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The Best Bubble Mowers for Pretend Yard Work

toddler boy walking his toy bubble lawn mower on the grass to make bubbles come out

Children love the sight of bubbles taking to the sky. Children also love to imitate their parents’ daily workload. Combine the two, and what do you get? Well, there are a lot of crossover possibilities, but for your sake, let’s just cut to the chase: the bubble mower. It’s an adorable learning toy that gets your child excited about responsibility at an early age and gifts them with a parade of bubbles for all of their hard work. If you’re looking for a way to bond over gardening time, check out these bubble lawn mower toy recommendations.

What to Look for in Your Child’s Bubble Mower

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Bubble Power: There’s one key factor that will really rev up a kid’s enjoyment behind the mower, and that’s bubble power. Most toy mowers are powered by battery operation, so they’re capable of releasing a steady flow of bubbles, minute after minute. However, there are also manual mowers that are powered by the speed a child pushes a mower. This type of toy incentivizes a child to move around more because the faster they go, the more they get to pop.
  • Interactivity: It’s important to note that while this is an enjoyable children’s toy on the surface, you’re also buying with the intent to teach your toddler a thing or two along the way. Toys are predisposed to get children moving around, so a bubble mower is designed to strengthen their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. However, you should also consider mowers that known how to get a kid to use their hands (i.e., detailed mowers with moveable dial features).
  • Safety First: Finally, it’s imperative that your toddler’s next bubble mower accommodates their health at all times. Make sure your toy is crafted from nontoxic materials that are up to the task of daily play. This is also a toy replica, so while you want the right amount of detailing, what you don’t want is the actual fuss that comes with moving around a piece of yard equipment. Seek out a mower that can be pushed around the yard with little fuss on a toddler’s end.

Top Choice: Lydaz Bubble Mower for Toddlers

A young girl pushes a blue and green plastic lawn mower across a green pasture as bubbles emit from the device.

Watch iridescent suds bloom from the front of this colorful Lydaz Bubble Mower, a playful push lawn mower that makes for great backyard use. The complete contents of the toy include one push mower, three bubble solution bottles, and three bubble wands. Its three AA batteries drive the revolving bubble wands at the front of the mower while creating realistic engine sounds when in motion.

Best Bubble Machine

Best Budget: Smurfect Bubble Machine Toy for Toddlers

A 11.22-inch lawn mower that features a blue shell, a green motor and wheels, and an orange handle bar.

Familiar in all of the best ways, this Smurfect Bubble Machine is an ideal choice for buyers looking for a solid toy that won’t break their monthly budgeting plan. From its neon green wheels to its electric orange handle and every portion of the body in between, you’re ensured an electric bubble machine that’s designed entirely from nontoxic plastic materials which won’t falter in backyard conditions.

Best Budget

Bubble Machine Toy for Toddlers, Kids, Children- Kids Party Toys- Bubble Blower- Birthday Party Games- Outdoor Play- Indoor Party Birthday

An easy decision for your wallet and a well-designed choice that features nontoxic materials, simple operation, and a bonus bubble solution.

Most Realistic Design: Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

A hefty, 14.71-inch lawn mower that features a white shell, a pink motor, purple wheels, and a gray handle bar.

Don’t let its dainty shell throw you for a loop; this Fisher-Price Bubble Mower really does look the part across its sturdy and detailed exterior, making for an excellent role-playing gift while the parents tend to the garden. This bubble mower works well on grass, sidewalks, and driveways and features a lighter handle that makes it easier to move without accidentally being tipped over. Additionally, it features a handful of lawn mower-like design qualities, like several realistic sounds and a motor fan at the center of the console that actually spins.

Most Realistic Design

Fisher Price Bubble Mower, Pink

While it's detailed to look the part, this bubble mower utilizes a conveniently lightweight construction for breezy playtime.

Best Accessory Features: Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Toy Bubble Lawn Mower

A red and green lawn mower that features two moveable dials and a lever near the top of the handle bar.
Sunny Days Entertainment

While some bubble mowers know how to deliver on their vibrant surfaces and others feature all of the perfect fine points, this Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble Lawn Mower makes good on both of those worlds. Its multi-functioning design is totally interactive, granting toddlers the fun of releasing bubble after bubble into the sky, as well as the chance to explore the variety of moveable levers and knobs decorating its surface. Best of all, this mower requires no batteries at all, just good old-fashioned kid power.

Best Accessory Features

Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Toy Bubble Lawn Mower with 4 oz Bubble Solution | No Batteries Required | Amazon Exclusive - Maxx Bubbles

A colorful and detailed choice that includes a variety of moveable dials for unmatched interactivity.

Best Bubble Storage: Bruin Bubble Lawn Mower

A blue and green toy mower with two solution slots releases bubbles from a multi-wand port on the left side of its motor.

Another incredibly detailed choice that includes not one, but two bottles of solution, this Bruin Bubble Lawn Mower brings users the bubble power and an easily accessible place to store it. Unlike other toy choices, this bubble mower features its multi-wand fan on the left side of its shell, where chewed-up grass would spit out on a grown-up’s lawn mower. Additionally, this toy includes a gear lever and clicking dial for added realism while rolling along.

Best Bubble Storage

Bubble Blower Machine Toy Lawn Mower, for Ages 3-6

This bubble mower brings you two times the solution, two times the storage, and multiple working dials for added realism.

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