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The Best Candle-Making Kits

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Quality candles are a great element to add to your living space. If you're a crafter interested in creating your own, a candle-making kit is a perfect solution. We reviewed some of our favorite candle-making kits for you to explore.

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  Best Value Best with Hot Plate Best with Melting Pot Also Great
Soy Wax Candle-Making Kit with Pouring Pot
Chandler Tool
Candle-Making Kit with Electronic Hot Plate
Beeswax Candle-Making Kit
Scented Candle-Making Kit
Our SummaryThis food-grade stainless-steel wax melting pot doubles as a melter for butter, chocolate, and more.This streamlined kit comes with five pounds of soy wax, more than most kits.A fun beeswax candle-making kit with an electric melting pot.A candle-making kit that may inspire you to share scented candle creations with friends.
ProsFood-grade 31-ounce melting pot and seven-inch stirring spoon, use to melt foods and candle wax, comes with necessities.High-quality basics, 500W electric hot plate with temperature control, five pounds of organic soy wax, comes with wicks, centering devices, and stainless pot and spoon.Natural beeswax kit includes 16-ounce capacity electric wax melter machine, LED touch screen, temperature control, all the candle-making essentials plus color dye blocks and heat-resistant gloves.All-inclusive kit with 550 ml wax-melting pot and stirring spoon, 1.06-pound bag of wax and necessary supplies, eight color dye blocks, six fragrance oils, eight mandala-like colorful tins with lids.
ConsAmount of wax may not be sufficient to make more than a few candles.Does not include dye blocks or fragrances.Does not come with fragrances.Product information is inconsistent. Hard to tell if you get soy wax, beeswax, or both.
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The Best Candle-Making Kits

Pouring melted wax.
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Buying Guide for Candle-Making Kits

Top view of various pieces of wax for hand making candles.
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Why buy a candle-making kit?

Buying a candle-making kit makes sense if you’re new to the craft or intend to give the kit to a beginner. Generally speaking, kits are a collection of tools and materials needed for a single purpose. A quality candle-making kit will include wax, wax melter, wicks, and more to make the project easier. Kits offer a safe method to try something new, too.

What should you look for in a candle-making kit?

  • Molds: A candle-making kit worth buying comes with durable molds, either glass jars or tins. Many kits have both. It seems straightforward, but there are many variations to consider. Some include ornate-painted tins and lids, while others contain only two tins or glass jars. To get more use out of your kit, you’ll need to buy more molds. The number of molds that comes in any one kit isn’t as critical as having the proper equipment; it means you’ll have to acquire more molds separately.
  • Equipment: If you already had all the equipment for candle-making, you wouldn’t be looking for a kit. To make candles, you need a melting pot, an electric hot pot, or a wax melter. Which is best? It would help if you had a way to monitor the temperature to avoid over or underheating the wax. Some kits come with a temperature gauge and stirring spoon in addition to a melting device. Other must-haves include candle wicks, candlewick-centering devices, and adhesive dots to get the wick perfectly centered and anchored. If you find a kit with protective gloves, that’s great.
  • Waxes: The common types are paraffin, soy, and beeswax. Paraffin emits fragrance from scented candles best; soy is the most affordable and is the wax easiest to measure; natural beeswax has the highest melting point and burns longer than paraffin and soy. As you can see, they all have pros and cons. If you’re brand new to candle-making, soy wax might be your best bet. It’s the lowest-priced wax, the easiest to measure, and, therefore, the most forgiving if you make any blunders.

What other attributes make an excellent candle-making kit great?

Many of us love candles for their colors and scents and their glow. If you want to make colorful, aromatic candles, we have all-inclusive kits to share with you. In addition to quality wax, equipment, and molds, they include color dye blocks, fragrance oils (synthetic) or essential oils (natural), and dried flowers. These bonus ingredients may inspire you to continue the craft and find ways to personalize your candles if you’re new to candle-making.

Our Picks for the Best Candle-Making Kits

Best Value

Dingpai Soy Wax Candle-Making Kit with Pouring Pot

This food-grade stainless-steel wax melting pot doubles as a melter for butter, chocolate, and more.

