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The Best Cat Hammocks

Fernando Calmon/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated October 2022

If you are a feline lover, there are ways to make your furry friend more comfortable in your home and give them their own space. Consider purchasing a cat hammock to give your cat a cozy place to rest.

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  Best Window Seat Best Design Best Floor Stand Best Wall Option Cutest Design
Cat Window Perch
Cat Tree
Free-Standing Cat Hammock
Cat Hammock
K&H Pet Products
EZ Mount Window Bed
Our SummaryA sunbathing shelf for cats that suctions to your window.A classic cat tree that features a dual scratching post, a feather toy, and a cat hammock bed.An indoor and outdoor-safe freestanding cat bed perfect for everyday use.A beautiful wooden cat shelf that is easy to mount to your wall.A suction-cup kitty bed that can hold up to 50 pounds.
Pros360-degree sunbathing shelf, adheres to window with suction cups, great for multiple cats, comes with flannel pad.Comes with a teasing feather string, scratchers, and hammock.Standalone, safe for indoors and outdoors, easy to clean and store.Wooden shelf, stylish, easy to clean, great for bigger cats, mounts to wall.Open top access, holds up to 50 pounds, installs in seconds, comes with machine-washable, insulating pad.
ConsFrame may not support long-term use.Only holds up to 10 pounds.Some pets may have difficulty jumping into bed.Natural wood color may vary.Temperature can affect suction cups.
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The Best Cat Hammocks

A calico cat laying in a hammock.
Fernando Calmon/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Cat Hammocks

White and brown cat lies in a hammock by the window in a funny way.
Magui RF/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a cat hammock?

Creating a cat-friendly home is very important for cat owners. Allowing your cat to have its own space is a great way to ensure your feline friend is happy and has a place to retreat. From cat beds to cat trees, to cat shelves, to catios, there are many options out there. Cat hammocks are a fun take on the traditional-style cat bed.

What should you look for in a cat hammock?

  • Type: There are several kinds of cat hammocks on the market. Some are designed to cling onto a window to give your cat a viewing platform and rest area. Others mount to the walls; some are stand-alone hammocks, while some are part of scratching posts.
  • Number of Cats: Depending on the number of cats in your home, you may consider purchasing more than one hammock, so your cats don’t have to share. Alternatively, if your cats prefer to snuggle, opt for a wider hammock that has a larger weight limit.

What should you consider when choosing a place to put a cat hammock?

Depending on the type of hammock you choose—stand-alone, wall-mounted, or window-mounted, there are many options as to where you should place the cat hammock in your home. Before you buy, consider the space in your home and how it will fit into your home decor if that’s a concern for you. If your cat likes to scratch, opt for a hammock attached to a cat scratcher.

Our Picks for the Best Cat Hammocks

Best Window Seat

PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

A sunbathing shelf for cats that suctions to your window.

Pros: This cozy cat hammock provides a 360-degree sunbathing shelf for your cat. It adheres to the window with giant three-inch suction cups and a 2-millimeter-thick stainless-steel cable to enable it to hold more than 40 pounds (two cats). This window perch is easily removable and can be put in your home. It also comes with flannel pads so your cat can enjoy the sunshine in comfort.

Cons: It has a flimsy frame and may collapse.

Bottom Line: This cat hammock is easy to set up and holds plenty of space for a large cat or multiple cats. The removable mat makes it simple to clean and move if you want a change of scenery for your furry pal.


Best Design

Catry Cat Tree

A classic cat tree that features a dual scratching post, a feather toy, and a cat hammock bed.

Pros: This cat tree provides a maze-like attraction for your cats. It comes with a teasing feather string and a hammock to lounge in. The hammock is well-designed and holds your cat tenderly. It’s “purrfect” for felines up to 10 pounds. It has vertical scratching posts and all the tools and instructions to build.

Cons: Because the weight limit is lower, this tree is better suited for kittens or small cats.

Bottom Line: This multi-functional cat tower and hammock is an excellent choice for cats who like to chill out from a higher viewpoint and enjoys looking around.


Best Floor Stand


An indoor and outdoor-safe freestanding cat bed great for everyday use.

Pros: This standalone hammock bed comes in a rugged design and is suitable for everyday use, both indoors and outdoors. The bed is large enough to keep pets from the floor while resting or sleeping. The bed is easy to clean and is easy to fold away in a bag when not in use.

Cons: Some pets may struggle to jump into the hammock bed because of the bed’s height.

Bottom Line: This cat bed is great for small and medium-sized pets and is an awesome choice if you’re traveling with its easy-to-clean mesh covering and simple assembly.


Best Wall Option

FUKUMARU Cat Hammock

A beautiful wooden cat shelf that is easy to mount to your wall.

Pros: This beautiful wooden cat shelf is a stylish take on feline furniture. The shelf measures 16 by 12 inches and has a layer of fabric on top that can easily be removed for washing. The hammock attaches directly to the wall, creating a vertical space for your cat to perch, nap, and watch.

Cons: Due to the nature of natural wood, each product may have a slight difference in appearance.

Bottom Line: This product takes about 30 minutes to install and will provide supportive comfort for your kitty, even off the ground.


Cutest Design

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed

A suction-cup kitty bed that can hold up to 50 pounds.

Pros: This cat window hammock provides your cat comfort while sunbathing and viewing the outdoors. It has an open top for easy access, providing a safe and private cat space. The suction cups can hold up to 50 pounds. Install this hammock in seconds on glass windows or doors. The included pad is even machine washable, and it acts as an insulator to hold your cat’s body heat while trapping dander and dirt.

Cons: Changing temperatures may affect the suction cups.

Bottom Line: This hammock makes an excellent spot for your feline friend to enjoy hours of snoozing and bird watching. Its design with a cute kitty face on the front makes it even more adorable to have in your home.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be doing yourself and your feline friend a favor by adding a cat hammock to your home. It is a great way to create a fun and cozy space for your best friend to have their alone time. With various options available, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your space and your cat’s needs.

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