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The Best Men’s Cardigans

🕚 Updated October 2021

Whether you rock a thin or chunky, traditionally shaded or bold-hued cardigan, it's the go-to choice for making a brilliant fashion statement in most months of the year.

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Comfortable Fit Cardigan
Paul Jones
Men's Cardigan
Cardigan Sweater
Thick Knitted Cardigan
Long Ruffle Knit Cardigan
Our SummaryAn easy-to-wear and simply comfortable shawl collar cardigan that offers great flexibility and ample warmth.With its unique collar and cable-pattern design, this cardigan can be dressed up or down.A welcomingly soft cardigan that brings you a truly breathable design that doesn't cling.A cardigan made from a blend of materials that grant a comfy and durable experience for your coldest and most fashionable mornings.An extravagantly long cardigan that brings you effortless style whether you're curled up indoors or headed out the door.
ProsMade from acrylic materials, designed in a slim-fit fashion, available in 17 different color options.Woven design works for several types of wardrobes, eight-button closure allows for custom styling, unique color options.Made from 100% cotton materials to ensure soft feel, highly breathable, oversized design rests easily on frame.Designed with more formality than most options, features comfortable and heat-retaining materials, zip-up design locks in warmth.Offers a one-of-a-kind look, cape-like design coats wearers in warmth, sleeves and waistband are ribbed for fabric's protection.
Cons95% polyester construction isn't entirely breathable, pockets can sag if carrying too much weight, hard to pin back the collar.Wearers may fumble with the large amount of buttons, lacks pockets, can only be washed by hand.Cotton material can be torn, stained, and shrunk over time, baggy design isn't as trendy as some other modern cardigans.Wool construction can feel uneasy on some people's skin, offers a well-kept but not entirely slim appearance, pockets lack ideal amount of space.Excessive length can feel heavier than other options, only suitable for colder weather, sizing can be hit or miss.
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The Best Men’s Cardigans

A young man in a cardigan smiles at his tablet.

Cardigans offer warmth without bulk and are a practical style option for men, providing you with clean looks and all-around ease. They come in various designs, colors, sizes, and fabrics and can be worn as both a casual garment or an office-appropriate addition. If you’re in the mood to take your cool-weather wear to cozy heights, then here are some men’s cardigans that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Men’s Cardigans

A young man wears a long brown cardigan over a t-shirt, headphones, and sunglasses as he smiles and holds a cup of coffee.

Why should you buy a cardigan?

If you’re in the mood for the lightweight and warm sensation of an everyday sweater, but one that provides you the convenient ability to slide in and out of it like a coat would offer, then the cardigan is right up your comfort alley. While the sweater is too light to handle more severe days, and the coat is too big for simply breezy days, the cardigan is your saving grace to wear on almost any day.

What should you look for in a cardigan?

With so many styles and designs, here is what you should keep in mind for your purchase:

  • Fabric: Finding the right cardigan for you starts at its woven foundation—the material. The type, or types, of fabric your sweater is made from, is an essential factor to consider as it will allow you to tackle different climates and office/home atmospheres, whether you choose a lightweight knit or a heavy-duty, chunky style. The type of fabric you choose will also bring you an ideal level of comfort, depending on your preferred materials and what works best with your skin.
  • Closure: A cardigan’s closure design is an important consideration because, just like the material, you’ll get a greater sense of warmth and overall convenience with a specific design. The traditional multi-button closure is a style almost everyone associates with the cardigan. It’s a classic look that rests easily on your chest, but it can get tricky when you’re fumbling around with too many buttons. On the other hand, the zipper closure, while heavier and rigid, is a better means of keeping heat closer to your body for a longer period of time. Some are simply open models.
  • Fit: There are also plenty of different cardigan fits that capture unique senses of style, from the slouchy setup to the oversized boyfriend cut and even the cropped look. Of course, we’re going to tell you that it’s best to pick a cardigan fit that matches the style of your wardrobe or the season you’re wearing it in, but it’s also important to remember that you should find a cardigan that rests easily on your body.

Can you find a weatherproof cardigan?

Despite how thin and prone-to-tearing some popular options are, you can find a cardigan that’s actually made to survive the harshest cool weather conditions. A cardigan made entirely from (or with a majority of) wool material is the most durable type of sweater you could don when the sun stays away. Of course, when you invest in an all-wool cardigan, you also invest in a specific moment, one that limits you from using the sweater at any other time that isn’t bracingly cold.

Our Picks for the Comfiest Men’s Cardigans

Best Casual Cardigan

H2H Comfortable Fit Cardigan

An easy-to-wear and simply comfortable shawl collar cardigan that offers great flexibility and ample warmth.

Pros: A stylish shawl collar cardigan that’s made with high-quality acrylic materials, providing you with both warmth and smoothness. Its cuffs and waistband are ribbed to offer protection, as well as a tighter, slim-fit appearance. Its 95% polyester and 5% spandex construction allows for total mobility. This cardigan is also available in 17 exciting shades, from the classics (e.g., red, black, navy) to the welcome oddities (e.g., mustard, charcoal, ivory).

