The Best Cable Cord Holders for Organization

cords plugged into a laptop being held in place by various cord holders. Three empty example cord holders are resting nearby.

The average person owns, what, 15,000 electrical devices? Okay, that was an exaggeration. But most people have gadgets, TVs, computers, phones, tablets, appliances, and they all come with cords. Plus, cords are kind of ugly and easy to lose or damage. What to do? Use cord holders, that’s what! Just stick them where you need them to keep your cords organized and in place. Here are some we recommend.

Purchasing Cord Holders

When looking for cable cord holders, consider this:

  • Usage: If you’re looking to organize outdoor extension cords, for example, you’ll need a cord holder that can handle heavier, bulkier cords. If you want to reserve one location in the kitchen, say, where all family members can charge their mobile phones in an organized manner, you’ll want to look at smaller holders. Some versions are versatile as well and can even be used as toothbrush holders.
  • Location: In what kind of environment does your mess of cords inhabit? Some cord holders will only come in handy for outdoor cords. Some cable cord holders are designed for any manner of surfaces and are applicable both indoors and outdoors.
  • Style: Appearance matters. Even objects as small as cord holders have style. Do you want more color in your life, or do you appreciate the utilitarian look of a practical or hideable cord holder?

Best Overall: OHill 16 Pack Adhesive Cable Cord Holders

16 small black cord holders; six have one slot for a cord, four have two slots for cords, four have three slots for cords, and two have five slots for cords

These OHILL cable cords include four holder designs: single, small double, larger double, triple, and five slots. The variety allows for better cord management. Say you want to keep your desk better organized; a triple or five-slot cord holder can help you keep track of your computer, second monitor, printer, and phone charger all in one place. No tangled cords! The adhesive pads hold up well and can be removed without leaving residue or peeling off paint.

Best for Extension Cords: SMARTOLOGY Extension Cord Holder Organizer

organized cords being held in holders hanging on a garage wall with tools nearby

The cord universe extends far beyond the mobile phone and laptop realm. There are cords to hold in the garage, the garden, workshops, and boatyards. The SMARTOLOGY extension cord holder is a durable, adjustable, and versatile product. The straps work well with Smartology’s Garage Storage Hooks to support your effort in organizing all of those electrical cables and pool hoses heaped in the corners of your storage.

Best for Extension Cords

Most Versatile: WIIBROOK Adhesive Cable Cord Organizer Holder

Black cord holder keeping a cord in place

You can stick these black cord holder clips on just about any surface (brick, glass, porcelain, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) and remove them without leaving a mark. They’re made of PA66, one of the strongest plastics out there. Use these clips to secure and organize all the cable cords imaginable, from holiday lights, computer and network cables, and more.

Most Versatile

Most Colorful: Shintop Cable Cord Holders

green and pink small cord holders placed on edge and top surfaces of a desk to hold USB cords

For all the artists with cords and cables out there, Shintop designed these colorful holders for you. In fact, the intended population includes anyone who likes or needs a little cheerful color in their home or office. And you don’t have to choose one color, as the six-pack includes pink, yellow, and green holders. They hold cables up to 7.5 millimeters in diameter and will accommodate the most common cords like mobile phone chargers and computer cords.

Best Transparent: Eyelslet Self-Adhesive Cable Cord Management

a clear plastic cord holder with curved tops and a groove to keep the cord in place

While electrical cords connect us with quintessential light and sound, we don’t always need to be looking at them. For those who want to hide their cords away, Eyelslet offers an easy-to-handle solution. Just peel off the adhesive and stick them where you need them to hold your cell phone and laptop charging cords, headphones, and more.

Best Transparent

Self-Adhesive Cable Clips Organizer Drop Wire Holder Cord Management, Pack of 20, Transparent

Don't want to have to look at drab cord holders? Go transparent!

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