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The Best Burrito Blankets for Cozy Snuggling

two smiling girls wrapped in tortilla-printed blankets like burritos

Burrito blankets are specially designed for folks who either love burritos or who love being bundled up in a blanket. There is almost nothing cozier than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket when lounging, traveling, lying in bed, or snuggling with your pet or kid, and these scenarios are enhanced and made humorous with a tortilla-printed blanket to make you feel just like a perfectly assembled burrito. As a fun novelty item, a present for the burrito lover in your life, or as a whimsical finishing touch to a room, we’ve found the best burrito blankets for you.

Purchasing a Burrito Blanket

Burrito blankets should look like, well, a burrito. You would think that’s it, but there are additional points to consider to make sure you get the right one:

  • Size: The whole purpose of a burrito blanket is to wrap it around you, almost completely engulf you if you will, so make sure that the size is right for you.
  • Material: Obviously, you want your new snuggly blanket to be warm, so opt for flannel or microfiber fleece so that when you snuggle beneath it, you feel cozy and warm, just like the filling of a burrito.

Most Popular: CASOFU Burritos Blanket

mother wrapping her daughter in burrito blanket on bed

Made of incredibly soft and warm flannel fabric fleece, this super-realistic burrito blanket is available in multiple colors, prints, and sizes to make it customizable to you. It’s perfect for wrapping around yourself while you sit in front of the TV at night, snuggle on the bed, or even spread it on the ground for a picnic. It easily folds and is machine washable to always be ready to use when you want it. Easy to take while traveling, it makes an excellent gift. When cared for properly, it will not fade or shrink.

Most Popular

Most Options: mermaker Burrito Tortilla Blanket 2.0

displayed circular tortilla-printed blanket on white background

Double-sided and available in various sizes and patterns, this customizable blanket is sure to make anyone smile. It is made of fuzzy flannel fabric and is double-sided with a realistic tortilla pattern to make you truly feel like burrito filling. It is non-fading, lint-free, and ultra-soft for a funny blanket addition perfect for sitting on the sofa, lying on the bed, traveling, even wearing around the house.

Most Options

Best for Kids: Lhedon Burrito Blanket

toddler girl asleep under burrito blanket

Designed to perfectly fit the kiddo you order it for, this blanket uses premium flannel fabric for extra warmth and softness. Single-sided and only 49 inches, it is ideal for napping, traveling, watching TV, or stretching out on the floor to play. This blanket is machine washable to easily clean away any messes that might happen during use and to always be ready for the next need to snuggle. Both warm and breathable, this blanket is made to not shrink and is non-fading.

Best for Babies: Kakaya Burrito Swaddle Blanket

baby swaddled in burrito blanket with matching hat

Made of high-quality material, this blanket is both comfortable and soft. It is lightweight, ideal for swaddling, and will keep your little one warm. The microfiber polyester fabric is machine washable to easily clean away any mess, and the blanket comes with an adorably printed matching burrito hat for a super cute photo op of your little burrito bundle of joy.

Best for Babies

Burrito Swaddle Blanket for Baby,Tortilla Wrap Blanket with Hat,Super Soft,Great Gift for Baby Shower by Safe(Round,Yellow,35inch)

Lightweight and warm blanket with a matching burrito hat to keep your baby snuggled up and cozy.

Best for Pets: InnoPet Burrito Blanket

large and small dog covered up with burrito blankets

Don’t forget your furry friends! This durable and easy-to-clean burrito blanket is designed for your favorite dog or cat to give them all the snuggles they need. Double-sided ultra-soft flannel material is made to look realistic with non-fading dyes. This blanket is available in multiple sizes, is soft to the touch, and will be relaxing for your pet to use year-round, even in the summer! It can be used on the floor, for the crate, to cover the couch or backseat of your car, or even as an additional pet blanket in bed.

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