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The Best Cake Pop Makers for Baking

four pink cake pops with sprinkles; one cake pop is resting on its side with a bite taken out of it

Cake pops are fun and convenient treats that can be easily enjoyed on the go. This makes them a great idea for parties, bake sales, or afternoon snacks! Investing in a set of cake pop makers will help you complete your baking collection. With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right product requires some guidance. We’ve got you covered below with a list of the best cake pop makers for any occasion.

What to Look for When Buying Cake Pop Makers

When browsing for cake pop makers to potentially buy, consider the following:

  • Quantity. Ask yourself how many cake pops you plan on making at a time. If you’re an avid baker by profession, you’ll want to invest in a product with a higher count of cake pop molds. However, if you just want something simple for your home baking hobby, a product with fewer molds or a handheld cake pop maker will suffice.
  • Design. Depending on your preferences, you can buy something simple or something with a little more flair.

Best for Home Bakers: Cakes of Eden Complete Cake Pop Maker Kit

a stand holding finished cake pops on sticks with molds, a syringe, and sticks

This nice set comes with everything you need to make your cake pop dreams a reality. Baking for your family is made easy with this kit! It comes complete with a 20-count mold, 120 cake pop sticks, a decorating pen, baggies and twist ties for your finished products, a melting pot for candy and chocolate, and a three-tier display tower for showing off your masterpieces. The product comes in your choice of traditional round or star-shaped cake pop molds. Rainy day activities and dessert time will be a hit in your household with the purchase of this kit.

Best for Home Bakers

Best for Mini Cake Pops: Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Lilac purple mini cake pop maker with built-in oven

This product is perfect for mini cake pop lovers who also love convenience. The mini cake pop maker from Babycakes is portable and capable of baking nine mini cake pops at a time. No need for a conventional oven because the product acts as its own oven. The cute lilac color will make this product a staple accessory in any kitchen, and it would make a sweet gift for kids and adults alike.

Best for Mini Cake Pops

Babycakes Mini Maker Cake, 9-Pop, Purple

This cute and portable mini cake pop maker makes nine mini cake pops.

Best Value: Patelai Cake Pop Maker Set

Cake pop maker set including rectangle cake pop stand, cake pop molds, decorating pen, measuring pitcher, twist ties, and baggies

This cake pop maker kit comes with everything you’ll need to make the best cake pops on the block. Purchase of the product comes complete with two molds, a DIY decorating pen with four different shaped tips, a cake pop stand for your finished pieces, and all the necessary accessories. This kit is easy to use and suitable for bakers of all levels.

Best Handheld Maker: QMOEH Cake Pop Maker Scoop

Two handheld cake pop molds on cutting board with cake pop dough/batter in background

Want to try your hand at homemade cake pops, but you don’t want to invest in all the bells and whistles? This product is a great choice because it allows you to do just that. Purchase of this product comes with two different-sized, handheld cake pop molds. Simply create your cake pops out of your batter, pop them in the oven, and you’re good to go. This is a convenient way to make cake pops without committing to a whole set. It’s a great option for trying out a fun new hobby!

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