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The Best Camera Harnesses for Photographers

man wearing a brown harness holding a camera

When you have invested money into a nice camera, keeping it well protected and cared for is essential. For those photographers who are on the go, consider the use of a camera harness to give you hands-free capabilities and to keep your equipment safe from accidental drops. Check out these camera harnesses we recommend.

What Should You Consider in a Camera Harness?

When choosing a camera harness to suit your needs, consider first how many cameras you need the harness to hold, as options range from one to three cameras being held at a time. Consider the material of the harness, and if it is durable enough for the use you expect. Most camera harnesses come with quick-release tethers to prevent accidental drops, an essential choice in a harness purchase. Last but not least, consider the style of the harness to meet your aesthetic.

Best Overall: Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness

gray and black camera harness

This camera harness has a convenient design to slip over your shoulder and clip around your torso with ease. Users can carry one camera with this harness and attach the quick-release tether (also called the “oh crap strap”) which prevents accidental drops. It comes with a weather cover to protect the harness from the outdoor elements. This piece is made with professional-grade materials including Lexan camera mounts, anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs, best-quality polypropylene nylon webbing, and sturdy straps.

Best Overall

Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness for One Camera - Grey

It's a camera harness with an easy carrying design and quick-release tether to prevent dropping.

Best for Budget: Nicama Multi-Camera Chest Harness Vest

blonde woman wearing a black harness holding a camera

Here’s an affordably priced camera harness that is capable of holding one or two cameras of light to medium weight. The secure locking system is a must-have for on-the-go photographers. The one-size-fits-all harness comes with a backup safety camera strap and the straps are adjustable. It is made from nylon and mesh fabrics for compactness and breathability. The dead plate can adjust the camera device, and the shackle can be fastened on the front of your chest.

Best for Two Cameras: C Cioro Camera Strap Accessory

black harness holding two black cameras

A perfect harness to support two cameras, it is also designed to fit all cameras. Work in style with this beautifully designed harness that is worn in an “X” pattern across the back to distribute the weight on both sides. The harness is made from leather and high-quality metal rings made to last a lifetime. Keep your cameras safe along your hips and easily grab them to take a photo.

Best for Two Cameras

Camera Strap Accessories for Two-Cameras – Dual Shoulder Leather Harness – Multi Camera Gear for DSLR/SLR Black ProInStyle strap by Coiro

Here's a camera harness designed to fit all types of cameras and made with high-quality leather.

Most Durable: HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker

brown leather camera harness

A stylish harness that can hold one to three cameras, this piece is both comfortable and durable for a modern photographer. The camera straps hold the cameras without the main straps shifting and becoming uncomfortable. It is made from stainless steel hardware that will never rust. The leather has the color on the top side and a natural, suede-like feel underneath, which will not stain your shirt. It comes with two camera mounts and two safety straps.

Most Durable

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness, Bridle Leather, Medium, Chestnut

Take a look at this leather harness that can hold one to three cameras.

With all the purchases to consider alongside a camera, a camera harness should be at the top of your list. With options for both function and style, it has never been easier to pick a high-quality strap to support and protect your camera.

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