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The Best Card Shufflers

Trademark Poker
🕚 Updated August 2022

If you haven't mastered that fancy card riffle shuffle with a cascade finish, consider these easy-to-use card shufflers instead. They'll make quick and easy work of things during game night.

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  Trademark Poker
Card Shuffler
Hand Cranked Card Shuffler
KANGAROO Giraffe Manufacturing
Automatic Card Shuffler
6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler
Our SummaryA six-deck capacity shuffler for standard-sized poker cards.A card shuffler that is extremely quiet and can shuffle two decks at a time.A hand-cranked card shuffler for all types of card games.This battery-operated card shuffler comes with six decks of cards.
ProsBattery-operated for standard poker and bridge-style cards, good choice for those with arthritis or dexterity issues, six-deck capacity, double-sided.Bright red, fun Las Vegas-style, handles up to two decks, quiet hand crank, fun for kids, works for standard and bridge-size cards.Hand-crank, quiet two-deck shuffler, perfect for multiple game types, fun Las Vegas decal, geared operation makes shuffling fast and reliable, impossible to cheat.Sorts six decks at once within 3 seconds, suitable for many games, comes with six decks of standard cards.
ConsShuffler may be loud.The shuffler operates best for left-hand dominant players; right-hand dominant individuals may find it frustrating.Best to reach a balance in speed so the cards won't bunch inside. Not too slow, not too fast.
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The Best Card Shufflers

A card shuffler with decks of cards inside it resting on a poker table next to chips and cards.
Trademark Poker

Buying Guide for Card Shufflers

A group of friends plays a game with face cards a the table.
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Why buy a card shuffler?

Card shufflers are an excellent investment to streamline card games or make life easier for those who have a hard time shuffling a deck of cards. Even the most skilled card shufflers can’t match the thoroughness of an automatic shuffler machine. They’re easy to use, some can shuffle multiple card decks simultaneously, and all help keep the game fair.

What should you look for in a card shuffler?

  • Capacity: The products we review handle at least two card decks at once, some up to six. As you shop around, remember the games you play most and the number of players and decks they require.
  • Appeal: A Las Vegas-styled shuffler may add a touch of fun to a serious game of poker. If you’re shopping for a child, think about colors and sound. 
  • Manual vs. Automatic: Some machines have a button to press or need to be hand-cranked, while others begin automatically shuffling when you insert a deck. The automatic shuffler is faster but makes more noise.

How much should you expect to spend?

The price depends mainly on the type of shuffler: automatic shufflers are more expensive than manual shufflers. Automatic shufflers require more parts and a bit more engineering than manual versions. In general, though, card shufflers are low-cost investments. Among the products we reviewed, the most expensive is a $25 automatic, and the least costly is a manual for $12.

Our Picks for the Best Card Shufflers

Top Choice

Trademark Poker Card Shuffler

A six-deck capacity shuffler for standard-sized poker cards.

Pros: This battery-operated card shuffler handles standard poker cards and narrow bridge-style cards. It’s meant for professional and beginning card dealers and is ideal for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. The dispenser has a six-deck capacity and a two-sided shuffler. The gear mechanism on each side of the machine drives the cards into the tray. Press the machine’s base switch to shuffle cards effortlessly and effectively.

Cons: If you have sensitive ears, you may find this shuffler too loud.

Bottom Line: The Trademark Poker shuffler is fast, features a high deck capacity, and is easy to operate. You only need to load the cards and press the lever down, saving your energy for your best game.


Best Manual

CHH Hand Cranked Card Shuffler (2-Deck)

A card shuffler that is extremely quiet and can shuffle two decks at a time.

Pros: This fire engine red Las Vegas-style card shuffler handles up to two decks of cards. It operates much quieter than an automatic shuffler and is easy to use. Clarification: it works according to how slowly or quickly you turn the hand crank. Kids will want to join in as they operate the shuffler, watching the cards spit out into a sorted pile at the bottom. The device can shuffle standard and bridge-sized playing cards.

Cons: The cards can get stuck if you crank it too quickly.

Bottom Line: What a fun, colorful, and quiet manual shuffler. Its quirky design and efficient operation appeal to the young and old.


Most Affordable

KANGAROO Giraffe Manufacturing Automatic Card Shuffler

A hand-cranked card shuffler for all types of card games.

Pros: This two-card deck manual card shuffler is a hand-crank machine and a great option for hard-care players who struggle with hand shuffling. The shuffler is perfect for blackjack, poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, baccarat, and more. The Las Vegas Nevada branding on the front of the shuffler makes for a fun, Vegas-inspired night. Committed card players can be a bit fussy with how other players handle the card deck. The geared operation makes shuffling fast and reliable, making it impossible to cheat.

Cons: You need to reach a balance in cranking speed so that the cards won’t bunch inside. 

Bottom Line: Bring this automatic card shuffler to the next poker game with your old buddies to impress them and streamline the shuffling process.


Also Great

SK CASA 6 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

This battery-operated card shuffler comes with six decks of cards.


Pros: The SK CASA is an excellent option for people in a hurry to play. It shuffles six decks at once within three seconds. And it’s good to be fast because reshuffling is required for a fair start to a game. Use it for fun kids’ games like UNO or Phase 10 and more highbrow games like bridge, poker, and blackjack. This shuffler’s winning feature is the six decks of standard face cards that come included. Structurally, the shuffler outperforms similar products with its non-jamming slanted surface.

Cons: The included decks aren’t the best quality, and the shuffler can sometimes jam.

Bottom Line: The SK CASA card shuffler sure is convenient. Its high-deck capacity, fast shuffle speed, and six bonus card decks are exceptional. Take it to family reunions, game nights at home, or use it at tournaments.

Final Thoughts

Whether you host a weekly poker game or enjoy family card game nights, you will impress others with your new card shuffler and get to playing faster.

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