of glamour to any occasion. With a diameter of approximately 6.3 inches (16 cm) and a height of approximately 2.8 inches (7 cm), this tiara boasts an eye-catching and regal design. The size is ideal for making a statement without overpowering your overall look. The intricate details and arrangement of crystals and rhinestones create a beautiful look.

Cons: This tiara lacks a secure attachment method as it does not come with combs attached to secure it into your hair. Instead, you have to rely on using bobby pins to keep it in place, which can be inconvenient and may not provide the desired stability and security. Second, the tiara is described as extremely heavy, which can pose challenges in keeping it securely in place throughout your event.

Bottom Line: The colorful options allow for extra glamour to feel more unique or personalized for your bridal ensemble. This tiara is covered in crystals and a heavier accessory that may be most enjoyed for a shorter duration than an all-day or all-night event.


Best Gold Toned

SWEETV Crystal Wedding Tiara

This tiara has a vintage look that is all about royalty and glamour.

Pros: This vintage tiara is made of alloy metal and adorned with rhinestones and crystals for a glamorous look fit for royalty. The elegant rose gold color adds a touch of sophistication and complements different outfits and hairstyles. Crafted with high-quality materials such as crystals, rhinestones, and alloy, this tiara showcases excellent durability and a luxurious appearance. The clear crystal centerpiece serves as a focal point and is beautifully enhanced by jeweled scrolls, creating a romantic and eye-catching design. It offers a comfortable and flattering fit for most wearers. Additionally, the pin loops at each end of the tiara provide extra security, ensuring that it stays securely in place throughout your special day. This sparkling headpiece will undoubtedly make a statement. Its versatility and timeless design make it a great investment for various events and an excellent addition to your accessory collection.

Cons: One aspect to note is that this tiara is not adjustable, which means you won’t have the flexibility to modify its size to perfectly fit your head. Instead, you may need to rely on hairpins to secure it on your head. Some may find that extended wear of this tiara can become uncomfortable due to its weight.

Bottom Line: If you like the vintage look of royalty, this gold tiara delivers with the combination of rhinestones and crystals. The tiara is ornate, filled with details to draw extra attention on your special day.


Best Set

Teenitor Set of 5 Crystal Headband

This tiara adds extra sparkle and shine to your bridal look.

Pros: These tiaras are filled with details, rhinestones, and crystals to deliver maximum sparkle on your special day. This package includes five different headpieces, providing a variety of options for girls and women. It consists of three crystal rhinestone crowns with combs and two rhinestone and faux pearl headbands. The amazing quality rivals what you would find in bridal shops. The alloy and rhinestones give the tiaras a diamond-like appearance and a sturdy texture. You can rest assured that the gemstones will not fall off, and the exceptional quality will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, these headbands are designed to stay securely in place. Furthermore, the set offers five sizes to accommodate most individuals and cater to different hairstyles and head sizes.

Cons: The rhinestones have a tendency to fall off. While the set includes five different sizes, it can be tricky to get the perfect fit. Consider the measurements provided for each headband to ensure a better chance of finding one that suits your needs.

Bottom Line: Overall, this set of five tiaras provides a stunning collection of designs, exceptional quality, secure fit, and versatile sizing options, making it a worthwhile choice for those seeking elegance and variety for their special occasions. The shine and sparkle of the rhinestones, crystals, and alloy details can be seen from afar.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to add extra glamour to your wedding day look, a bridal tiara may be what you need. With so many levels of elegance and sparkle, you’re sure to find the size and shine that’s perfect for you.

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