Pros: For starters, the 31-ounce melting pot and seven-inch stirring spoon are made of 304 stainless steel, which you’ll use to meet the 100% soy wax included and food-grade standards. So, you can use it for melting butter, chocolate, or cheese. You get one 12.4-ounce bag of soy wax flakes, fifty 5.1-inch three-hole 100% cotton wicks, fifty adhesive dots, and two candle wick-centering devices. Dingpai prides itself on its chemical-free soy wax, which contains only plant-cased additives.


Cons: The 12.4-ounce bag of wax is not enough to make more than a few candles.


Bottom Line: It’s not often one comes across a candle with a melting pot that can be used for making food. If you run out of wax, you have what you need to DIY chocolate candy, fondu—the possibilities are endless.


Best with Hot Plate

Chandler Tool Candle-Making Kit with Electronic Hot Plate

This streamlined kit comes with five pounds of soy wax, more than most kits.

Pros: While the selling point of some kits is the sheer number of included supplies, the Chandler Tool kit offers just what you need: an electric hot plate for candle wax melting, five pounds of organic soy candle wax, 50 cotton candle wicks, one stainless-steel pouring pot, two stainless-steel centering devices, and one stainless-steel spoon. That’s it: no potions or colors, just high-quality necessities. Impressively, the soy wax is organic and comes in a five-pound bag. The 500-watt electric hot plate features nonskid rubber feet and variable temperature control, an enormously valuable feature. The Chandler Tool soy wax melts at 135°F, and the ideal pouring temperature is 185°F. 


Cons: If you’re looking for a candle-making kit with color dye blocks and fragrances, you may want to consider a different product.


Bottom Line: You get an instructional eBook and video tutorial in this kit, both of which can be as valuable to experienced candlers as much as for beginners. There’s always something new to learn to improve your craft and increase efficiency.


Best with Melting Pot

K KORKUAN Beeswax Candle-Making Kit

A beeswax candle-making kit with an electric melting pot.

Pros: This kit comes with beeswax, an ingredient that sets it apart from most candle-making kits. Natural beeswax offers more than a long-lasting burn. It’s known to purify the air from dust, mold, and toxins because the wax produces negative ions when lit. Another bonus is the 16-ounce capacity electric wax melter machine with a removable nonstick wax pot. It features an LED touch screen that displays the real-time temperature and buttons to increase and decrease temperature. Of course, this wouldn’t be a kit without the other candle-making essentials. You also get two 4-ounce tins with lids, 50 cotton wicks, 56 glue dots, 12 color dye blocks, ten wooden wick holders, scissors, a pair of heat-resistant gloves, and two 3.5-ounce bags of natural soy wax and two of beeswax.


Cons: The kit does not come with fragrances.


Bottom Line: The K KORKUAN kit makes a great starter kit for crafters new to candle-making. It includes everything needed and allows artists to explore the benefits of beeswax.


Also Great

CLCYICEN Scented Candle-Making Kit

A candle-making kit that may inspire you to share scented candle creations with friends.

Pros: This candle-making kit may be a dream for lovers of all things bohemian. The kit includes a 550-milliliter wax melting pot and stirring spoon, a 1.06-pound bag of wax, wicks, glue dots, and two bow tie clips—all the elements needed for a candler to make candles. Still, there’s more. To fulfill its promise as a hippy, artsy, candle-making kit, it comes with eight dye blocks (two each of red, purple, yellow, and blue hearts), six fragrance oils (orange, jasmine, lemon, Freesia, lavender, and lily), and eight candle tins with lids. The colorful, mandala-like patterns decorating the tins establish this kit as an original.

Cons: The product information is inconsistent, which may be confusing.

Bottom Line: What a tremendous candle-making kit for anyone who wants to try a little bit of everything—color, fragrance, and decorative tins. It’s great for making some one-of-a-kind gifts.

Final Thoughts

Why not buy a candle-making kit? It can make a great project to bring the family together, a solo creative venture, or a fun gift. The creations are endless once you find a kit that gives you the proper tools you need for your candle-making adventure.

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