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The Best Button Makers

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Button badges are a fun and fast way to express your personal style or group messages at fundraisers, campaigns, concerts, and commemorative events. Make your own buttons at home with these great button makers.

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  Top Choice Three Size Options Two Size Options Best for Fabric Buttons Best Hand Press
Installation-Free Button Badge Maker Machine
Button Maker Machine Multiple Sizes with 600 Sets
We R Memory Keepers
Button Press Kit
Handmade Fabric Covered Button Maker Kit
Badge A Minit
Button Maker Deluxe Kit
Our SummaryThis installation-free button maker kit comes with 100 buttons and a magic book.A button making machine with three sizes of button molds.A white button maker for creating your own 25-mm and 58-mm buttons.A colorful cast iron button maker to make fabric and pin-back buttons.Perfect for cranking out lots of buttons for fundraisers, promotions, and prizes.
ProsHigh-strength and anti-rust plastics, durable, sturdy, lightweight, swivel mount technology, improved accuracy, rotating base, makes 58-mm buttons, installation-free, magic book included.Comes with 25-, 32-, and 58-mm button molds, hundreds of button pieces, a magic book, three circle paper cutters, pin badge accessories, high-quality plastic design, easy to install.Cute and simple, ergonomic handle, 58 mm. and 25 mm, fabric-friendly, medium circle die, medium press inserts, five mylar pieces, button shells, five pin backs.Handmade of cast iron, four molds (8mm, 23mm, 25mm, 30mm), for fabric buttons and pin-backs, comes with 400 pieces.Compact and lightweight, comes with 10 2.25-inch pin-back buttons, 40 button designs, ideal size for easy storage.
ConsButtons may get stuck in the button maker.It's on the pricy side.Accessories must be purchased separately.Handmade style may reveal imperfections.Button maker and pieces may be cheaply made.
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The Best Button Makers

Pins press machine with empty pins and ready pins.
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Buying Guide for the Best Button Makers

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Why buy a button maker?

If crafts are your jam or if you’re on the board for a fundraiser or campaign, a button maker will come in handy. We won’t bore you with the details, but buttons have been around for over a century. They’re decorative, fun, and an easy way to express uplifting or serious messages. If you go like decorating your backpacks with buttons, then buying your own button maker will save you money in the long run and let you create whatever you like.

What should you look for in a button maker?

  • Design: The last thing you need when crafting buttons is to press firmly down on the handle to make a button, have the machine slip, and everything goes flying. You also don’t want to hurt yourself! Look for quality, durable materials. We review a hand-cast iron button maker, which is by far the sturdiest. Most versions, though, are made of plastic. Look for something that has a sturdy or nonslip base or something that can be fastened to your work area.
  • Sizes: Different events call for different-sized buttons. The standard sizes are 18, 23, 25, and 30 millimeters (mm). Not every button maker comes with all four size molds, but if you’re perfectly happy with one size, you’ll have no problem finding the right button maker.
  • Accessories: Almost all of the button makers we review are actually kits. Most include button fronts and pin backs. You’ll need blank paper if you want to create your own design and transparent film to protect your image. Circle cutters come in handy to cut the right shape.

What types of buttons (in addition to the standard pin-back) can you make?

There are tons of other buttons! If you’re a button fan, then you know all about mirror buttons, hair clip buttons, keychain buttons, and even the classic rosette flower button that is given as awards for jobs well done. Look online for more clever button designs. No doubt you’ll find something fun to try. You will need to buy these items, though, as you won’t find them in most button maker kits.

Our Picks for the Best Button Makers

Top Choice

Happizza Installation-Free Button Badge Maker Machine

This installation-free button maker kit comes with 100 buttons and a magic book.

