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The Best Car Snow Brushes

🕚 Updated February 2022

Waking up to snowfall or freezing temperatures can be an unpleasant surprise, especially if you have to dig your car out of the snow or scrape an icy windshield. Grab your gloves and one of these snow brushes to make the process easier!

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  Top Choice Best with Foam Head Best Value Best Multipurpose Also Great
  Birdrock Home
Extendable Snow Brush
Snoe Joe
LED 4-in-1 Snow Broom
Snow Brush
5-in-1 Extendable Snow Brush
Extendable Snow Brush
Our SummaryThis extendable snow brush allows you to clear off your car from virtually every angle.A reliable snow brush with LED lights to help you clear off your car at night.A budget-friendly car snow brush that also takes care of icy windshields.A durable snow brush with several innovative features.A versatile snow brush that also includes a squeegee and an ice scraper.
ProsFoam grip, lightweight design, made of durable aluminum.Safe and easy to use on all cars, dual foam grips, lightweight for better maneuverability.Contoured foam grip, sturdy bristles for removing heavy snow.Five-in-one extendable design, suitable for every vehicle, sturdy and long-lasting.Pivoting broom head for better angle control, telescopic foam handle, lightweight aluminum build.
ConsExpensive.You will have to replace the batteries periodically.Not extendable.Not the most heavy-duty option.Heavy, expensive.
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The Best Car Snow Brushes

A car snow brush being used to brush off a windshield

Buying Guide for Car Snow Brushes

A person uses a car snow brush to remove heavy snow from a windshield

Why buy a car snow brush?

The simple answer is that you will simply need one if you live in an area that gets snow and if you park your car outside. Without it, you’ll have a tough time getting your car ready to drive after a snowfall or a freezing night. If you

What should you look for in a car snow brush?

  • Durability: Ice and snow can be hard and heavy, so make sure your brush is up to the task. Many are made of polyethylene and other plastics that offer superior tensile strength.
  • Design: Many brushes feature ergonomic and forward-thinking design elements, like extendable handles, padded grips, or a brush side and a scraper side.

What is the best way to use a car snow brush?

When clearing snow and ice from your car, it’s best to work from the top down so that you don’t remove snow from lower down and then end up replacing it with residue from snow you brushed off the top. Try to remove all the snow from your car, don’t apply too much pressure when using the snow brush, and don’t hack away at the ice. Knowing these tips and tricks will allow you to get the most out of your snow brush.

Our Picks for the Best Car Snow Brushes

Top Choice

Birdrock Home Extendable Snow Brush

This extendable snow brush allows you to clear snow off your car from virtually every angle.

Pros: This snow brush features a fully rotational head that allows you to easily clear away snow from your car, even if it’s hard to reach. The brush handle extends to 60 inches long, so you won’t have to walk around your car 17 times to reach all the snow. It’s also incredibly lightweight for easy maneuverability.

Cons: This snow brush is the priciest one we review here, but it’s also the longest.

Bottom Line: This 60-inch extendable snow brush is the ultimate snowy-weather driving accessory. You shouldn’t have any problems with reaching snow or scraping ice when you have this sturdy snow brush.


Best with Foam Head

Joe Snow 4-in-1 Snow Broom

A reliable snow brush with LED lights to help you clear off your car at night.

Pros: This snow brush features a non-abrasive foam head that can easily remove heavy snow without causing any damage to your paint, trim, or windshield/passenger windows. It features LED lights that illuminate your car while it’s dark out, making it feasible to use at night. Also, with foam grips and a telescopic handle, this snow brush offers easy handling.

Cons: You will have to change out the batteries for the LED lights periodically, which will obviously require you to spend money on replacing them.

Bottom Line: Clearing snow and ice away from your car has never been so easy. This snow brush has plenty of unique features that will make your life a lot easier when braving harsh winter conditions.


Best Value

Mallory Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

A budget-friendly car snow brush that also takes care of icy windshields.

Pros: This dual snow brush and ice scraper measures at a length of 26 inches and features sturdy bristles for removing heavy snow from your car. The 4-inch scraper effectively breaks through ice no matter the density or thickness. The contoured foam grip also feels comfortable in your hands while you use it.

Cons: It’s not an extendable brush.

Bottom Line: This snow brush is a super popular option because it offers you a great length and price. Its durable build will allow you to clear off your car with incredible ease.


Best Multipurpose Option

JoyTutus 5-in-1 Snow Brush

A durable snow brush with several innovative features.

Pros: This five-in-one extendable car snow brush features a detachable ice scraper and a squeegee. The telescoping handle and triangular aluminum rod are both innovative features that greatly simplify the process of removing snow from your car. It extends up to 47 inches, and the rotating brush head allows you to clear off your car from multiple angles.

Cons: This isn’t the most heavy-duty option out there. Some said it felt a little flimsy against heavy snow or thick ice.

Bottom Line: The truth is that this snow brush has an upgraded, multipurpose design that enables you to clear away large amounts of snow. It’s sturdy, durable, versatile, and won’t cause damage to your windshield or windows.


Pros: This 39-inch extendable snow brush is nifty because you can easily disassemble it for storage purposes. It’s made of industrial-grade plastic material that holds up well with extensive use. With its telescopic handle, you can reach the snow on the top of your car easier.

Cons: It’s heavy and can make your arm tired. It’s also quite expensive.

Bottom Line: Though it’s expensive, this is a high-quality snow brush made of sturdy materials. It stores nicely and does a nice job at clearing snow.

Final Thoughts

Keep a car snow brush on hand to ensure your view isn’t obstructed when you need to hit the road. These options should all serve you well on cold early morning rushes.

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