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The Best Cabinet Knobs

Franklin Brass
🕚 Updated December 2021

Though they aren't often the star of the show, cabinet knobs can add a nice finishing touch to a space. Whether you're renovating your kitchen or bathroom or are just wanting to switch things up, here are some cabinet knobs worth considering.

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  Best Black Knobs Best Crystal Knobs Best Silver Knobs Best Ceramic Knobs Best T-Shaped Knobs
30-Pack Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
Northern Brothers
Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs
Franklin Brass
Flat Top Round Cabinet Knobs
Hand-Painted Ceramic Knobs
Gold Drawer Knobs
Our SummaryBlack cabinet knobs with a modern appeal.These cabinet knobs resemble diamonds for added elegance.These knobs offer a contemporary aesthetic and work well for many spaces.Cabinet knobs that feature unique hand-painted designs.These T-shaped knobs have a modern and forward-thinking design.
ProsLong-lasting and durable, easy to install, contemporary European style.Classy, diamond-shaped, good with vintage furniture, shiny.Easy installation process, ideal for DIY projects, incredible durability.Ideal size and shape, unique designs, comes in set of 20.Easy to grab onto and pull open, made of high-quality and durable stainless steel.
ConsThat black finish is too shiny for some.Screw sizes are sometimes inconsistent.Finish and shape appear differently online than they do in person.Has points that can catch onto clothing.Pricier bulk option.
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The Best Cabinet Knobs

silver cabinet knobs on gray drawers and cupboards
Franklin Brass

Cabinet knobs add more visual appeal to your kitchen or bathroom and come in many unique designs. They’re also super practical accessories that help you open and close your cabinets and drawers efficiently.

Buying Guide for Cabinet Knobs

Cabinets and drawers with black matt knobs

Why buy cabinet knobs?

Think of cabinet knobs as the icing on the cake: they add that pretty finishing touch. They’re functional and fashionable. You can get a little creative by choosing a style that suits your taste, or you can pick a shape that makes them easy to use. There’s a wide variety of finishes, shapes, and designs available, so you should be able to find the ideal cabinet knobs for your bathroom, kitchen, or built-in cabinets.

What should you look for in cabinet knobs?

  • Design and Style: Perhaps you favor a design with old-fashioned decorative aspects. Or maybe you want knobs that are modern and minimalist. Consider the decor style of your home and if the cabinet knobs go with the space well. Also think about the other hardware or appliances in the room and if you want your cabinet knobs to match or if you’re okay with mixing metals or finishes.
  • Functionality & Durability: Although they add more decorative elements to the layout of your home, cabinets knobs are there to help you open and close your cabinets and drawers easily. Make sure you get knobs that will serve this purpose well without paint chipping or rust developing or a knob coming loose when you need it most.

Are cabinet knobs easy to install?

Fortunately, you can install most cabinet knobs on your own and without difficulty; all you need are the proper tools and instructions to complete the job, but installation is typically quite simple. If you already have knobs in your cabinets and drawers and simply want to switch them out, the process is even easier; just make sure that the style you choose is compatible. For example, make sure the size and placement of drills will work well with the holes you already have. If you need to drill holes in your cabinets to install the knobs, be sure to measure first so that each is placed properly.

Our Picks for the Best Cabinet Knobs

Best Black Knobs

Ravinte 30-Pack of Black Cabinet Knobs

Black cabinet knobs with a modern appeal.

Pros: These cabinet knobs from Ravinte have a simple yet sleek design, and they come in a pack of 30, allowing you to install them in several different areas of your home if desired. Or, you can buy them in smaller quantities as needed. They’re extremely durable, easy to install, and you can use them for dresser drawers, cupboards, and more.

Cons: They feature a shiny black finish, but many people prefer matte finishes when it comes to black hardware.

Bottom Line: These black knobs have a sleek and modern look that’s appropriate for many rooms and decor styles. Get them in various quantities to work for your home.


Best Crystal Knobs

Northern Brothers Cabinet Knobs

These cabinet knobs resemble diamonds for added elegance.

Pros: These crystal cabinet knobs are suitable for many different types of drawers within your home. They have a shiny silver backing that adds to their shine. These are the knobs that would look good on vintage or ornate furniture and add even more visual uniqueness. These knobs are also available in bronze and gold finishes.

Cons: The biggest complaint usually has to do with size disparities in the screws. Some people had to go to home improvement stores to resolve the issue.

Bottom Line: These glass diamond knobs will add more visual elegance to your home. If you want pretty glass knobs that will stand out on your cabinets or furniture, go with these.


Best Silver Knobs

Franklin Brass Flat and Round Cabinet Knobs

These knobs offer a contemporary aesthetic and work well for many spaces.

Pros: These satin nickel knobs are stylish and elegant in appearance but are also easy to install on many different cabinets and drawers. They come in a pack of 10, and the hardware is included with your purchase. The color options include silver, champagne bronze, matte black, and soft iron.

Cons: The shape and colors depicted online are sometimes inconsistent with what you receive.

Bottom Line: These satin nickel knobs are a nice basic. They’ll look great in many different homes and be a reliable option.


Best Ceramic Knobs

JGARTS Grey & White Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs that feature unique hand-painted designs.

Pros: These beautiful cabinet kobs will elevate the decorative appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. Each knob has a diameter of 1.75 inches, making them a great size for most drawers and cupboards. The ceramic knobs feature hand-painted designs, making them even more authentic and unique.

Cons: They can catch onto your clothes and subsequently tear the fabric, so be careful not to get too close when moving by them.

Bottom Line: Why settle for simplicity? These hand-painted knobs are suitable for those who want to take their interior decorations to the next level. They add color to areas in your home that might appear dull or dated.


Best T-Shaped Knobs

Lontan Gold Drawer Knobs

These T-shaped knobs have a modern and forward-thinking design.

Pros: These T-shaped knobs are super modern-looking and work in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. They’re made from stainless steel with a brushed brass finish, so they’re durable and long-lasting. They’re both functional and attractive, featuring a safe round edge for greater ease of use.

Cons: If you want a large quantity, it’ll be more expensive than other models.

Bottom Line: T-shaped knobs are gaining a lot of popularity because of the high-end feel they give off. In terms of overall quality and performance, you can’t go wrong with these cabinet knobs. They’re easy to install and make a fantastic upgrade.

Final Thoughts

If you want to upgrade your space, an easy way to do it is by adding new cabinet knobs. These selections are high-quality options that should serve you well.

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