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The Best Car Beds for Kids

Delta Children
🕚 Updated March 2022

Is it a challenge to get your child to go to bed each night? Check out these car beds for a fun way to help your child become interested in and even look forward to bedtime!

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  Delta Children
Wood Toddler Bed, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol
Twin Size Kids Race Car Bed
Junior Silver Metal Loft Bed
Wooden Race Car Toddler Bed
Delta Children
Turbo Race Car Twin Bed
Our SummaryKids will love that this car bed features beloved characters. Parents will love the high safety standards and quality construction.With its leather upholstery and neon lights, this high-octane, interactive car bed will have your child racing to get to bed at night!Spark your child's imagination during each bedtime with this firehouse-themed loft bed and slide set.Your toddler's adjustment from crib to bed can be made simple and fun with this classic race car toddler bed that fits most crib mattresses.This bed accommodates a twin mattress and is made to look like a classic race car with authentic detailing.
ProsMade of strong and sturdy wood, easy to assemble, colorful graphics, high side rails for safety.Twin-sized, realistic design, remote control lights, horn, engine sounds, and LED lights, comes in four colors, upholstered headboard, padded interior, high sides.Metal loft bed with slide, fire station curtain, fits standard twin mattress, rail pockets, full-length guardrails, secured metal slats, integrated ladder.Traditional race car, wood frame, fits most crib mattresses, low to the ground, features colorful NASCAR artwork, built-in bench.Classic race car features, sturdy molded plastic, comes in four colors, fits a twin-sized mattress, high sidewalls.
ConsMattress sits directly on the floor.Challenging to assemble and change the sheets.Curtains can detach with rough handling.Can be outgrown quickly.Decals aren't pre-applied.
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The Best Car Beds for Kids

A blue race car bed in a modern child's bedroom.
Delta Children

Buying Guide for Car Beds for Kids

A fancy black car bed with flame decals in a bedroom.

Why buy a car bed?

Car beds are a great way to help spark kids’ imagination and get them excited about bedtime. They provide a fun environment that can help children anticipate bedtime instead of avoiding or dreading it. Car beds can also be helpful if your child is transitioning from a crib since the sides are often raised and can help prevent them from falling out of bed.

What should you look for in a car bed?

  • Design: Car beds come in various styles, themes, and colors, so you’ll want to choose one that appeals to you and your child. You may want to look at traditional-looking race car beds or you may prefer a more unconventional design. Some options you can choose from include race cars, loft beds, character themes, fire trucks, or other adventurous rides that will take your child off to dreamland in a fun way.
  • Safety: How low to the floor the car bed should be will vary depending on the child’s age. Double-check that the bed frame is constructed without any sharp edges that might harm your child and that the paint used is nontoxic and lead-free.
  • Size: Check the dimensions to ensure the bed will fit in your child’s room. Also, make sure it’s big enough that your child can sleep comfortably in it. Take note of the maximum weight as well. If you want to be able to snuggle up with your child with a bedtime story or song, pick a model that can support the weight of an adult plus the child.
  • Mattress: If the mattress comes with the car bed you’re considering, you’ll want to make sure it’s of good quality and not too thin. If it doesn’t come with a mattress, be sure you know what size it requires so that you can find one easily. Most will be for twin mattresses or crib mattresses.

At what age can you transition a toddler from a crib to a car bed?

Many are ready to transition to a bed between the ages of 12 and 24 months. Some toddlers may be ready earlier or later than this, so it’s important to observe their development. A car bed is an excellent option for toddlers who are transitioning out of their crib because it provides them with more independence and allows them to feel like they’re sleeping in their own special, exciting, big kid bed.

Our Picks for the Best Car Beds for Kids

Top Choice

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed, Nick Jr. PAW Patrol

Kids will love that this car bed features beloved characters. Parents will love the high safety standards and quality construction.

