The Best Car Phone Mounts for Easy Hands-Free Traveling

A dashboard car phone mount with phone showing directions in car.

Trying to handle your phone while driving is not only a hassle, but it’s also extremely dangerous. However, things like getting directions or listening to music can be essential to the success of a trip, not to mention the occasional phone call. Instead of fumbling with your phone, try a handy phone mount for inside your car that allows you to still use your phone but hands-free! Below are our favorites.

What to Consider When Purchasing Phone Car Mounts

Not all phone car mounts are created equal, so take the time to carefully review and research which mount you are considering before buying. To help with your decision process, keep these kye points in mind:

  • Phone Model: Some car phone mounts are designed to fit a range of phones while others will only fit a select few — some will ever fit a tablet! Before your purchase, be sure that the mount will fit your particular phone or device.
  • Mount Style: If there is a certain place you like your phone, be sure the mount will allow it to be stored there while driving. For example, if the cup holder or vent is a comfortable place for you, then choose a car mount that works well with that area. If you like to switch it up or there are others drivers in the car that prefer differently (and you only want one mount), choose one that offers versatility and can be mounted in a range of places.
  • Charging Capabilities: Charging is not always necessary, but it can be a handy feature, especially if you need to charge your phone while it is in the mount.

Best Overall: iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Phone Mount

A black car phone holder displayed on white background.

Designed with a telescopic arm that extends and pivots, this car phone mount can hold your phone at almost any angle you desire. Featuring a patented easy one-touch setup to secure your phone, this mount can be placed on either the windshield or the dashboard. The suction cup is washable, and the arms can hold pretty much any phone and case combination.

Best Overall

iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Phone Mount

Made to fit a variety of phones with a pivoting telescopic arm to help display your phone.

Most Versatile: VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

A metallic black phone holder with suction cup displaying a phone.

The simple design of this mount makes it friendly with most phones and cases, including pop sockets and wallet attachments. This phone mount features fixed ultra-stable thick feet that won’t drop your phone, regardless of the vibration strength. The mount allows your phone to be mounted vertically and horizontally to either the dash, windshield, or air vent. There is a genuine 3M gel pad for added stability that can withstand up to 44 pounds, and the stickiness can be restored by water. The structure is made of durable stainless steel, and it can withstand both intense heat and extreme cold temperatures.

Most Versatile

VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount

Able to be mounted just about anywhere, this universal mount fits all phones and cases and can withstand weather fluctuations.

Best Magnetic: WixGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Two magnetic vent holders with magnetic and protective sheets.

These magnetic car mounts come with four metal plates and four protection films that stick directly to the back of your device to securely hold it in place while driving. The magnets are designed to never affect the signal strength of battery life. The back of the mount offers a spot for both thicker and thinner vent blades, and it will not disrupt your view while driving.

Best Magnetic

WixGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

These magnetic holders are designed to fit both thick and thin car vents and are easy to install.

Most Flexible: andobil Car Phone Mount Easy Clamp

A shiny black car phone mount displayed slightly extended without phone.

Available in both gray and black, this car phone mount can be installed on the dashboard, vent, or windshield. It is able to fit all phones and cases, from iPhone SE to even the thickest case. It also offers extreme flexibility with its ability to turn a phone 360-degrees and the base mount 270-degrees, so there will always be a comfortable viewing position for your phone. The mount can withstand both intense heat and cold, while the reusable suction can hold up to 52 pounds.

Most Flexible

andobil Car Phone Mount Easy Clamp

Extremely flexible with a 360-degree rotation as well as a telescopic arm.

Best Charger Mount: Piosoo Car Wireless Charger Phone Mount

A cigarette holder charging car phone mount with a goose neck design.

Featuring auto-clamping and backup power, this phone holder has smart positioning arms and a foot along with an infrared smart sensor. It is designed with a 15W fast charge to help your phone charge a little faster and displays vehicle battery voltage. The gooseneck can extend up to 8-inches and has a 360-degree rotation. To get the perfect charge, this mount is designed to be compatible with all Qi devices.

Best Charger Mount

Piosoo Car Wireless Charger Phone Mount

Designed with faster charging in mind, this holder clearly displays a range of voltage and charging stats.

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