The Best Cabinet Hinges for Carpentry

What kind of cabinet hinge you need depends entirely on the kind of cabinet you own, so don’t get it twisted: these two need to go together properly. Your cabinet quite literally hinges on the correct usage and implementation of a hinge, so it’s imperative that you’re buying with perfection in mind. Here are four cabinet hinges that we recommend you check out for your next installation project.

The Right Cabinet Hinges for You

Consider these factors when choosing your next pair of hinges:

  • Distinctions: As mentioned earlier, it’s important that you understand and identify what kind of hinges you’re looking to install on your cabinetry. The two most important distinctions you’ll want to make is the difference between hinges for face-framed cabinets and frameless ones. Frameless hinges are installed directly onto the cabinet, whereas framed hinges are installed on said frame, while the cabinet door rests outside of the face frame.
  • Perks: While minor in the overall scheme of things, you should seek some worthwhile considerations in your cabinet hinges. For example, the difference between a hinge that offers a soft-close mechanism and one that does not; the former reduces the speed with which a cabinet door closes and makes for a quieter operation, while a hinge without one closes quickly, albeit with more possibility to slam.
  • Bundling: All good things come in pairs, but it doesn’t hurt to look for higher bundle packages either. Consider cabinet hinges that you can buy in bulk for larger-scale projects, or stick to single hinges for minor cabinetry repairs.

Best Overall: JQK Cabinet Hinges

With this set of JQK Cabinet Hinges, you can expect to attach any of the rustproof, stainless steel hinges in either wet or dry environments. Available in sets of four or eight, as well as full-overlay, inset, and partial-overlay sizes that only attach to frameless cabinetry, this is an all-metal hinge with high tenacity and longevity in its eight-spring connector. It features a 100-degree opening angle and a hydraulic buffer insert that slows down a cabinet door to a soft and quiet close as it shuts.

Best Overall

JQK Cabinet Hinges, 100 Degree Soft Closing Full Overlay Door Hinge for Frameless Cabinets, Stainless Steel Nickel Plated Finish, 4 Pack, CH100-P4

This set of stainless steel cabinet hinges is for faceless frames only and features 100 degrees of swing operation.

Best Value: Blum Overlay Hinge

Don’t let its upscaled price scare you, because with 20 cabinet hinges at your disposal, you can screw these Blum hinges onto any face-framed cabinetry in your home. These hinges are three-way adjustable (+/- 1/16), feature a soft-close one-piece hinge, and include all the necessary screws for each mounting face. However, if you’re looking for more, or even less, these hinges are available in bundles as low as two and extending to packs of 50.

Note: To best determine your cabinetry’s overlay, measure how much of the cabinet door covers the face of the cabinet on the hinge side.

Best Value

Blum 38N355BE08x20S Compact Soft-Close 1/2" Overlay Blumotion Hinge, Nickel Finish (Pack of 20)

This cabinet hinge choice offers craftspeople mounting hinges as low as bundles of two and as high as 50.

Best for Face Frames: Probrico Full Overlay Clip

For those looking at the cream of the crop for their face-frame cabinetry, Probrico’s Full Overlay Clip satisfies the hinge mount-cabinet arrangement with more to its name than the rest. Like similar models, this hinge features a soft-close mechanism built into its springs, but it also possesses 105-degrees of swing operation. This easily installable hinge is applicable for cabinet doors with a thickness of 14 to 22 mm. While a purchase here only offers one pair, its reasonable price encourages buying in bulk.

Best for Face Frames

Probrico Full Overlay Soft Closing Clip On Face Frame Mounting Cabinet Hinges,1 Pair

This pair of cabinet hinges may only be available in a single pair, but its moderate pricing and great use encourage repeat purchases.

Best for Frameless: Probrico Full Overlay Frameless

One great cabinet hinge follows the other over at Probrico, as on the heels of their face-framed option is a frameless option that does just as fine for this specific cabinetry. Unlike previous hinges similar to it, this hinge lacks a soft-close mechanism, but it still features a 105-degree clip on its concealed hinge and is suitable only for overlay cabinets measuring 14 to 22 mm in thickness. A purchase here is also conveniently priced and includes all necessary screws for installation.

Best for Frameless Cabinetry

Probrico Clip On Full Overlay Frameless Furniture Cabinet Door Concealed Hinges ,1 Pair

Here's a cabinet hinge that satisfies an entirely different kind of set-up while maintaining a low price.

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