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The Best Camping Blankets

🕚 Updated June 2023

Camping in the great outdoors can be super beautiful, but it can also be super chilly when the sun goes down. Stay warm out there with the help of these trusty camping blankets.

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  Top Choice Best Water-Resistant Thick and Warm Most Compact Also Great
  Down Under Outdoors
Waterproof Stadium Blanket
Waterproof Outdoor Blanket
Wise Owl Outfitters
Outdoor Camping Blanket
2-Pack Emergency Blanket
Insulated Camping Blanket
Our SummaryA reliable camping blanket for people who love exploring the great outdoors.An outdoor blanket that offers optimal protection against rainy conditions.An insulated camping blanket to keep you cozy in the cold.An emergency camping blanket that you can keep in your travel bag or glove compartment.An amazing camping blanket for lovers of the great outdoors.
Pros✓ Resistant to harsh weather conditions
✓ Lightweight and comfortable
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Waterproof and windproof
✓ Machine washable
✓ Sherpa fleece
✓ Versatile design
✓ Durable and well-insulated
✓ Compact and lightweight
✓ Will keep you warm in cold conditions
✓ Designed for emergencies
✓ Durable and reusable
✓ Super portable
✓ Multipurpose design
✓ Super affordable
✓ Durable and water-resistant
✓ Insulated
✓ Can accommodate two people
✓ Button closed
Cons✗ Heavy✗ Not very compact when packed
✗ Velcro straps aren't the best
✗ Slippery✗ Thin
✗ Not good for regular use
✗ Not the warmest
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The Best Camping Blankets

A young man and young woman sit in a tent with camping blankets wrapped around them.

If you’ve ever been on a camping trip with a lackluster sleeping bag, then you know how miserable a night of sleep can be while you’re camping. A camping blanket will add another layer of warmth to combat the cold and give you a cozy night of sleep, even if it’s not in your usual warm bed.

Buying Guide for Camping Blankets

A woman wrapped in a camping blanket next to a cabin.
Down Under Outdoors

Why buy a camping blanket?

An essential part of a successful camping trip is being prepared. A camping blanket is one of those items that can make or break your camping trip. If you’re camping near the beach, a blanket underneath can help keep the sand out of your sleeping back. If you’re camping in the mountains, they will provide extra warmth when laid on top of you. If you’re too chilly by the fire in your jacket, you can wrap up in your camping blanket and roast a few s’mores. If you want an alternative to a sleeping bag on a hot night, a camping blanket is a cooler option. If you need a spot to sit and enjoy a PB & J on a hike, lay your blanket out and have a little picnic. Your camping blanket will serve you well wherever you take it.

What should you look for in a camping blanket?

  • Material: Many of the best blankets are made of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials, such as nylon, wool, acrylic, fleece, or polyester. These durable materials can help keep you dry in the rain, warm in the cold, and shielded from the wind. Moisture-wicking fabric is especially helpful for preventing hypothermia. Think about the weather conditions you might encounter and buy a blanket in a material that can handle them.
  • Warmth: Your blanket should provide you with a significant amount of warmth when you’re ready to get some sleep. The insulation that the blanket provides should be able to keep you warm in temperatures at least as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When coupled with sleeping bags, they’ll help keep you nice and cozy in even colder temperatures.
  • Durability: Camping blankets should be able to withstand lots of dirt, harsh weather, years of use, time by a campfire, multiple washes, and being stuffed into backpacks. Camping is a rugged pastime, so a good camping blanket should be up for that lifestyle.

How do you clean a camping blanket?

One nice thing about owning a camping blanket is that you usually don’t have to administer special cleaning techniques; most of them are machine washable! However, you should look at the tags and do some research to determine the best way to care for your camping blanket to make it last. For example, polyester and nylon blankets should be air-dried to prevent melting or shrinking in a hot dryer.

Our Picks for the Best Camping Blankets

Top Choice

Down Under Outdoors Blanket

A reliable camping blanket that provides ample warmth and comfort.

Pros: This large waterproof camping blanket is a versatile and reliably warm option. It’s great for camping, but it’s also suitable for other outdoor activities like picnics, sports games, or concerts. It has a waterproof side and a fleece side, so it’ll keep you warm and dry. It’s also ultrasonically quilted for optimal durability. It comes with its own carrying bag that you pack it into for easy transport, and it even has a zipper pocket to keep your phone secure.

Cons: This blanket is heavy, making it difficult to carry around for a long time. Its waterproofing capabilities will likely decline after it’s washed several times.

Bottom Line: This camping blanket could last you a lifetime of fun in the outdoors. It has several convenient design features to make your time outside more enjoyable. If you need a trusty blanket for camping trips and picnics, this is a fantastic choice.


Best Water-Resistant

Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

An outdoor blanket that offers optimal protection against rainy conditions.

Pros: This outdoor waterproof blanket has a cozy Sherpa fleece lining to keep you nice and warm. The outside is a water-repellent and wind-resistant fabric that helps shield you from discomfort. It’s machine washable and rolls up with Velcro straps to carry and store it.

Cons: It doesn’t pack down as compactly as some would like, and the Velcro straps aren’t the best quality.

Bottom Line: This water-resistant camping blanket is ideal for those who want protection against moisture, wind, and cold. It’s cozy and prevents harsh weather conditions from ruining a good time.


Thick and Warm

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Blankets

An insulated camping blanket to keep you cozy in the cold.

Pros: This comfortable, compact, and durable camping blanket features reinforced stitching and a waterproof shield for better protection against the elements. It keeps you comfortably insulated from temperatures as low as 40 degrees, and you can easily travel with it by stuffing it into its bag. You can even wear it as a poncho by snapping it around you, so it’s great around the campfire or at concerts or sporting events.

Cons: It’s slippery, so it can slide off of you.

Bottom Line: This puffy, insulated blanket made from nylon is a solid option for outdoor activities. You can snap it into a poncho and enjoy the warmth without holding it secure. Plus, it works well as a lightweight alternative to a sleeping bag.


Most Compact

Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag

An emergency camping blanket that you can keep in your travel bag or glove compartment.

Pros: This durable emergency camping blanket is affordable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. It’s ideal for emergencies since it rolls up into such a compact bag—one small enough to slip into your purse or glovebox. Despite its thin nylon construction, it’s super durable. You can use it as a rain poncho, a wind blocker, and a blanket.

Cons: This isn’t something you’ll want to use regularly. It’s not as warm as others because it’s so thin.

Bottom Line: If you want to be prepared, get this super durable camping blanket. It’s ideal for emergencies since it packs down so small and can be taken almost anywhere. It will protect you in harsh conditions and give you peace of mind knowing you have it on hand.


Also Great

KingCamp Alternative Blanke

An amazing camping blanket for lovers of the great outdoors.

Pros: This durable and well-insulated camping blanket offers excellent weather resistance. With state-of-the-art fiberfill, this blanket will keep you feeling warm and cozy. It can cover two adults at once, and the blanket will repel wind, water, and cold. You can button it to secure it around you.

Cons: It’s not ideal for super cold temperatures, and the zipper on the bag isn’t the most durable.

Bottom Line: This insulated camping blanket makes a fantastic addition to a camping trip. You can wear it around the campsite and use it in a tent to stay comfortable all day.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll want to be prepared with a reliable camping blanket. Our top picks will help you stay dry, warm, and happy while you’re enjoying some fresh air.

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