Pros: This firetruck-shaped bed is perfect for little fans of Paw Patrol. Recommended for ages 15 months and up, this bed is made of strong and sturdy wood, yet it’s easy to assemble. The colorful graphics and featured characters will delight your toddler, and the high side rails provide extra security for them and peace of mind for parents while the kiddo sleeps.

Cons: The mattress sits directly on the floor, and some parents may prefer something a bit higher.

Bottom Line: Every night will be an adventure for your toddler with this cute and fun bed. And for parents, this can be a terrific choice in terms of affordability, safety, and bedtime motivation for your Paw Patrol fan.


Premium Choice

Cilek Twin Size Kids Race Car Bed

With its leather upholstery and neon lights, this high-octane, interactive car bed will have your child racing to get in bed at night!

Pros: This fabulous, twin-sized race car bed has a super realistic design and some of the most incredible features around. It has a remote that controls the lights and horn, plays engine sounds, and turns on the LED lights on the underbody. This car bed comes in four cool colors. The upholstered seats act as a headboard, the interior is padded for safety, and the high sides function as railings.

Cons: Some users may find the bed to be challenging to assemble. Also, this may not be the easiest bed to change the sheets on.

Bottom Line: This car bed is so impressive, you might wish this was your actual car! Although this lifelike race car bed is quite an investment, you can be sure your little racer will love it for a long time to come.


Best Loft Bed

DHP Junior Silver Metal Loft Bed

Spark your child's imagination during each bedtime with this firehouse-themed loft bed.

Pros: Your child will have a blast sleeping in their own fire station bed! The loft bed can fit a standard twin mattress, and the rail pockets and storage steps are great for storing books, dolls, and action figures. The full-length guardrails, secured metal slats, and integrated steps ensure safe climbing.

Cons: The fire station-themed curtains are attached to the bed by ties that can be broken with rough handling.

Bottom Line: This colorful loft bed may become your child’s new favorite hideaway and help them to look forward to bedtime. It can also stimulate their imagination and promote learning through play in their very own firehouse.


Best Race Car Bed

KidKraft Wooden Race Car Toddler Bed

Your toddler's adjustment from crib to bed can be made simple and fun with this classic race car toddler bed that fits most crib mattresses.

Pros: This traditional race car bed is an excellent choice for toddlers who are making that all-important move out of the crib. The frame is made of wood and includes side bed rails to keep your child safe and secure. It fits most crib mattresses and is low to the ground, so your child can easily get in and out. The bed features colorful NASCAR-inspired artwork complete with a spoiler on one end. The foot of the bed has a bench that can act as a step, seat, or storage shelf.

Cons: Since this bed is specifically made for toddlers, your child may outgrow it quickly.

Bottom Line: Rev up your toddler’s bedtime routine with this colorful, classic race car bed. Its fun design is perfect for your little racer’s room, and its safety features and ability to fit a crib mattress help make the transition from a crib easier.


Also Great

Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

This bed accommodates a twin mattress and is made to look like a classic race car with authentic detailing.

Pros: A rear spoiler, a front grill, and racing tires with chrome-colored rims are among the classic touches this race car bed features. The sturdy molded plastic and realistic-looking decals contribute to the bed’s streamlined look. This bed comes in four colors. Since it fits a twin-sized mattress, it may be able to accommodate an adult along with the child, perfect for bedtime stories and cuddle time. Its high sidewalls increase safety for young kids and can withstand years of wear and tear, making this bed a reasonable, lasting investment.

Cons: The decals aren’t already affixed to the bed, so you’ll have to stick them on yourself.

Bottom Line: This bed is an ideal choice for a child who loves race cars! It comes in several colors, so you can pick your child’s favorite. You may be able to use this twin-sized bed for a bit longer than a crib mattress. Keep in mind that decorating it with the decals may require a little extra work during the assembly.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, car beds come in a wide variety of themes and designs, and you should be able to find one your child will be thrilled with. Whether you’re transitioning your toddler from a crib or looking for a way to motivate your child to look forward to bedtime, one of these car beds is sure to be a helpful addition to your child’s bedtime routine.

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