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The Best Bubble Guppies Toys

Nickelodeon/Bubble Guppies/Just Play
🕚 Updated August 2022

Bring your child's love of the Bubble Guppies to life with a fun toy. Whatever type of toys your child enjoys the most, you can find an option that will add Bubble Guppies joy to their days.

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  Best For Bath Time Best Doll Best Plush Toys Best Bubble Blower Best Figurine
  Just Play
Bubble Guppies 5-Piece Bath Toy Play Set
Just Play
Bubble Guppies Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll
Bubble Guppies
Plush Doll Set
Bubble Guppies Motorized Bubble Machine
Just Play
Bubble Guppies Gil's Surfboard Playset
Our SummaryBring these favorite friends for fun in the tub!Color-changing hair on this Bubble Guppies doll makes bath time extra fun.Don’t make your child make up their mind, get this whole set of plushies for fun playtime and soft cuddles.Add extra fun to the magic of bubbles with this Bubble Guppies machine.Collect your kiddo’s favorite characters so they can play out their own Bubble Guppies plots.
ProsFeatures are similar to characters, squeeze and squirt bath toys, five characters.Hair changes color in warm or cold water, about 11 inches tall, comes with microphone brush.Soft dolls, 10 inches tall, similar features to characters, five characters.Battery operated for automatic blowing, sticker of Bubble Guppies characters, includes 4 ounces of bubble solution.Figures come with interactive prop, collectible set, 8x7 inches for convenient play.
ConsNeed to be cleaned periodically to avoid mold.Hair is sparse and tangles easily.Not durable.Batteries die quickly.Each character is sold separately.
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The Best Bubble Guppies Toys

three different children playing with Bubble Guppies toys--two girls and one boy.
Nickelodeon/Bubble Guppies/Just Play

Buying Guide for Bubble Guppies Toys

Four stuffed plush Bubble Guppies characters lined up.
Bubble Guppies

Why should you buy a Bubble Guppies toy?

While the show is loved by many, the toys are hard to come by! If your kiddo enjoys this fun show, a toy from this list can be a fun surprise for any occasion.

What should you consider when shopping for a Bubble Guppies toy?

  • Where to Play: This list includes toys that are best used outside or in a bathtub. Decide where your kiddo would most enjoy their new toy to help you choose the one they would love the most.
  • Favorite Characters: While some of the toys include the five main characters of Bubble Guppies, others do not. Be sure to choose an option that features their faves for the best reactions and the most use.

What age range would a child be who watches Bubble Guppies?

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend’s child or relative, you may not be too familiar with this popular show. The show is mainly geared toward toddlers, but some older kids still enjoy it, especially if they have younger siblings. Most toys on this list would be intended for children around 3 to 6 years old.

Our Picks for the Best Bubble Guppies Toys

Best for Bath Time

Just Play Bubble Guppies 5-Piece Bath Toy Play Set

Bring these favorite friends for fun in the tub!

Pros: Let your kiddo enjoy their Bubble Guppies friends in the perfect place—the bathtub! The toys look the same as their characters on the show, so your child will know exactly who they are when they see them. Each character can float in sudsy fun and can squirt water through their mouth.

Cons: Like all bath toys, you should pay attention to cleaning them between uses to avoid mold and mildew buildup.

Bottom Line: Add extra fun to bath time with these recognizable Bubble Guppies crew. Five characters are included to make the play fun and imaginative, all while your child cleans up in the bath. These bath toys are like others that, when squeezed, can fill up and squirt water, which adds to the fun but can be hard to keep clean over frequent use. If the idea of cleaning them out between baths is unrealistic for you, your child can still enjoy them for other playful activities.


Best Doll

Just Play Bubble Guppies Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll

Color-changing hair on this doll makes bath time extra fun.

Pros: If your little girl is a fan of Molly from Bubble Guppies, she will be ecstatic to play with this doll in the bathtub. The doll’s similarities to the show make her easily adored by her favorite little fan, and with color-changing hair, she adds a great amount of excitement to the bath. Let your little girl brush her eccentric pink and purple hair before she learns to do the same to her own hair. The doll comes with a hairbrush that has the design of a microphone for even more entertainment opportunities. The doll is 11 inches tall, a good size for a young girl to hold and play with.

Cons: The hair is sparse and can be tangled quite easily. A small amount of conditioner and gentle play can help keep her hair healthy and strong – the same care your little girl needs too!

Bottom Line: Make bath time extra special for your Bubble Guppies fan! Molly’s hair changes color whether the water is warm or cold, so your little one can enjoy the exciting fun in the warm bath or when playing outside in a kiddie pool. Molly comes with a fun hair brush that can double as a microphone so they can sing their favorite Bubble Guppies tunes together while brushing hair and getting clean.


Best Plush Toys

Bubble Guppies Plush Doll Set

Don't make your child make up their mind, get this whole set of plushies for fun playtime and soft cuddles.

Pros: These dolls, each about 10 inches, are easy for your toddler to take with them wherever they go (because you know they will). With their favorite Bubble Guppies characters in this soft set, your kiddo can use their imagination in playtime or bring them to bed for snuggles.

Cons: The quality of the stitching isn’t the best, so these may not last with rough play.

Bottom Line: While the price is affordable, especially for four characters, they aren’t the most luxurious plush set. They may not hold up with consistent, rough play. If they are handled appropriately, they will be tons of fun for your Bubble Guppies-loving tot!


Best Bubble Blower

Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Nickelodeon Motorized Bubble Machine

Add extra fun to the magic of bubbles with this Bubble Guppies machine.

Pros: A bubble machine is an easy way to kick your feet up to join in the bubble fun. This motorized option features your kiddo’s favorite Bubble Guppies to make the activity even more magical. Included with the toy is 4 ounces of bubble solution.

Cons: The batteries are not included in this machine, so be sure to stock up, as this might be a highly requested activity, and the batteries will not last long.

Bottom Line: There’s hardly a better match for kids than bubbles. Add characters from the Bubble Guppies, and you’re sure to make it a fantastic afternoon for your little bubble lover. While the toy includes 4 ounces of bubble solution, it can be used with any bubble solution. Just be sure to pick up batteries before this toy arrives since they are not included, and your little one will be ready to get started right away!


Best Figurine

Just Play Bubble Guppies Gil's Surfboard Playset

Collect your kiddo's favorite characters so they can play out their own Bubble Guppies plots.

Pros: These toys are great for kids to play with while using their imagination. While each character comes with an interactive prop, they can also move from it and be a part of any fun your child creates. The toys aren’t too small to get lost easily but are still highly portable for your child to bring with them in the car or to a friend’s house.

Cons: Each figurine is sold separately.

Bottom Line: If your child is into figures for their play, these collectible pieces are a must. They’re easy to take with you on the go but shouldn’t be lost easily, which is a relief for every parent.

Final Thoughts

When your little one likes a TV show or movie, those characters can be all they seem to think about. Let them enjoy some of their own playful activities with their favorite Bubble Guppies characters, whether it be with a bubble machine, figures, or toys for their bath.

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