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The Best Cat Litter Mats You Can Buy

It’s adorable when your cat gets the “zoomies.” But, it’s not as adorable (or sanitary) when you have to clean up the tiny but annoying litter particles that spread all over your floor when your cat leaps out of its litter box. Instead of sweeping and vacuuming every day, there’s an easier solution to the problem: using a cat litter mat to trap the cat litter.

Save time and energy by incorporating an affordable, sanitary, safe, and convenient cat litter mat into your home. Here are some we recommend when it comes to simplifying your cat litter cleaning routine.

Choosing the Right Cat Litter Mat

Keep these things in mind when selecting your cat litter mat:

  • Size: Cat litter mats come in various sizes to fit your needs. Whether you need to accommodate for a small space or for multiple cats, be sure to check the dimensions of your cat litter mat.
  • Material: Your cat’s health and comfort are important. The ease with which you can clean a cat litter mat is important, too. Look for a mat that is phthalate-free, soft on your kitten’s paws, and waterproof.
  • Color: You don’t have to sacrifice your decor to utilize a cat litter mat. A wide variety of colors are available to you when choosing a mat that’s right for your home.

Best Overall: Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

The Pieviev features a double-layer honeycomb design that makes cleanup simple. Cat litter falls off your kitty’s paws through the top layer and gets trapped in the bottom layer so that you can minimize tracking and easily toss or reuse the litter that gets collected. Just use the easy-open edge to remove the mat’s contents. Durable and washable, this mat does the sweeping for you by just resting under the litter box. Plus, it comes in two sizes and three colors.

Best Overall

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Double Layer Waterproof Urine Proof Trapping Mat 1 Pack (30''X24'', Gray)

This 30-by-24-inch grey litter mat is easy to use and collects loose litter.

Best for Budget: bulk buys Cat Litter Trap Mat

This litter trap mat is a no-nonsense solution to your cat’s litter-tracking problem. The soft, rubberized mat cleans your cat’s paws and retains debris. With nonslip backing, the mat is sure to trap cat litter in place until you’re ready to clean it up. It is BPA- and phthalate-free and has cute paw prints on it.

Best for Budget

Quality Gray Cat Litter Trap Mat, Non-Slip Backing, Dirt Catcher, Soft on Paws, Easy to Clean

This 15.75-by-12-inch litter mat is safe, convenient, and affordable.

Best Color/Size Options: Gorilla Grip Original Cat Litter Mat

The Gorilla Grip Premium Cat Litter Mat comes in five sizes (including corner and half-circle shapes) and 12 colors to fit any decor. Deep grooves, superior mesh, thick coils, and a nonslip back capture litter effectively until you choose to shake, vacuum, or wash the litter out of the mat. This soft, padded litter mat is extra gentle on sensitive paws.

Best Premium: Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

The Blackhole Litter Mat offers a dual-structure honeycomb design that traps cat litter and prevents tracking. The unique design captures all types of litter, which can be thrown out or reused by separating the mat layers. Waterproof and washable, this mat comes in six different colors and is big enough for homes with multiple feline friends.

Best Premium

Blackhole Litter Mat - Moonshuttle Rectangular Cat Litter Mat, 30 X 23-Inch, Dark Gray

This 30-by-23-inch mat is great for more than one cat and comes in a variety of colors.

Best Large Mat: WePet Jumbo Cat Litter Mat

The WePet Jumbo Cat Litter Mat is a must-have for ultimate litter scatter control. This mat’s carpet fiber technology and open-web construction softly brush your cat’s paws to trap litter, and you can clean the mat easily with the hose. Phthalate-free and slip- and water-resistant, this mat traps 95% more litter and promises long-lasting efficiency that will treat you, your cat, and your floor right.

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