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The Best Candelabras

Andre van der Veen/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated February 2022

Mood lighting is a thing, which is why candles are still so popular in our electronically progressive world. And nothing displays candles more elegantly than a classic (or modern) candelabra. Find your ideal candle display here.

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  Top Choice Best Modern Design Best Classic Design Best Antique Look Best Hanging Choice
Elegant 3-Candle Metal Candelabra
DIY 9-Candle Candelabra for Flameless/Battery Candles
Traditional 5-Candle Black Metal Candelabra
5-Candle Bronze Tulip Candelabra
Black 6-Candle Hanging Candelabra – 240W
Our SummaryPick your favorite classy finish for any formal event.This candelabra emanates more light than your average candle holder.Get a timeless design with elegant arms and a beaded base.A candelabra embellished with curled vine arms and antique details.An electric candle holder for safe, stylish hanging.
ProsMetal, variety of colors and finishes, sturdy, expensive-feeling, tested/inspected up to 15 times.Wrought iron, holds nine candles, works with burning or battery-operated candles, adds dimension to flat spaces.Metal, sturdy, classic feel, holds five candles, comes with easy instructions.Metal, bronze finish, European-inspired, antique vibe, elegant vine design, embellished tulip cups.Electric chandelier, holds six candles, battery-operated candles, adjustable length, comes in black and gold.
ConsComes unassembled.Comes unassembled, not meant for traditional flame candles.Battery candles may sit loosely.Comes unassembled.Doesn't include flameless candles, doesn't support traditional flame candles.
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The Best Candelabras

A wedding reception hall with decor and candelabras holding candles
Andre van der Veen/Shutterstock.com

Back when firelight was an everyday essential, who knew candelabras (or “candle trees”) would someday serve as timeless decorative statement pieces? Candles are the perfect way to set a warm, intimate tone, regardless of whether you burn them traditionally or flip a switch on flameless ones. And we’ve found the best candelabras to display them in. Since they’re available in a variety of styles and finishes, there’s a candle holder for every space and occasion.

Buying Guide for the Best Candelabras

An antique-looking candelabra holding five candles.

Why purchase a candelabra?

Candelabras are an attractive, unique way to create a glowing atmosphere for special events, like weddings, anniversaries, and dinner parties. There are tons of styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from, so you’re not stuck with the traditional antique look when you’re trying to create a modern vibe. Plus, unlike individual candleholders, some designs let you light and elegantly display up to nine candles at a time for an extra-glowing tablescape or atmosphere.

What should you look for when shopping for one?

  • Material: It’s important that your new candelabra is sturdy to avoid tipping and knocking over lit candles. Even if you decide on battery-operated lights, it’s still best to ensure your candle holder won’t wobble or fall during your special event. Also, avoid candelabras constructed of plastic or other cheap materials when dealing with open flames.
  • Design: The other main thing to consider when picking a candelabra is the aesthetic. The nice thing is that candelabras come in a variety of design styles, not just the traditional vintage-looking ones. If you have a modern home, you can still spruce it up with a modern-looking candelabra.

How can you make the most of your new candelabra?

Who says candelabras are only meant for fancy centerpieces at fabulous parties? Creative liberty means it’s yours to change, style, and display wherever and however you choose. For example, you can set one in your fireplace or spray paint one yellow to match your bright, eclectic bedroom. You can add candles or not; candelabras don’t have to be lit to make a statement. Sometimes it’s more fun to stray from the norm.

Our Picks for the Best Candelabras

Top Choice

Viscacha Elegant 3-Candle Metal Candelabra

Pick your favorite classy finish for a formal event.

Pros: You can’t go wrong with a graceful, three-arm candelabra for formal events or home decor. This simple metal candle holder from Viscacha is adorned with delicate beading on its base and arms and comes in various colors and finishes fit for birthdays, romantic occasions, and even holiday parties. It’s a sturdy, expensive-feeling candelabra, having been tested/inspected up to 15 times during the manufacturing process, so you know quality control is important to Viscacha.

Cons: Your candelabra will come unassembled and with hardware, so you’ll have to put some time aside to build it.

