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The Best Carpet Tapes for Home Improvement Projects

two rugs with the corners held up to show carpet tape below

Carpet tape is quickly becoming a hot commodity for many different reasons. It allows you to secure the carpeting in your home, business, or outdoor space. The tape itself can grip onto virtually any kind of rug, ensuring that it remains in place on top of any type of surface. It will go a long way in preventing accidents or injuries due to rugs slipping out from under you and can help keep the corners from curling. Here are some carpet tapes we recommend.

What to Look for in Carpet Tape

Here are the key features you should look for in a carpet tape:

  • Double-Sided Adhesion: This means that the tape is sticky on both sides. It adheres to your carpet to keep it in place on top of your flooring. The tape itself creates a strong bond to both your carpet and many different types of surfaces.
  • Easy to Remove: Perhaps you want to rearrange your interior decor. Carpet tape is also removable, ensuring that there is no damage to your flooring when you redecorate your home. This also makes it viable for special events when you are only using the tape for temporary purposes.
  • Versatility: Most carpet tapes can now stick to a variety of different surfaces, making them multifunctional and incredibly versatile. Good ones will also be heat- and moisture-resistant, meaning that you can install them in various settings like warehouses, factories, and other commercial facilities.

Best Overall: YYXLIFE Double-Sided Carpet Tape

a roll of white YYXLIFE double-sided carpet tape

You won’t find a better option for stabilizing area rugs in homes or businesses. This carpet tape has reliable adhesive properties that allow you to use it on virtually any surface. It doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue, making it much easier to remove, and it won’t cause any damage to your flooring. This carpet tape is also compatible with tiles, vinyl, concrete, wood, and cement.

Most Versatile: XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape

a roll of whit XFasten carpet tape

You can install this carpet tape just about anywhere. It is safe to use because it won’t leave behind any residue even on some of the more delicate surfaces, such as hardwood or laminate flooring. It is also easy to install, and it’s proven to protect your family members by preventing your carpet from slipping out from under people.

Best Heavy-Duty Option: Rug Tape by The Good Stuff

a roll of white Extreme Strength Rug Tape resting on a rug

This carpet tape offers heavy-duty adhesion, ensuring that your rugs will remain securely in place no matter what. The adhesion is so incredibly strong that you can install the tape in commercial or industrial facilities that experience a lot of daily foot traffic. This way, you can ensure that your workers are safe when walking on top of area rugs.

Best for Outdoor Use: Sugarman Creations Carpet Tape

A roll of gray double-sided carpet tape

This carpet tape is viable to use outdoors because it is compatible with many different surfaces and environments. It offers industrial-grade adhesion, so it can withstand any atmospheric changes in terms of heat and moisture. This product would work well for installing rugs on pool decks where young kids are much more prone to accidents due to slippery surfaces.

Best Budget: Duck Carpet Tape

a roll of Duck carpet tape in a box

If you want the benefits of having carpet tape while saving money, then this is the best option for you. It still offers excellent adhesion and will stick onto a lot of different surfaces with ease. You can also use this product indoors and outdoors, and it features a fiberglass construction for extra strength and durability.

Best Budget

Duck Brand 286373 Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White

A double-sided adhesive tape that you can use indoors and outdoors.

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