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The Best Cast Covers for Bathing While Injured

a woman showering and washing her hair with a blue cast cover on her arm

Injuries and broken bones can make bathing, showering, and swimming a struggle. Cast covers solve this by easily preventing water from coming into contact with your cast and ensuring that you can go about your normal life.

Purchasing Cast Covers

Listed below are the key features:

  • Waterproofing: Cast covers should have reliable waterproofing to allow you to take showers or go swimming with a cast on your arm, leg, or elbow. Coverings should also enable you to submerge underwater for extended periods of time.
  • Reusability: You can get a lot of use from cast covers if they feature durable rubber that won’t easily tear or fall apart. Cast covers with nonslip features promote safety and easier use.

Best for Arms: Waterproof Cast Cover Arm by Mighty-X

a box of waterproof cast covers for arms

Do you currently have a cast on your arm? These covers make waterproofing a lot simpler when you are showering or taking a bath. You can also reuse them over and over again so that you never miss a day of proper hygienic activity. Nursing an injury is never easy, but these will help make the process a lot simpler.

Best for Arms

Waterproof Cast Cover Arm by Mighty-X

A super-lightweight design that is comfortable to wear.

Best for Legs: Waterproof Cast Cover Leg by Mighty-X

A waterproof cast cover for your leg

Leg injuries can make it extremely difficult to shower or bathe. However, these cast covers provide you with a reliable protective barrier so that you can relax while showering. They stay up without the use of tape, and they easily slide on over your leg and cast.

Best for Legs

Waterproof Cast Cover Leg by Mighty-X

Protect your leg injuries with these durable plastic coverings.

Best for Kids: Bloccs Waterproof Cast Covers

a blue mitten-like cast cover over a boy's arm

This cast cover is perfect for young children because they’re incredibly comfortable and less restrictive. They ensure that kids can take a bath or submerge their injured arms or legs in shallow swimming areas. The seal is water-tight and you can reuse it many times.

Best for Kids

Bloccs Waterproof Cast Covers

Provide your children with optimal protection while they are healing from an injury.

Best for Bathing: UpGoing Adult Cast Cover

This cast cover features a water-tight seal

This cast cover will allow you to shower as you regularly would while also protecting your cast and preventing any irritation to your skin. There is no need to make your injury worse than it already is, so try this submersible cast cover with a watertight seal.

Best for Bathing

UpGoing Adult Cast Cover

This cast covering ensures that you can bathe and shower without water contacting your injured arm.

Also Consider: Bloccs Waterproof Cover

a woman wearing a blue cast cover on her arm

This award-winning cast cover offers you optimal protection with a watertight seal and the right amount of length to accommodate both adults and children. If you are planning a vacation, but recently sustained an injury, then you don’t have to change your plans. This cast cover will allow you to make the most of trips to the pool or beach if you’re wearing a cast on your arm.

Also Consider

Bloccs Waterproof Cover

Swim, shower, and bathe with optimal arm, leg, and elbow protection.

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