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The Best Cabinet Handles

🕚 Updated February 2022

There are few feelings as intensely irritating as when you're sliding a cabinet drawer back into place only to pinch your fingertips at its close. Keep your digits safe and your home looking nice with these cabinet handles.

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Our SummaryThis cabinet handle is available in three unique colors and comes in bundles that are as small as three and as large as 60.This pack of cabinet handles allows for simple usage while protecting your fingertips along the way.This batch of cabinet handles includes 30 to the pack and is available in three different sizes.These cabinet handles are available in a variety of sizes and capacity choices and in one classic nickel coating.This bundle of cabinet handles is made with attention to detail in all of the included 25 models.
ProsA modern design, available in three traditional colors, bundled in as many as 60 cabinet handles.Offers a cup-style shield to protect your fingertips, design prevents snagging, available in three colors.Contemporary appeal presented in two neat finishes, available in three sizes: 5,6, and 8 inches.Rectangle shape ensures no protruding edges that can catch, available in 12 bundle sizes and 13 lengths.Sports a uniquely different kind of curved design, includes 25 handles to the pack, satin nickel finish.
ConsSides overextend and can grab onto loose items and clothing.Unorthodox design style, pricier.Hollow design can lead to easy breakage over time, protruding ends can catch loose clothing and objects.Pointed edges could be harmful, hollow frame isn't as durable.Lack of color options, zinc material isn't as resilient as stainless steel.
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The Best Cabinet Handles

a hand opens a wooden drawer

If your home cabinetry doesn’t feature the pre-installed precaution, you’ve got to get your hands on some cabinet handles. These fixtures are simple to install, kind on your fingers and can spruce up a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen that needs a quick makeover. If you’re in the market for one or several of the above, then here are a few cabinet handles we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinets painted gray with black handles on them.

Why should you buy a cabinet handle?

As noted before, a cabinet handle is ideal for those who hate the pulsating feeling of smashed fingernails and who would prefer adding one extra level of detail to their storage spaces. As a means of functionality, it can protect the hands while making it easier to push or slide a piece of cabinetry back into place. As a means of style, it can be made from all manner of materials and into almost any design you could think of.

What should you look for in a cabinet handle?

  • Material Construction: First and foremost, it’s important that you consider what type of material your preferred cabinet handle is fashioned from. Understanding the material construction of a fixture is vital to its longevity, durability, and surface-level appreciation of it. Most options typically employ stainless steel, a material that’s regarded for its exceptional strength and luster. Alternative materials, like standard steel, zinc, and brass, teeter throughout varying levels of affordability and strength.
  • Overall Design: On the heels of material construction, it’s also important to consider the design style of your preferred cabinet handle. The overall design of your fixture is one that you should approach on a visual and functional level because you want cabinet handles that more or less match with the pre-established theme of your environment and are easy to use day in and day out.
  • Package Size: Finally, it’s important that you buy with ample bundling in mind to complete your redesign in its entirety. Typically, most options will be available to you in either large bundles or various selections of multiples. As mentioned previously, it’s important to bundle your cabinet handles so that all your cabinetry can fit a certain appearance. Moreover, you’ll want spares on hand in case a handle has run its course.

How can you appropriately polish old cabinet handles?

There’s no doubt your cabinet handles will need an eventual cleaning in the years following their installation. Whether it be brass, stainless steel, or any other metal alloy, they’re bound to take on more of a scuffed and faded appearance. To keep your cabinet handles looking as spiffy as when you first screwed them in, look to a classic trio of soap, water, and elbow grease to knock the dust off their surface. For cabinet handles that are in rough shape, consider something more abrasive like a vinegar cleaning solution and a thick cloth.

Our Picks for the Best Cabinet Handles

Top Choice

Ravinte Cabinet Handles

This cabinet handle is available in three unique colors and comes in various bundles.

Pros: A contemporary selection that blends style and a terrific quantity, this bundle of cabinet handles offer the type of modern allure that most households crave. Each handle is made from stainless steel and is available in three finishes: black, brushed brass, and satin nickel. Each handle measures 5 inches across and projects 1.25 inches out from a cabinet. It’s also available in bundle packs as high as a 60-count.