Pros: Made of high-strength anti-rust plastics, this button maker is durable, sturdy, and lightweight. It also sports swivel mount technology for a more accurate setting when switching from A to B molds. Also, the robust rotating mounting base allows for a smoother rotation. Once you get the hang of how to create them, you can start pressing that long lever down with satisfaction, knowing you made a cool button. The process is relatively simple but be sure to read the instructions. Make buttons with 58-mm (2.25-inch) pictures of your choosing—a peace sign, favorite quote, mantra, avatar, etc. This installation-free button maker comes with a magic book, too. You’ll never run out of stuff to “button-ize.”

Cons: Some feedback indicates that buttons get stuck in the button maker occasionally.

Bottom Line: This affordable, high-standard button maker does the job and more. And you have to admit, the installation-free feature is enticing.


Three Size Options

Aiment Button Maker Machine Multiple Sizes with 600 Sets

A button making machine with three sizes of button molds.

Pros: If you have a vision for the perfect button, you can bring it to fruition with this button maker press. This kit is truly comprehensive. You get 25-, 32-, and 58-mm button molds and hundreds of button pieces to press, a magic book, three circle paper cutters, and pin badge accessories (round pins parts, plastic films, blank circle paper). This green button maker’s high-quality plastic makes it a strong and efficient machine. You need little force to press down and create your buttons. Use your own images or a few from the magic book that comes free with the machine. It’s easy to use and install.

Cons: It’s on the pricey side.

Bottom Line: This button maker machine and kit are all you need to become a button-making factory. Have a campaign coming up or a gift exchange with friends? This premium product could be what you need.


Two Size Options

We R Memory Keepers Button Press Kit

A white button maker for creating your own 25-mm and 58-mm buttons.

Pros: This cute button press has a simple design, clean look, and ergonomic handle. There are two button molds, 58 mm and 25 mm. You don’t need to worry about cutting the perfect size, as the button maker cuts take care of it. Use cardstock, even fabric, if you want to get adventurous. Also included are the molds, medium circle die, medium press inserts, five mylar pieces, button shells, and five pin backs. Many accessories are available, like a keychain kit, adhesive magnets, and rosette kits (for prize ribbons). They can all be purchased separately.

Cons: The product details do not indicate the button maker’s materials or assembly instructions. Also, the accessories must be purchased separately.

Bottom Line: This lovely button maker makes a great addition to a craft room for those who have craft materials on hand or enthusiasts ready to plunge in.


Best for Fabric Buttons

CABINAHOME Handmade Fabric Covered Button Maker Kit

A colorful cast iron button maker to make fabric and pin-pack buttons.

Pros: The CABINAHOME button maker is itself a work of art. Made of dark green cast iron with bright red knobs, it’s quite a novelty in appearance and function. It outdoes most comparable button makers with its four-mold (8-mm, 23-mm, 25-mm, 30-mm) capacity and for making fabric buttons and buttons with pin backs. You can make 400 buttons with this set. And it makes an immersive experience. The four steel molds have more weight than plastic, so the simple work of transferring and setting molds into place, then pushing down on the steel arm feels more authentic.

Cons: Because it’s handmade, the button maker may reveal imperfections.

Bottom Line: If you like the feel and performance of cast iron in the kitchen, then you’ll appreciate it in this button maker. It’s a solid choice for many crafts.


Also Consider

Badge A Minit Button Maker Deluxe Kit

Perfect for cranking out lots of buttons for fundraisers, promotions, and prizes.

Pros: This compact button maker by Badge-A-Minit has everything you need to get started on your first 10 2.25-inch pin-back buttons. The bright red and black button maker comes with colorful assembly rings, 10 pin-back button sets, and 10 ready-to-use school designs. This fun and safe craft activity is perfect for kids and adults. Its small design is ideal for easy storage. The product also comes with a design pack with 30 pre-made button designs.

Cons: A few users say the button maker and pieces are cheaply made.

Bottom Line: If you have a big event on the books and need to spread the word, consider this handheld button maker kit. It’s lightweight and ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Button badges are a fast way to add style, personalize your backpack, or attract voters. The list goes on. Get a button maker to make your own gifts or merch for your favorite team.

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