Cons: The downside to leaning so heavily into its polyester construction is that the material, while stretchy, doesn’t actually offer a lot of breathability, so you may work up a sweat when the sun’s still out. While polyester can retain its shape over time, it’s often regarded as an excessively thin material, so when you load up the cardigan’s pockets, they’re likely going to sag.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cardigan that you can wear at almost any time of day, this H2H Comfortable Fit Cardigan embodies casual use and relaxation in a variety of nice colors.


Best Knitted Cardigan

Paul Jones Men's Cardigan

With its unique collar and cable-pattern design, this cardigan can be dressed up or down.

Pros: This cardigan features an elegant woven appearance that works for a variety of settings and wardrobes, whether you’re pairing it with khaki or denim bottoms. Its knitted acrylic fabric and cable pattern embrace traditional cardigan durability alongside modern styling. Its eight-button closure allows you to adjust the appearance of its stand collar as desired (deep-neck or buttoned to the top). It’s available in a plethora of color options as well, like army green, dark coffee, and apricot.

Cons: While an eight-button closure may offer plenty of room to personalize your appearance, it can also amount to a big hassle as you must constantly fumble with a high number of buttons when putting on or taking off the cardigan. Unlike other options, this cardigan doesn’t feature a single sewed-in pocket, so expect to carry loose items that won’t fit in the pockets of your jeans. This cardigan also demands handwash-only treatment, so you’ll definitely need to set aside cleaning time.

Bottom Line: This PJ Paul Jones Men’s Cardigan features both classic and modern sweater staples to create a uniquely cozy, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing choice to wrap around your shoulders when you’re looking to make a great impression.


Best with Shawl Collar

Goodthreads Cardigan Sweater

A welcomingly soft cardigan that brings you a truly breathable design that doesn't cling.

Pros: Another comfortable and midweight shawl collar cardigan with a major perk: 100% cotton material construction. As most clothing brands utilize secondary materials to save time and money, this option’s use of true cotton ensures an extremely soft and breathable experience when you’re on the move. Pair the cotton with a loose, slightly oversized design, and you get a cardigan that won’t uncomfortably cling to you the way most thin options do.

Cons: The incredibly soft feel of cotton can often be overshadowed by its lack of durability. Because you’re dealing with a cardigan made entirely from cotton, that means it’s not only likely to shrink once washed and dried, but it’s also prone to tearing and staining far easier than most fabrics. Moreover, the bagginess of its design may not be to the liking of those who prefer a more well-kept appearance.

Bottom Line: For the person on the hunt for a cardigan that’s so soft they’d think they wrapped themselves up in a blanket, this Goodthreads Men’s Shawl Cardigan Sweater is the epitome of comfort whether you’re tossing it over a t-shirt or layering it under a coat.


Best for Warmth

Yeokou Thick Knitted Cardigan

A cardigan made from a blend of materials that grant a comfy and durable experience for your cold and fashionable mornings.

Pros: Here’s a knit cardigan that’s designed with a bit more formality than most options bear. It’s made from a quality blend of cashmere, cotton, wool, and even anti-pilling fibers, so you’ll be donning an assortment of heat-retaining and comfort-forward materials. What really sells its heat-retention is the combination of a full-torso zipper and its fleece-lined interior, as the former locks in heat while the latter produces it. It also features two pockets and a tall turtleneck collar.

Cons: Though it features a low percentage overall, this cardigan’s partial wool construction can make for a slightly uncomfortable experience that’s heightened if you have irritable skin. Some people have reported that it offers a slimmer fit, so you may be taking a gamble if you attempt to size down. Additional wearers have also noted less than satisfactory storage capacity inside of its built-in pockets.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a cardigan with an abundant helping of fashion and burly durability, this Yeokou Thick Knitted Cardigan offers a dignified twist on the men’s sweater that’s built to last for a far longer time, too.


Best Oversized Cardigan

COOFANDY Long Ruffle Knit Cardigan

An extravagantly long cardigan that brings you effortless style whether you're curled up indoors or headed out the door.

Pros: This cardigan channels total luxury across every inch of it, whether you’re wearing it out or curling up indoors. Depending on your preferred size, this slim, open-front cardigan falls to just above the knee, so you’ll truly feel wrapped in its chunky knitted fabric. Its long sleeves and waistband feature ribbed edges to ensure longevity, and its multi-color assortment means you get to really personalize how you look.

Cons: A notable drawback underlying the design of a cardigan that literally drapes you in its comfort is the weight. Because this option extends beyond your waist, you’re definitely going to feel the extra baggage hanging off of your shoulders. Its longer body can also lead to excess warmth, so you really only want to break this out when the temperature dips.

Bottom Line: The ideal choice if you’re looking for optimal comfort, whether that be in your home or when you’re headed out the door, this COOFANDY Long Ruffle Knit Cardigan is another great sweater for cool weather days that don’t let up.

Final Thoughts

The cardigan finds that middle-ground for warmth. When the breeze rolls in, but the sun’s still looming behind a few sparse clouds, you’ll find your cardigan the thing you want to slide onto your shoulders. And if you buy with function in mind, your next cardigan can even function in various seasons, so invest in the details of your cardigan.

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