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The Best Cable Machine Equipment

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Looking to add more equipment to your home gym? Cable machines and attachments will enrich your strength and fitness routine with a broad range of isolation exercises. Check out our picks for the best home-friendly cable fitness equipment.

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  Best Overall Best Value Best for Beginners For Power Cage Owners Also Consider
  Valor Fitness
BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station
Weight Cable Pulley System
LAT Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine
Fitness Reality
Lat Pull-down Attachment Only
Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System
Our SummaryYou can perform exercises across multiple planes of movement with this cable machine.These cable attachments are compact and provide a variety of handle options.This is a fixed structure that supports upright and underhand cable movements.You can integrate this quality cable attachment into your existing power cage.This is a compact pulley that can attach to an overhead bar.
ProsVersatile, 16 different positions, saves space.Supports overhead and underhand movement, can be loaded with weights.Heavy-duty structure, provides essential exercises.Attachment doesn't interfere with barbell exercises, horizontal and vertical movements, saves space.Silent pulley, can load up to 280 pounds, saves space.
ConsWon't work with some low ceilings, must mount against a wall.Must be used with caution, must be attached to other equipment.Takes up space, requires free-weight plates for loading.Best used with Fitness Reality power cage.Prone to swinging, single pulley limits range of motion.
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The Best Cable Machine Equipment

pretty woman exercise with cable weight machine in gym.
Panumas Yanuthai/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Cable Machine Equipment

Side view of a strong young man exercising triceps pushdown at the rope cable machine in a fitness club with modern equipment

Why buy cable machine equipment?

Cable pulley machines allow you to easily target and isolate muscle groups when compared to other strength training equipment. Cables provide consistent tension against the muscles that free-weight and bodyweight exercises don’t necessarily provide. Additionally, cable machines are typically easier to set up and are much safer than free-weight exercises. They’re great for beginners at weight training since they’re easy to learn and use. Plus, they’re fantastic options for home gyms because users don’t need a spotter.

What should you consider in cable machine equipment?

  • Space: Think about the space you have available in your home gym and consider whether a cable machine would fit or not. This can be a big concern for those short on space. But don’t think that you can’t get a cable machine if your home gym isn’t so spacious. Our picks include compact options as well as full-fledged machines to accommodate different square footage.
  • Height: With some cable machines, you may only be able to pull from one direction or angle, making exercise options limited. Height-adjustable machines will be favorable if you want an expansive range of exercises. However, it is still possible to emphasize specific muscles with a more limited range of movements.
  • Loading Weight: Increasing the weight when you’re comfortable doing so is an important element for continued growth and performance. Cost-effective cable equipment designed for home gym owners typically requires weight plates. As a result, our cable machine picks are great for those who already own plates or who want to purchase plates as they go.

What exercises can you do with a cable machine?

Cable machines are ideal for push and pull movements and are particularly good for your upper body. However, you can still work your whole body by using a cable machine. Just a few popular exercises to do with a cable machine include the following:

  • Cable crossovers
  • Biceps curls
  • Chest flyes
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Cable lunges
  • Cable squats
  • Cable calf raises

Our Picks for the Best Cable Machine Equipment

Best Overall

Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station

You can perform exercises across multiple planes of movement with this cable machine.

Pros: This cable machine is extremely versatile. You can position the cable at 16 different levels for an expansive range of exercises tailored to your own body proportions. The machine doesn’t require as much room as some other options, saving you some space in your home gym. It’s a highly rated option with impressive quality, and all you’ll need to add are weights, and it’s compatible with standard and Olympic weight plates.

Cons: This machine might not work if your home gym has low ceilings; the machine is almost 7 feet tall. Also, the machine must be mounted against a wall.

Bottom Line: The quality of this cable machine is comparable to those belonging to a commercial gym. Mount it to the wall for safety and enjoy some awesome workouts!


Best Value

SERTT Weight Cable Pulley System Gym

These cable attachments are compact and provide a variety of handle and grip options.

Pros: This set of cable machine attachments is incredibly versatile despite how basic it may seem. If you already have a power rack or pull-up bar at home, this set will be super convenient and space-saving since you won’t have to purchase a separate frame. You can do overhead and underhand movements with these cables and load them with free-weight plates. They even come with a variety of handle options for your comfort.

Cons: You’ll have to use these accessories on a power rack, squat rack, or pull-up bar that has been purchased separately. It might not be as safe as other cable equipment because the weight is attached freely on the other end of the pulley. You’ll want to cautiously return the cable in its starting position instead of letting it go.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cost-effective set of cable accessories, this cable pulley system gives you the best bang for your buck plus some nice variety.


Best for Beginners

Merax Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

This is a fixed structure that supports upright and underhand cable movements.

Pros: This is a heavy-duty steel frame that can handle tons of wear and tear. Space permitting, it’s undoubtedly a dependable option. If you’re a beginner, it’s easy to set up and allows you to do all the essential movements you need for a solid strength training routine.

Cons: This machine will take up a good amount of space. It measures 47 inches by 24.5 inches by 77 inches. You’ll also need free-weight plates to load the machine. If you’re a total home-gym newbie and you don’t have or want to purchase plates, you may be better suited for something else.

Bottom Line: The machine is a strong structure and rounds out a complete strength training routine. It’s an excellent option for beginners since it’s easy to use and comes with a lot of features.


For Power Cage Owners

Fitness Reality Lat Pull-down Attachment Only

You can integrate this quality cable attachment into your existing power cage.

Pros: This cable attachment installs onto a power cage, so if you already have one of those in your home gym, you can conveniently add this attachment to provide more exercise diversity. It won’t interfere with any barbell training in the power cage, either. This highly rated accessory can be loaded with weight plates and is designed to accommodate both vertical and horizontal exercises.

Cons: It must be used with a power rack, and double-check if your power rack will be compatible with it before buying.

Bottom Line: This attachment can save you time and space if you’re looking for optimal efficiency in your home gym. However, if you own an incompatible power rack or don’t currently have one, you’d likely be better suited with one of our other picks.


Also Consider

Mikolo Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

This is a compact cable pulley system that can attach to an overhead bar.

Pros: You’ll get one 78-inch cable and one 90-inch cable in this set for more versatility. The heavy-duty loading pin can hold up to 280 pounds and comes with two detachable grip options. The pulley itself is silent and smooth during use and can be adjusted to support overhead and underhand movements.

Cons: It isn’t a standalone product; you’ll have to attach it to a power cage, beam, pull-up bar, or something similar. This cable doesn’t come with single-hand options, so you’ll be limited in terms of unilateral training. And because this gym accessory includes a single pulley, it will be difficult to perform exercises that require a completely vertical or horizontal line of pull.

Bottom Line: You can secure this gym accessory over a fixed overhead structure like a power cage or pull-up bar, and it’s excellent for home gym owners looking for a budget-friendly option to level up their workout regimen. Just keep in mind that its single pulley does limit the range of exercises you can perform.

Final Thoughts

Cable machine equipment might be just what you’re looking for to elevate your home gym. Our picks are all cost-effective options for just about anyone looking to tone and improve their strength.

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