Cons: An issue that most cabinet handles face is an overextended design, one that leads to snags and potential clothing tears. As seen with this handle, a slight 1/2-inch of stainless steel on each side protrudes from the handle, which may grab onto a belt loop or purse strap in the future.

Bottom Line: If you’re after a simple handle that wouldn’t look out of place in your home, these Ravinte Cabinet Handles have the visual panache and quantity that’s perfect for a minor redesign.


Best Pull Handle

Ravinte Cabinet Cup Handles

This pack of cabinet handles allows for simple usage while protecting your fingertips along the way.

Pros: Here’s a choice that’s totally protective in a way other cabinet handles aren’t. Rather than an open look, this handle sports a cup-style design that loops around the tips of the fingers. This design not only ensures the safety of your fingertips but also prevents the snagging that other options are prone to delivering. It’s available in three colors and nine different bundling options.

Cons: Its cup-style handle isn’t the most fashionable design for some users, nor is its price, which costs more per handle than other options.

Bottom Line: A classic choice that’s largely associated with convenience, these Ravinte Cabinet Cup Handles are an ideal option for those seeking the most functionality out of their fixtures.


Best Silver Pull

Aybloom Cabinet Handles

This batch of cabinet handles includes 30 to the pack and is available in three different sizes.

Pros: Like similar options, these cabinet handles are molded in a contemporary fashion with gorgeous finishes. However, unlike those options, this choice is available in three sizes (5, 6, and 8 inches) that can accommodate the use of almost any cabinet or drawer. Its brushed nickel hue blends in comfortably with most settings, while its matte black option provides ample style.

Cons: Select users may take issue with the actual construction of the fixture, as its frame, while forged from stainless steel, is hollow throughout. A design like this can lead to easy breakage over time. Moreover, the protruding ends can overextend and catch loose clothing or objects.

Bottom Line: A medium-sized batch of 30 cabinet handles that you can size up or down for your cabinetry, these Aybloom Cabinet Handles offers two welcoming appearances at a reasonable price.


Best Modern Look

homdiy Cabinet Handles

These cabinet handles are available in a variety of sizes and capacity choices and in one classic nickel coating.

Pros: Each cabinet handle included here is molded in more of a half-rectangle shape, rather than the rounded or tubular design that you so often see. They’re forged from high-quality stainless steel and are available in 12 bundle sizes and 13 different lengths. The included slub screws are also easily cuttable in case you’re screwing into a cabinet that’s too shallow.

Cons: While it’s a single piece of steel that doesn’t feature any jutting extensions, this handle’s pointed edges could be a problem. A young child or adult could easily bonk their head or one of the edges, causing real harm. Its hollowed-out frame is also a potential downside for users seeking a choice that’s a bit more durable.

Bottom Line: For someone who’s after another contemporary model with more of an edge, both fashionable and literal, these homdiy Cabinet Handles are available in plenty of sizing and capacity choices.


Best Design

Franklin Brass Curved Cabinet Pulls

This bundle of cabinet handles is made with attention to detail in each of the included 25 models.

Pros: Packing plenty of personality into its 3-inch frame, here’s a pack of cabinet handles that really know how to divert from expectations. Each of the 25 cabinet handles is designed in a round and curvy appearance from top to bottom, providing just enough detail for the eye to appreciate. They’re made from zinc materials and are brushed with a satin nickel finish, the latter adding another layer of sophistication to an already stylish choice.

Cons: For some users, the lack of color options can feel limiting. Some users may also take issue with this batch’s decision to feature zinc instead of steel, as zinc is dependable but not quite as resilient as stainless steel.

Bottom Line: A true outlier in the best sense possible, these Franklin Brass Curved Cabinet Pulls are ideal for those who want to add a nifty change in detailing to the traditional and often tired appearance of home cabinetry.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re buying it as a means to keep your fingertips from getting smashed or as a way to dress up a bare interior, a pack of cabinet handles can provide just the kind of additional multifunctional use that we love to have on hand.

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