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The Best Camera Detectors You Can Buy

man holding a lit up black camera detector with a bright red screen

Privacy is something you can’t put a price on. Unfortunately, there are some people that install hidden cameras, looking to invade your peace and quiet. Hidden cameras in the disguise of wall chargers, clocks, screws, and other overlooked items are not uncommon. Here is how to detect them.

You may want to think twice about naively entering a dressing room, hotel, Airbnb, or public restroom. To protect yourself from a “Peeping Tom,” get yourself a camera detector, a device that can detect cameras hidden in everyday objects.

What You Should Look for in a Camera Detector

Camera detectors have a plethora of different methods it uses to detect cameras and other eavesdropping technology. A good detector should be highly sensitive to radio waves and able to locate camera lenses through an infrared scanning light. Detectors that utilize radiofrequency should be able to capture a wide range of signals, so when searching, you are able to get as many cameras as possible, if any. Lastly, good camera detectors should be able to accurately pinpoint where the hidden cameras are in the area.

Best Overall: Innoo Tech Anti Spy Detector

black walkie-talkie shaped camera detector
Innoo Tech

The Innoo Tech Anti Spy Detector features various methods of finding hidden cameras in places you may be suspicious of. Its signal detector will locate cameras with radio frequencies, and its meter will show you the signal strength and location. Its infrared light will locate cameras that don’t have frequencies, leaving no camera undiscovered. This product is not only specialized in detecting cameras, but it’s also able to find hidden audio capturing devices and location trackers with its magnetic probe.

Best Overall

Innoo Tech Anti Spy Detector & Camera Finder RF Signal Detector GPS Bug Detector Hidden Camera Detector for GSM Tracking Device GPS Radar Radio Frequency Detector

This scanner is the best device for hidden camera detection. Besides finding cameras, it'll catch sneaky audio devices and GPS tracking devices with its signal detector and infrared lens.

Best Budget: HOHOPROV RF Signal Detector

three black rectangular camera detectors from different sides

The right to privacy shouldn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, which is why the HOHOPROV RF Signal Detector is the best camera detector at a low price. It comes with a radio frequency signal detector and infrared detection. Via sound, it will tell you how close you are to the direction of the camera. At a low cost, this is a more than feasible option for those looking to safeguard their privacy.

Best Budget

HOHOPROV Hidden Camera Detectors Bug Detector, Hidden Device Detector, Police Scanner, RF Signal Detector, Locates Hidden Device in Office,Hotel Rooms,Airbnb Excursions,Bathrooms

This detector will protect your privacy without breaking the bank. It features a radio frequency detector as well as an infrared lens.

Easiest to Use: Mic-Lock Hidden Camera Detector

long black camera detector with a bright red screen

The Mic-Lock Hidden Camera Detector is an incredibly simple tool to find hidden cameras with infrared technology. Its 12 red LED lights will reflect any lenses that you come across. Instead of playing hot and cold with other detectors, all you have to do is look through the detector lens and shine the light at any objects that pique your doubts.

Easiest To Use

Mic-Lock Hidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Finder Large Infrared Viewer and 12 Super Bright Red LEDs. Travel Size Pro Security and Privacy for AirBnB (Hidden Camera Detector)

The Mic-Lock Hidden Camera Detector is a simple, less complicated take on the typical camera detector. Just stick your eye in the lens and look for any reflective spots.

Best Premium: Wattne Anti Spy Detector

black walkie-talkie-like camera detector with an attached black metal cord

Being extra careful doesn’t hurt, especially in a scenario where someone may be watching you. The Wattne Anti Spy Detector will rid hidden cameras and any other sneaky devices that may go unnoticed. It can quickly detect a wide range of radio waves, mobile phone SIM cards, and GPS locators. It also has an infrared LED light screen, magnetic probe, and an anti-interference software. The added features this detector offers over others of its kind makes this camera detector the best in its class.

Best Premium

Wattne Anti Spy Detector, Bug Detector, KORKUAN RF Detector, Hidden Camera Detectors, Camera Finder for Wireless Audio Bug Camera Detector Finder, Upgraded Version

The Wattne Anti Spy Detector is the best all-in-one device that will detect hidden cameras. Besides finding cameras, it can catch audio bugs and location tracking devices.

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