Bottom Line: Get simplicity and luxury at a great price in this candelabra. This is a basic intro to candelabras and a unique way to add a light and fancy (or dark and gothic) spin on a gathering. Set aside five minutes to assemble it, and you’ll have a sturdy and stylish statement piece in no time.


Best Modern Design

smtyle DIY 9-Candle Candelabra for Flameless/Battery Candles

This candelabra emanates more light than your average candle holder.

Pros: Here’s a new take on old-school candelabras. This modern, wrought-iron candle holder is designed to display up to nine battery-operated candles, plastic or wax, at varying heights, adding more light, interest, and dimension to flat spaces. It makes for a unique fireplace accent or table centerpiece, without you worrying over forgetting an open flame. It’s a sleek, contemporary piece at a great value.

Cons: It’s not ideal for burning candles, so stick with battery-operated, flameless ones to avoid hot wax accidents.

Bottom Line: Get your glow on with nine layers of soft, inviting firelight (battery-powered, of course) in whatever space you have that’s lacking brightness and dimension. And do it without sacrificing your modern style. Surround your candelabra with your favorite seasonal foliage and decor for a unique look year-round.


Classic Design

Honysky Traditional 5-Candle Black Metal Candelabra

A timeless candle holder with elegant arms and a beaded base.

Pros: We’re calling it classic for a reason! This sturdy, shiny Honysky metal candelabra is a traditional five-arm candlestick with timeless vine and bead embellishments—it’s the kind of piece you might find in an old mansion or at a phantom’s lair. Its slick outer coat makes spray painting easy and effective, so you can turn dark and mysterious into bright and fun. You’ll also receive easy-to-follow instructions with our order, so you’ll be glowing by candlelight in no time.

Cons: Small pegs inside each arm are designed to hold wax candles, so plastic lights may not sit as still or straight as real candles. Fix this by wrapping the bottom of your plastic candle with tissue paper to create more tension.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a traditional metal candelabra without any flashy features this five-stem candleholder from Honysky is a smart, quality selection. It’s petite enough to accentuate your party table, quickly disassemble, and store in a small box until your next event.


Best Antique Look

MMEXPER 5-Candle Bronze Tulip Candelabra

A candelabra embellished with curled vine arms and antique details.

Pros: This European-style metal candelabra from MMEXPER is a charming addition to any classically inspired space, whether it’s your antique-filled home, a vintage bridal brunch, or an elegant murder-mystery dinner. A beautiful bronze stem supports five whimsical vine arms adorned in flowers and fine beading, topped with intricately detailed tulip capitals. Authentic European candelabras sell for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, making this fun, antique-inspired piece an incredibly inexpensive way to give your space a similar vintage vibe.

Cons: This candelabra also comes unassembled, so take a deep breath and take your time putting it together.

Bottom Line: It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind item that is bound to spark conversation at your next event. Fill your tulip candelabra with some elegant, tapered candles, complement it with vintage dishes and silverware, and enjoy the classic glow of your new centerpiece.


Best Hanging Choice

SEOL-Light Black 6-Candle Hanging Candelabra

An electric candle holder for safe, stylish hanging.

Pros: Mood lighting isn’t limited to the tabletop. This electric, 240-watt SEOL candelabra chandelier is a modern-day homage to chambersticks—smaller, handheld candle holders popular in the 1800s—with six elegant capitals for flameless, battery-operated candles to sit atop its curvy iron arms. An adjustable chain allows you to choose the perfect hanging height for your pendant light, which is available in two color finishes: black and gold.

Cons: The SEOL candelabra chandelier doesn’t come with flameless candles, so you’ll need to order them separately. Here’s what you’re looking for: six 40-watt Type B, E12 candelabra base bulbs.

Bottom Line: Accentuate your home’s modern feel with this simple, new-age take on old-school candlesticks. Simply mount your candelabra, screw in your bulbs, and enjoy the elegant glow of your new overhead light.

Final Thoughts

Now that candlelight is no longer an everyday necessity, we can enjoy setting the mood with a candelabra in all kinds of spaces, whether it’s on a tabletop at a venue or hanging above your table at home. Simply choose your style, fill your candelabra with candles, and light it up.

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