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The Best Car Mats to Keep Your Floors Tidy

Top view of a black rubber car mat covered in mud and leaves.

Your car floors are bound to get dirty, and if it isn’t from your own dirty shoes, it’ll be someone else’s muddy sneakers soiling your car’s carpet with streaks of dirt and grime. Cleaning your car floor is a troublesome task and certainly a hassle. If your carpets are prone to be smothered by mud-caked footwear, a set of car mats is your solution. Here, we have compiled the four best car mats that you can get.

What to Look for in a Car Mat

Here are some basic considerations to make before you purchase a car mat:

  • Protection: With high-quality protection, you can ensure that mud, debris, or fluids aren’t able to leak onto your carpet. While wide mats will certainly offer you the most coverage, look for ergonomic tread patterns in your mats as well, as they can best capture the grime on your shoes.
  • Adjustability: Depending on the model and brand of your car, your floor’s dimensions may differ from the size that is typically offered. However, trimmable mats allow you to choose mat sizes and fit them to the length and width you need.
  • Durability: A flimsy mat won’t do you any good in the long run. For the best long-term protection, choose floor mats that are made with durable materials, like rubber. Strong mats should be able to withstand various weather conditions and temperatures.

Best Heavy-Duty: Motor Trend FlexTough Contour Liners

A black car mat over the floor of the driver's seat.

Rain or shine, these heavy-duty Motor Trend floor mats will shield your car from debris and all types of weather. They are made with high-quality rubber polymers that can endure extreme conditions without wear. The mats are equipped with rubberized nibs for non-slip stability and have an ergonomic design that provides you with traction. Additionally, you can trim these mats to fit your car’s dimensions.

Best Heavy-Duty

Best Budget: Armor All 78840ZN 4-Piece All Season Floor Mat

A rubber car mat over the floor of the driver's seat.

Economical but still just as effective, this four-piece floor mat set from Armor All can protect you from all types of weather conditions. The mats are durably designed, as they won’t curl, harden, or break under sub-zero weather. They are also designed with deep grooves to catch water from snow, rain, and mud and come with anti-slip cleats that will stabilize the mat on top of your floor’s carpet. In addition, these mats can be trimmed to fit your car’s floor dimensions.

Best Budget

Armor All 4-Piece Black Rubber Floor Mats

This four-piece floor mat set is designed to handle freezing temperatures and water.

Best Full Set: Motor Trend FlexTough Advanced Rubber Car Floor Mats

A rubber trunk mat in an open car trunk with two suitcases.

Floor mats under the front and back seat help capture dirt and mud from your feet, but how about your trunk? This set from Motor Trend offers a trunk mat as well as mats for your floors. The mats are designed with anti-slip nibs and ergonomic tread patterns for traction. They also feature durable rubber polymers that can withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, the mats are BPA-free, odorless, and non-toxic.

Most Color Options: FH Group F11313 Monster Eye Floor Mats

A rubber car mat with two red panels.

An additional pop of color to your floor mats can make them more purposeful and stylish. These floor mats from FH Group offer seven color options to help you match your unique look. The two front mats and two rear mats are designed with tall ridges to prevent mud, water, or other fluids from leaking into your car’s carpet. The rubber mats are relatively easy to clean, too.

Most Color Options
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