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The Best Cat Kennels for Your Feline

cat in a soft, tan-colored, mesh-screened cat kennel out in the front yard

If you’re a cat owner in need of a kennel to keep your feline friend safe and contained while you drive them to the vet or while they recover from a surgery or illness, train to use a litter box, meet your other cats for the first time, or just play, here are some great options we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Cat Kennel

Whether you need to purchase a cat kennel for home or on-the-go use, it is a purchase to make with your cat and these factors in mind.

  • Size and Use: Is your cat large or small? Pick a kennel that can comfortably accommodate your cat’s size. Also consider if the kennel needs to be smaller and more portable for transport or bigger for longer periods of time inside and for a bed, litter box, and food to fit.
  • Material: Determine if a metal kennel or soft kennel is best for your cat.
  • Storage: Some kennels can be broken down for storage, so consider this intention in your purchase.

Best Portable: SPORT PET Large Pop Open Kennel

two cats inside an extra large, soft cat kennel with solid cage doors

This cozy kennel is perfect for traveling and keeping your cats safe in the back seat of your car and strapped in with a seatbelt. The durable gate entry on each side has mesh panels for easy viewing. This kennel comes with an adjustable security leash for clipping to a harness. This crate is great for cats of all ages.

Best for Multiple Cats: Amazon Basics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage

tall three-tiered cage-like cat kennel with wheels

This three-tiered kennel is a basic box playpen that provides cats and kittens a safe and fun place to hang out. The kennel is made with a rust-resistant durable metal wire and is on four wheels for easy maneuverability. There are three shelves inside, which offer vertical space for resting and playing, and two swing-open doors for easy inside access. The kennel also securely locks with the door latches. There is a removable leak-proof plastic floor pan, and the whole kennel can be broken/folded down for easy transport and storage.

Best for Multiple Cats

Amazon Basics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel, 36 x 22 x 51 Inches

A three-tiered kennel with removable pans that is easily broken down for storage.

Best for Compact Storage: SportPet Designs Large Pop Open Kennel

cat sitting sitting inside an open soft rounded gray cat kennel

This large, pop-up kennel is soft-sided and waterproof. It easily folds down flat for convenient compact storage when not in use. There are seatbelt straps to keep it safely in place in your vehicle when on the go. The pad inside is removable and washable. This kennel comes with a drawstring bag for stowing and carrying between uses.

Best for Compact Storage

Best Tier Options: TOOCA 6-Tier / 4-Tier / 3-Tier Cat Cage

three cats inside a tall four-tiered cage-like cat kennel

This playpen kennel comes with three-, four-, and six-tiered options. It is ideal for multiple cats as it is spacious and includes a comfortable hammock and three non-slip metal ladders. There are two oversized front opening doors with slide-bolt latches. The bottom has a pan that is easy to remove and clean. The cage is made with durable metal wire in a black finish that’s rustproof to be long-lasting.

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