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The Best Bulletin Boards for Daily Reminders

On the left, a cork bulletin board with hanging on a white brick wall. In the center, four hexagon cork bulletin boards hang in a living room. On the right, a blue felt bulletin board with notes and pins is hung in an office.
U Brands/Playahoy/Navy Penguin

A bulletin board is a wonderful option for your office space. It helps you stay on top of your assignments, plus you can decorate them with pictures. To find the best one, we have compiled our favorites that will help keep you organized.

They are used a lot in classrooms and home offices and provide easy access to daily reminders. When most people picture a bulletin board, they imagine the traditional corkboard, but nowadays, there are so many different types that vary in size and material. There are magnetic bulletin boards and others with decorative and unique designs. No matter what type of bulletin board you are searching for, we have got you covered.

Searching for the Perfect Bulletin Board 

These factors will help you decide which bulletin board is right for you:

  • Size & Material: The size of the bulletin board should depend on your workspace and also the amount of work you do on a daily basis. Most bulletin boards listed in this article provide different size options, so choose accordingly. The material of the board depends on your preference. Cork is a reliable and durable option. There are also vinyl-covered boards, felt, and rubber composites.
  • Versatility & Other Features: For a versatile option, consider dual bulletin boards. We have mentioned magnetic bulletin boards that can handle push pins and magnets, but there are also two-in-ones that provide both a corkboard and a dry erase or magnetic board combination. The installation should be easy as well, and the framing should be durable.

Best Overall: U Brands Cork Bulletin Board

A cork bulletin board with a ligth-colored wooden frame.
U Brands

This classic cork bulletin board is one of the best of its kind. It features a light birch wood frame that will add a stylish look to any office space. The self-healing, natural cork surface resists push pin holes after each use, and the dense board backing material under the board’s surface is firmly gripped to stay in place every time. It’s easy to mount and includes hassle-free hardware and instructions. Additionally, the board comes in three different sizes.

Best Overall

U Brands Cork Bulletin Board

This dense cork board brings the traditional look with a modern wooden frame.

Most Versatile: Umbra Bulletboard

A grey bulletin board with notes pinned on it is mounted above a decorated wooden desk.

For versatility, we like this board from the folks at Umbra. This contemporary design offers a twist on the classic corkboard. Its modern look also provides a magnetic surface design to withstand both push pins and magnets. Kids love magnetic boards, but this bulletin board suits adults as well. The metal finish is easy to clean when needed with a simple wipe of a damp cloth, and it’s super decorative and functional.

Most Versatile

Umbra Bulletboard

Available in three colors, this versatile bulletin board works with magnets and push pins.

Best Felt: Navy Penguin Felt Tack Bulletin Board

A woman hanging a blue felt bulletin board.
Navy Penguin

Navy Penguin provides the best felt option. This blue fabric surface is great for pinning notes, messages, calendars, and more. The board has a heavy-duty aluminum frame which is super easy to mount, either vertically or horizontally. It comes with 10 colored push pins as accessories. If you like Navy Penguin but not a felt board, they also have cork boards in four different sizes.

Best Felt

Navy Penguin Felt Tack Bulletin Board

This blue fabric material provides a multi-functional use for any workspace.

Best Two-in-One: The Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Combo Board

A bulletin board vertically split in half with cork board on the left and white board on the right.
The Board Dudes

The Board Dudes have the best school or home office companion with this awesome two-in-one bulletin board. Half magnetic dry erase board and half cork board, this product is surrounded by a black-mold framing that provides a modern look and versatility to any work environment. The fine grain cork has a self-healing effect that hides pin holes after use. The mounting hardware is included for easy installation, and the package also comes with two magnets.

Best Two-in-One

The Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Combo Board

This bulletin board offers the best of both worlds and comes with a sleek black frame.

Also Consider: Playahoy Cork Board Hexagon

A woman sticking a note to a hexagonal bulletin board.


For something modern and unique, we recommend this four-pack of hexagon cork boards. The hexagon frame cork board is a cute and functional solution to pin your notes and messages in either a home or commercial environment. You can arrange the four pieces in any style you please, and the hardware and template are included for easy installation.

Also Consider

Playahoy Cork Board Hexagon

If you are tired of rectangle-shaped bulletin boards, try this unique corkboard.

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